When choosing identity theft protection, you have plenty of options to consider. However, finding the right type of protection may be easier than you think. Using a free trial, you can test out a variety of services to find the one that’s right for your needs.

Do Identity Theft Protection Services Offer Free Trials?

Not all identity theft protection services offer a free trial. And, it is important to look at each one of these plans carefully to determine what features are included and how the free trial works. Some of the largest companies offer these free trials as a way to allow individuals to gain insight into the way the service works. You still need to sign up for a plan, by choosing the one that is right for your needs and then supply credit card information to them at the signup time. If you do not cancel within the membership’s free trial period, the card is automatically charged.

If you choose an identity theft protection service that does not offer a free trial, be sure to read the fine print. Some of these services allow you to cancel at any time. For example, if you decide after paying for the first month that the service is not the right fit for you, that is okay. You can cancel it at any time. Other companies may have contract requirements for six months to a year (this is less common). By understanding how payment works, you can reduce risks to yourself.

How Long Are Identity Theft Protection Free Trials?

This is also something to be very careful about when considering plans. Most of the time, companies offer a 30-day trial plan. However, some are short and only offer 14 days of protection. The key here is not how long the trial is, though. If you think that you want to jump right in and start using it, you may be able to benefit from that 14-day free trial. On the other hand, if you want to use the credit monitoring features, you may want to wait 30 days to see what changes are reported to you. All plans will document the type of coverage and free trial they offer.

Which Companies Offer Free Trials Right Now?

The good news is that many companies offer free trials. However, what that entails differs from one organization to the next. Companies like the following are some of the highest rated available. These free trials for identification protection are an excellent way to check out the features in advance. Consider these recommendations. Other options may exist as well:

Identity Guard Free Trial

For those seeking a modern and high-tech solution for identity protection, Identity Guard is an excellent choice with a lot of the features you may need. There are plan options for most needs, including for adults, couples, and kids. Users can choose from several types of coverage, including the Value, Premier, and Total plans, each one offering a higher level of identity protection. These plans cost, for an individual, between $7.50 and $16.67 per month, when billed monthly.

An Identity Guard free trial is available to users. This is a good way to test out the plan’s features and to see the range of services available. Both individual and couple plans offer a 30-day free trial. The free trial allows users to cancel their plan during the first 30 days of the initial subscription. This is available only to new customers. It is also limited to just one person per 12-month period (you cannot sign up, cancel, and then sign up and cancel again). However, keep in mind that users can cancel their membership to Identity Guard at any time once the subscription is in place, which means you do not have to maintain a long-term contract.

LifeLock Free Trial

LifeLock is another well-known and trusted company providing a wide range of features. LifeLock makes it very easy for users to tap into their identification features right away with a simple-to-use interface. It also provides several types of coverage to choose from including LifeLock Standard, which costs $8.99 per month plus tax or $98.90 annually. The LifeLock Advantage plan provides more protections and costs $17.99 per month plus tax or $197.90 annually. A third option is the LifeLock Ultimate Plus plan that includes retirement and 401k investments for those who have a higher net worth. This plan costs $26.99 per month plus tax or $296.90 annually.

LifeLock runs discounts and promotions throughout the year. Those are worth taking a closer look at, but there is a bit of protection right away. Users get to use the service for free for 30 days. Once you sign up, if you decide the plan is not right for you, you can cancel your membership. If you do not cancel after the initial 30 days, your car will be automatically billed for the plan you choose each month.

IdentityForce Free Trial

IdentityForce is a feature-packed identity protection service as well. It’s available for consumers and businesses. Consumers are able to a policy that fits your goals, which can include protection from scams and phishing emails and advanced identification features. The UltraSecure Membership is $17.95 a month or $179.50 a year. The UltraSecure + Credit upgraded membership is $23.95 per month or $239.50 a year. Not all of the personal identification services available from IdentityForce qualify for a free trial period. To find out which one is right for your needs, compare features as a starting point.

The company offers a free trial as well. A personal trail, for individuals, provides a 14-day free trial. During that time, you are able to check out the UltraSecure plan to determine if it offers the coverage you desire and if you like the way it works. A second option is to use the company’s identity protection free business trail. For qualified businesses, it can help to protect everything from employees to customers.

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