There is a variety of ways that identity theft occurs, affecting people across all lifestyles, and income levels. Individuals affected by identity theft, or those that want to prevent it from occurring sometimes turn to identity theft protection services.

Some companies offer identity theft protection to members, including Costco. Some people that want to lower their risk of having their identity stolen choose alternatives to the Costco identity theft protection.

What is Costco Identity Theft Protection?

Costco reveals that members look to the company for trusted products, and now have the opportunity to look to Costco for trusted services. Costco partnered with Experian, and offers the Complete ID identity theft protection. Complete ID is only offered to Costco members. Complete ID protects members of all age brackets, and life stages.

Costco explains that free credit monitoring alerts leave discovering identity theft signs and events up to you. The company indicates that credit-monitoring services fail to detect some forms of identity theft.

The Experian Complete ID service offers quick alerts when there are threats to your identity. Receive credit monitoring alerts, dark web alerts, mail change, and neighborhood watch alerts. Complete ID members also receive financial account alerts, payday loan alerts, SSN alerts, and criminal records alerts. Complete ID also features ‘multi-layered' identification restoration services.

Complete ID customers receive up to $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance*. This benefit potentially covers restoration expenses related to lost wages or loss of other income because of identity theft, elder care or childcare expenses, costs of re-filing grants, loans, or other lines of credit, and the cost of your legal fees.

Considerations for Costco Identity Theft Protection

There are two Complete ID price levels. Customers with the Costco Executive membership receive coverage at a reduced cost over Costco Business or Gold Star Members.

The company charges extra for some identity theft protection services, including child protection. Costco Executive members pay less than other members pay for this additional protection, the same as with the primary Complete ID services.

Alternatives to Costco Identity Theft Protection

There are alternatives to the Costco Complete ID identity theft protection that offers a variety of protections for customers that want to protect their personally identifiable information, and avoid identity theft risks and incidents.

Identity Guard

Identity Guard offers customers the opportunity to choose the plan that is right for their needs, and right for their budget. Once you sign up, you receive identity theft protection with just a few easy steps.

The company offers constant scanning for detection of threats, and quick alerts if the identity theft protection plan discovers threats or incidents of identity theft. The protections that you receive depend on the plan that you choose from Identity Guard.

Choose the Value Plan and receive dark web surveillance, safe browsing tools, access to the anti-phishing mobile app, and risk management reports.

If you want advanced protection, the Total Plan provides all features of the Value Plan, along with address monitoring, tax refund alerts, credit monitoring from all three credit bureaus, and your monthly credit score.

Choose the Premier Plan for advanced protections, which includes the features of the Total Plan, along with your credit score and credit report, along with the Social Insight Report.


Enroll in LifeLock in a matter of minutes, and start protecting your identity right away. LifeLock partners with Norton 360 to offer a  variety of plans. Customers have a 60-day money-back guarantee with the annual membership.

The identity theft protection blocks cyber threats, monitors for other threats, and sends alerts upon detection of a potential threat to your identity.

LifeLock Standard offers identity and social security number alerts, and credit bureau monitoring with one credit bureau. It features up to $25,000 reimbursement for stolen funds.

Enroll in LifeLock Select, and receive the LifeLock Standard protections, along with security and VPN for up to five devices.

The LifeLock Advantage Plan features the protections of the Select Plan, except that this plan offers protections for up to 10 devices. It also provides criminal alerts, bank account alerts, and credit card alerts. This identity theft protection plan offers up to $100,000 in reimbursement for stolen funds.

The Ultimate Plus plan offers the protections of the Advantage plan, along with credit monitoring from all three credit bureaus, protection for unlimited devices, 401(k) and investment account activity alerts. This plan offers up to $1 million in reimbursement for stolen funds.


Choose IdentityForce and receive 24-hour monitoring, and real-time alerts.

The UltraSecure Plan offers address change monitoring, court records monitoring, dark web monitoring, payday loan monitoring, advanced fraud monitoring, and additional monitoring protections. Receive online protection PC tools, and two-factor authentication. The plan features alerts for bank account and credit card activity, identity threat alerts, investment account alerts, and fraud alert reminders.

The UltraSecure + Credit Plan offers all the protections of the UltraSecure Plan, along with credit monitoring, credit bureau reports, and credit scores from all three credit bureaus. The plan features a credit score simulator, and credit score tracker.

Both plans offer up to $1 million identity theft insurance, and fully managed restoration.

*The Identity Theft Insurance is underwritten and administered by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, an Assurant company. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions. Review the Summary of Benefits.

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