How We Evaluate Products and Brands

We look at a variety of factors when we evaluate products, services and the companies offering them. Although we do monetize, this in no way affects how we review products and brands. The following are the criteria we evaluate when reviewing products, brands, companies and services found on our site.

Customer Service

Almost everyone who buys an alarm system will have to deal with customer service at some point, and not just in the sales process. Choosing a company that provides top-notch customer service will not only help you have a better overall buying experience, but you will appreciate the ease of getting someone on the phone whenever you have a question or need related to your system.

We evaluate and compare how each company treats its customers. Our research examines each company’s customer service for helpfulness, availability and overall support.


The value of the system represents — not what you spend — but rather what you get for your money. We examine each alarm system’s value to help you choose a system that provides the best bang for your buck. Alarm systems that are affordable, dependable and efficient represent the best value. Everyone’s needs are different, so it’s important to do your own research and evaluate each of the features based on your specific needs and budgetary requirements.


We carefully review each company’s equipment to determine the quality and usefulness of the components. Some of the questions that we seek to answer include:

  • How much does each component cost?
  • Do the products use the most current technology?
  • Are the products from a reliable manufacturer?
  • Does the equipment “play nice with others” or is it proprietary?
  • Do the packages offered provide flexibility for a variety of households?
  • What kind of equipment warranty is offered?

Features & Technology

We compare each company’s features and technology in depth. How do they compare to the rest of the industry? Do they offer smart home and automation features? Which features are standard? Which features can the system accommodate for over time? Can they integrate with other providers or only their own proprietary products? There are so many variables to consider, much of which is covered in our buying guide.

Ease of Use

We look at the intuitiveness and ease-of-use of each company’s products. How is the sales process? How is the installation process? If it’s a DIY installation, is the company helpful in the process if you need support? On a day-to-day basis, how easy is the system to arm, disarm? Which modes are offered? Is geo-fencing an option to automate arming and disarming of a system. Are the cameras well integrated? These are just a few of the questions that are important to us when evaluating the ease of use of a system. A good home security system should make your life easier, not harder, so we expect them to enable someone.

Customer Reviews

We do not offer customer reviews on our website and here is why: there are currently so many fake reviews from competitors, company representatives and other bad actors, that it often will sway people into a purchase (or out of one) based on false information. We think that expert reviewers that know what to look for in products, can put their hands on it, use it in their own homes, compare it to the rest of the industry and pour over customer reviews and ultimately summarize this experience in a thorough review is the best way to go. We haven’t seen a more effective way to do this. And it seems to be working because our visitors are constantly thanking us for the depth of our reviews.

However, a Review is Never Finished…

Because home security is constantly changing and new technology is regularly introduced, we frequently update our site and our reviews. Our content is fresh and current based on the latest customer feedback, experiences and product testing.  If you have anything to add, please drop us a note.