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Travis Goodreau

What Sets Netatmo Apart

The Netatmo Camera Home Security system is a USB powered DIY installation that is a unique variation of traditional home security systems because it offers several innovative features that its competitors don’t.

For example, Netatmo offers indoor and outdoor security cameras with night vision and the indoor cameras have a facial recognition feature for up to 16 people (depending on the package you choose). It also has an air care monitor add-on feature. In addition, Netatmo offers other add-on features as well such as a weather station, wind, and rain gauge. And if you’re in the UK, you also have the option of using their thermostat; however, the thermostat and its accessories are only available in the UK.

Another thing that makes the Netatmo Camera system stand out is that with the Netatmo system you aren’t required to sign-up for any subscription services just so the equipment is fully functional. In fact, they don’t even sell subscription plans at all. The only requirement is a one-time upfront equipment cost and all their equipment comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • DIY Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Remote Control
  • Facial Recognition
  • Weather Gauges

Netatmo Price & Packages

Insider Tips: The Netatmo is an equipment only system that doesn’t require any subscription plans to make it fully functional. They offer two security cameras, the Welcome, the Presence, and a Healthy Home Coach monitor, as well as a variety of equipment add-ons such as, weather gauges, and energy thermostat (UK only) from which you can choose. And their prices range from $99.99 to $299.99.

Netatmo EquipmentCostEquipment Type
Presence$299.99Security Camera
Welcome$199.99Security Camera
Smart Home Weather Station$179.99Weather Station
Smart Indoor Module$79.99Weather Station
Outdoor Indoor Module$69.99Weather Station
Smart Rain Gauge$79.99Weather Station
Smart Anemometer$109.99Weather Station
Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor$99.99Air Quality Monitor

Current Deal

Free delivery for orders over $50.00 and free returns.

Netatmo Presence


+ 299.99 Upfront Costs*

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  • Customizable Real-Time Mobile Alerts
  • Free Local Video Storage
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Quick Time-lapse Feature
  • Flood Light Control
  • 1920x1080 Weatherproof Outdoor Security Camera

    Netatmo Welcome


    + 199.99 Upfront Costs*

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    • Customizable Real-Time Mobile Alerts
    • Free Local Video Storage
    • End-to-End Encryption
    • Quick Time-lapse Feature
    • Pet Detection
    • Indoor Security Camera with Face Recognition

      About Netatmo Security

      The Netatamo Home Security System consists of easy to install cameras and window and door sensors that are sleek and modern looking. They offer a very responsive motion detection system with facial recognition for up to 16 people (indoor camera only), clear night vision, free mobile app, no subscriptions, monthly fees, or contracts of any kind. And they offer a one-year limited warranty on all their equipment. They also offer some unique add-on options such as weather gauges and their Healthy Home Coach air care monitors.

      At this time, Netatamo has yet to include a siren; however, they state that the siren feature is coming soon. But again, the siren will only be included on the indoor camera. Additionally, the Netatamo doesn’t come with a battery backup so this is a negative as well.

      All-in-all, the Netatamo equipment is high-quality and receives many positive reviews from its users. And, it’s able to connect to a wide variety of third-party security and home automation devices using IFTTT technology. Check out the full review of Netatmo here.

      Mobile Alerts

      Netatmo will send you customizable real-time mobile alerts for people, cars, and animals. It can also be easily customized for designated zones.

      Surveillance Cameras

      Netatmo offers indoor and outdoor HD surveillance cameras with night vision, live-streaming and recording via their mobile app when activity is detected.

      DIY Installation

      The Netatmo cameras are both USB powered DIY installations.

      Disaster Protection

      The Netatmo indoor camera (the Welcome) comes with alerts that will not only alert but record video when alarms sound for the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as the siren.

      Remote Control

      The Netatmo cameras don't have any two-way talk features, but they provide you real-time remote monitoring, access, and control capabilities via their mobile app.


      A geolocation can be setup using your mobile phone's GPS. This option identifies you (and designated others) and will switch your profile to "away" once you're out of range of the camera.

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