Hidden security cameras placed in and around the home serve a variety of purposes. The features and functions of hidden home security cameras often depend on the purpose.

There are pros and cons to the cameras, including the consideration of the legality of some aspects of using hidden home security cameras.

What is a Hidden Camera?

Traditional home security systems range from single components to all-in-one systems. Hidden home security cameras provide a sense of security and safety for homeowners that protect their home and family covertly. One example is the ‘nanny cam.'

Nanny cams grew in popularity after reports of some parents that recorded childcare providers abusing their children. Nanny cams also serve as potential evidence of senior abuse by caregivers.

Hidden home security cameras have features that likely remind people of television and movie spy characters or covert law enforcement operations.

What are Features of the Best Hidden Cameras?

The evolution of the home security industry brings hidden home security cameras into the hands of homeowners. Features depend on the specific type of camera, the device that holds the camera, and unique features.

The hidden camera is either wired or wireless. There are features that determine how you activate the hidden camera, and how the camera transmits its signal.

When considering hidden security camera features, determine whether it has an external power bank, built-in battery, uses AC power. Do you have to insert a memory card, or does it have built-in memory? Do you want a camera that operates with 24-hour surveillance? Do you need a camera with night vision that functions outdoors? These are some features of hidden home security cameras.

Types of Hidden Cameras

There are various types of hidden cameras available. The best hidden home security camera likely depends on your needs.

Small Hidden Cameras

Small hidden cameras are ideal for placing in the home. Place small hidden home security cameras in just about any area or room.

These cameras are difficult to detect given their size. Small hidden cameras work well when used for providing surveillance of caregivers, checking on the children, protecting against theft, and intrusion.

Some small security cameras are Wi-Fi enabled, integrates well with your devices, and features night vision capabilities.

Wireless Hidden Cameras

Wireless hidden cameras provide excellent features for homeowners that prefer this type of camera. They offer flexibility, allowing homeowners the ability to place their wireless hidden camera in virtually any location.

Some wireless hidden cameras have actual functions in addition to serving as a security camera, including models that are actual Bluetooth speakers, clocks, and lamps. Remotely access live video feed, receive motion detection alerts, and store your videos.

Most wireless hidden security cameras are very affordable, while others retail for up to $1,000 or more.

Outdoor Hidden Cameras

When you opt for an outdoor hidden home security camera, you have the likely benefit of burglars not realizing that there is a camera recording them. Make Use Of contributor Joe Coburn explains several benefits of hidden surveillance cameras, including the fact that if a burglar, or other potential intruder sees a security camera on the premises, they potentially take the time and effort to disable or disconnect the system. Coburn points out that would-be burglars possibly believe that if you invested in an outdoor home security system, that you likely have possessions worth stealing.

The features of outdoor hidden home security cameras vary from one camera to another camera. Does an outdoor camera disguised as an electrical outlet that operates on AC power meet your needs? Perhaps you prefer an outdoor hidden home security camera disguised as a rock, cable box, or even a bird feeder that connects to your Wi-Fi network, features on-board storage, long-lasting battery life, and custom event app capabilities.

Night Vision Hidden Cameras

Night vision hidden cameras monitor low-light areas to completely dark areas of a property, including across multiple locations.

Most individuals likely know of one or more instances where law enforcement officials state that due to the cover of darkness, they could not clearly see the person or persons committing a crime.

Night vision hidden cameras potentially take home security to the next level. Modern-day night vision cameras produce better quality images, and are less costly than earlier versions.

The cameras vary in data storage abilities, Wi-Fi signals that produce live feed, and camera specifications.

What are Some Products That Disguise Hidden Home Security Cameras?

Hidden home security cameras offer the capability of being hidden, and disguised in plain view. Several everyday objects serve as a disguise for hidden cameras.


Television commercials feature would-be burglars that abandon their intentions, or that feature homeowners with live feed to their devices catching the would-be criminals in the act. There are several options for homeowners considering doorbell hidden cameras.

Hidden security cameras disguised in doorbells offer outstanding features, including easy installation, weatherproof design, durability, real-time alerts, and night vision. Some options are hardwired, while others are battery-operated doorbells.

Many doorbell security cameras are compatible with all your devices, offer a variety of alerts, two-way talk, and other modern features.

The importance of doorbell security cameras vary with the homeowner’s needs and wishes. While some minimalist options suit some homeowners, others opt for features like facial recognition technology.


The light on the end table, the overhead light, the light over the garage, the bulb in any light is a potential location for a hidden home security camera. There are versions specifically designed for indoor use, outdoor, or for nearly any location. Match the aesthetics of your indoor space or outdoor curb appeal with beautiful lights that double as hidden home security cameras.

Monitor your home while at home or away with the WI-FI feature of light hidden cameras. Control through the Smartphone app of some styles. Some feature both audio and video recording while others feature only video recording.

Cost varies, depending on the light hidden camera options that you choose.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors serve as an ideal place to hide a camera. Smoke detector hidden cameras typically connect to your Wi-Fi network for remote viewing. Stream live video from your device. Choose from wall or ceiling mount with most styles.

Make sure that you understand all costs. The initial cost of smoke detector hidden cameras is often more than other hidden home security cameras. Some require additional fees, depending on the manufacturer.


Hidden cameras that function as clocks are one of the most inconspicuous hidden home security cameras. Choose from wall clocks, mantel clocks, alarm clocks, and clock radios.

Consider clock hidden home security camera options that feature live stream video from any internet-connected device, AC and long-life battery options, high definition resolution, and wide view angles. There are other options such as cloud storage, and customizable features.

The Legality of Hidden Cameras

Make sure that you understand any legality related to hidden home security cameras before you buy the camera. Laws vary from one state to another state regarding specific features, such as recording audio.

States typically allow hidden cameras that record video. There are certain strict limitations. Do not place the camera in areas normally deemed private areas. This includes bathrooms, and other areas where a person reasonably expects privacy.

Hidden home security cameras serve a variety of functions, and offer homeowners the opportunity to protect their home, family members, and their belongings.

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