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Canary is billed as a “total home security system” with a trio of devices targeted to renters and folks on the move. It’s also one of the few wireless brands out there today that offers both indoor climate monitoring and a unique safety button feature in their cameras.

With equipment starting at $99, Canary makes only three cameras: the View, Pro, and the Flex. They’re not cheap, but they each bring something new and different to the table, making them a huge draw for apartment dwellers and young homeowners.

Canary Packaging

Canary Packaging

Each time I’ve reviewed Canary cams hands on, the experience has been pleasant and simple. But we are talking about just three cameras, with prices starting at $99.

With that in mind, I have seen Canary release some enticing discounts and deals on the Flex, Pro, and especially the View, helping you save plenty of money on both equipment and monitoring while still taking advantage of Canary’s impressive technology. Let’s explore those deals now.

Canary Camera Bundle Deals

Buying in bundle form is the best way to save on Canary products. That’s pretty obvious from the get-go, as you can build a system with a service plan that includes a low-cost or even free camera. Of course, this also means you’ll have to sign up for a subscription, so it’s not quite as simple as buying a few casual cameras to display around the house – but certainly nothing too complicated, either.

Canary’s Product Lineup

Canary’s Product Lineup

A Canary View camera, for example, can be yours for no charge if you package it with a service plan. For $9.99 per month for premium service, you can own the View, a functional indoor camera with 1080p HD video and smart motion detection features, as well as a generous storage and monitoring package that includes 30-day video history, a Noonlight2 safety button, and incident support, which is a bonus feature that helps you recover after a break-in.

FYI: The Canary Flex, at $199, is Canary’s priciest camera. But it’s actually not that outrageous compared to competitors like Arlo. Visit my roundup of Arlo’s camera costs for more tips.

Here’s more good news: Those same bundle discounts apply to all three Canary cameras — and not just the View. For $14.99 per month, you can get the Flex free of charge if you choose a 24-month premium plan. (If you’re interested in learning more about these neat little cameras, check out my in-depth Canary Flex review. )

Canary Cameras

Canary Cameras

And for the Pro, the deal is similar: You pay just $12.99 per month, and the camera is free. Again, this deal is only valid if you sign up for 24 months of service. While the Pro isn’t quite as robust feature-wise as the Flex, it’s still a nice and easy camera to place indoors, with a solid build and pleasant design. You’ll be able to monitor your home’s air quality, which is a rare feature in wireless cameras; but again, Canary doesn’t do cameras like the other guys.  I tested the Canary Pro camera, too, if you’re interested.

Black Friday Offers and Prime Day Promotions

Canary Pro on Shelf

Canary Pro on Shelf

Canary’s been around for a pretty long time, so they’re no strangers to discounting their products in this super-competitive market. In the fall of 2020 – the sale season better known as Black Friday – Canary joined forces with Nom Nom, a subscription pet food delivery service, for a sweet half-off deal. You could get a Canary View for $49 and three months of Canary Premium, along with two weeks of Nom Nom pet food for 50 percent off. That’s about $80 in savings, since the View normally retails for $99. Not only was this a really convenient offer for pet owners, it also signified that Canary is a dog-friendly brand. Two paws up for that!

Pro Tip: Discover more of the latest Prime Day deals on the best security cameras in the industry, and learn the hottest deals to expect this year. Visit our complete 2023 Prime Day security camera deals guide.

While I haven’t been able to sniff out evidence of either of these promotions recently, there’s still plenty of ways to save on Canary cams throughout the year, or even right now. At any time, you can buy Canary packages with free shipping and a 60-day, money-back guarantee. That’s one of those consistent promos I see often in home security that make it easy to pick up security cameras pretty much any time of year.

Retailer Discounts on Canary

Canary View

Canary View

Getting a great deal on a Canary camera depends highly on where you’re buying it from. That said, it makes sense that Canary sells their cameras at numerous retailers, such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walmart. Fortunately, those retailers tend to put Canary cameras on sale pretty frequently throughout the year.

An example? The Canary View is currently available at Target for $75. Not only is this $14 off the regular price of the View, it can also be yours without the purchase of a service plan. This is a great way to add a couple of cameras to your home if you’re on a budget. Shopping around is always a good idea, and with Canary, it’s pretty easy to find a worthwhile deal with just a few minutes of research.

FYI: Big, robust brands like Amcrest and Reolink can be confusing to navigate, but they also have something for everyone. If you’re into variety, my thorough Reolink camera review has some helpful tips.

Canary Discount Codes and Coupons

Though some brands handle discount codes really well, I’m always a bit wary of third-party coupon sites and codes for home security products. Canary highlights one reason why: The promotions aren’t always legit. Some are, but many of the Canary offers you might find around the web actually come from scammy sites that are just trying to get you to sign up for an account.

Savings.com, for example, had a couple of deals listed. But upon further investigation, I learned that it’s the same offer Canary already guarantees for their bundle packages when you buy direct. So in my view, it’s best to stick to the brand and look out for ongoing ways to save. This is a pretty straightforward brand, after all.

For more pricing and sales tips, check out our full Canary system pricing guide. For now, here’s a brief rundown of Canary’s cameras and packages.

Canary Camera Cost Breakdown

Canary Cameras View Flex Pro
Image Quality 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD
Night Vision Yes Yes Yes
Wire-Free No Yes No
Built-in Siren No Yes Yes
Environmental Monitoring No Yes Yes
Weatherproof No Yes No
Price $99 $199 $169

Final Thoughts on Canary Deals

As noted, this brand goes beyond the confines of a traditional camera system. Canary stands out by packing in a few useful extras that go a long way toward protecting your family, as well as all the things in it.

For all of that, you won’t exactly pay rock-bottom prices — Canary just isn’t built like that. You’re better off looking at the pair of cameras I analyzed from Wyze if you’re looking for basic, inexpensive cams.

Overall, Canary is a pretty pricey brand, both in terms of equipment and monitoring. And like many of Canary’s peers, the best way to save money is by bundling with a service plan. That way, you can get a camera at no charge and simply pay a nominal monthly fee. For smart home security that throws in some nice safety extras, Canary makes a worthwhile addition.

*Sales, deals, and discounts as of November 29, 2022.