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AC and PoE powered home security cameras from Arlo. Check out our Arlo Q review to learn more.

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8.4 SecureScore™
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Arlo Q Camera Ratings

The Arlo Q and Arlo Q Pro are security monitoring systems. The Arlo Q is designed for home use while the Arlo Q Pro focuses on business applications. Both are well-versed products designed to make security easy. Both models offer features such as high-quality video and night vision. This is a versatile product and one that is easy to use overall. Take a closer look.

  • Responsive design and easy use
  • Night vision and video quality is good
  • Activity zone programming is an option
  • Indoor home security camera that’s DIY

  • Less feature-packed than other products
  • Five second lag time


The Arlo Q is made by Netgear. It is solely an indoor home security camera or, the Arlo Q Plus is designed for business functionality. It offers a few key features, such as two-way audio as well as people detection. Overall, the Arlo Q is easy to use with the provided app, but it is not the most modern or feature-filled product on the market. For those who want simplicity, though, this product can be a very good fit. A direct competitor to the Nest Cam, it can be a good investment for some people.

Features and Technology

What helps the Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus stand out is its simple design. However, there are a handful of features that help it to be a must-have for some people.  Take into consideration these.

Video Quality

Both models feature 1080p HD quality video. The video is clear and bright, though some consumers report moving images are a bit hard to see well.

2-Way Audio

Another nice feature that other security cameras lack is the two-way audio. This allows for individuals to talk to and listen to those within the vision of the camera from a distance. It has a quality built-in mic and speaker to make this easy to do. It allows for on-the-go connectivity through the app.

Night Vision

For quality monitoring, especially for business applications, the night vision feature here is essential. The integrated infrared lights come on when there is a drop in light quality. This allows for an excellent monitoring in all light conditions.

Smart Alerts

The company’s camera provides a 130-degree monitoring view. This is a wide angle shot, but not as good as other models. Nevertheless, when the system spots something within that view, it will send alerts. It responds to movement or sound. However, it is not likely to respond to a squirrel running across the lawn.

7-Day Cloud Recording

The Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus both feature Arlo Basic. This allows for users to look back at motion and sound triggered recordings from the previous 7 days. This is available for up to five cameras. Keep in mind that it only allows look back for recorded events, not 24-hour recording. However, it is possible to upgrade the system to provide continuous video recording. This is an additional charge, but it allows for 24/7 recording that is stored in the cloud.


The system works with other smart home devices. At the time of this writing, that includes Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Stringify. This can help to streamline connectivity in the automated and smart home.


What makes the Arlo Q Plus a bit different is that it is powered using Ethernet capability. This allows for better monitoring in the business environment. With this feature, it is possible to power the camera and then connect to your network without a number of different steps. It is all done with a single cable.

Ease of Use

The Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus are all managed through the company’s free app. For business applications, this allows the property manager to always have access to that camera on the go. The same is true for the Arlo Q for residential use. Users can connect over a smartphone, or use a tablet, computer or other internet-connected device. The app works with iOS, Android, a web browser, or Apple TV. It will send emails as soon as there is a detection of motion or sound within the view.

Installation is not difficult for the Arlo Q. Users will find it is rather easy to install it using a basic plug-in adapter. For business applications (and at-home users who need it) it is also possible to add onto the package with additional cameras all managed through the same app.

Customer Service

Arlo is associated with NetGear. While Arlo-specific customer service has received both good and bad reviews, NetGear’s Better Business Bureau rating is a B, which is higher than a variety of other home security systems. Those who do have concerns report difficulty with managing the cloud storage. Others report problems with the clarity of the product or the installation processes. Some people struggle with ongoing connectivity concerns with their Wi-Fi.


The Arlo Q is available in several packages. The camera with a single camera is $199.99 at full price. It is possible to upgrade to a two-pack for $349.99 or a three-pack for $599.99. The Arlo Q Plus is a bit higher priced. Sold as a single camera, it is available at a full price of $249.99. Discounts may be available at various times. For those who wish to upgrade with the Arlo Smart feature, which is an additional cost, but comes with continuous monitoring, there are several options. The company does offer a free one month trial. Then, plans start at $2.99 per month per camera. For 30 days of cloud recordings for up to 10 cameras, the cost is $9.99 per month. The Arlo Smart Elite, the highest subscription, provides 60 days of rolling cloud recordings and up to 20 cameras supported for $14.99 per month. Other options may be available.


Here’s a closer look at some key equipment breakdowns:

Arlo Q

It offers 1080p HD 30FPS, with H.264 video format and a 130-degree field of view. The system’s night vision uses 850 nm LEDs and illuminates spaces up to 25 feet. The images are full color, CMOS with 8x digital zoom. It features a speaker and a microphone for two-way communication. Motion detection is available for up to 50 feet with up to three activity zones. It is powered by AC power.

Arlo Q Plus

The specs for the Arlo Q are similar to the Arlo Q. One key difference is that it has a 10/100 Ethernet port with PoE support.


For those seeking a reliable indoor security camera with good night vision and an easy-to-use app, the Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus are a solid option. Consumers may find other products to be more tech-heavy, but when basic, consistent service is desired, this product does well.

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