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Liberty Mutual Overview

You bought a home you love. That’s a huge achievement! But before you pop the champagne, you’ll want to think about protecting it. Now there’s the obvious stuff you should look into — security systems, professional monitoring, cameras, and other equipment, but you should consider homeowners insurance in that equation as well. Like we say, home insurance is home security.

Liberty Mutual is one of the five biggest insurance providers in the nation,1 with comprehensive mix-and-match policies, next-generation claims filing, and a name that’s been around for over a century. They’ve struggled a bit in the customer satisfaction department lately, but that seems to be changing.

I took a behind-the-scenes look at Liberty Mutual’s home insurance packages to see what getting a quote was really like — from rates and customer experience, to special discounts and local availability. But first I spent some time getting to know the different types of homeowners coverage Liberty Mutual offers.

Homeowner’s Tip: If you live in a high-risk area where natural disasters are common, Liberty Mutual may not cover you. The easiest way to see if you’re eligible for a Liberty Mutual policy is to request an online quote.

  • Smart home discounts
  • Excellent national coverage
  • Easy quotes and claim filing
  • Video property damage reviews
  • Home and auto insurance bundles

  • Subpar customer service
  • Delays in settling claims
  • Premiums can be high

Getting an online quote from Liberty Mutual takes about 10 minutes.

Getting an online quote from Liberty Mutual takes about 10 minutes.

Liberty Mutual Basic and Extra Home Coverage

Liberty Mutual has a single standard HO-3 policy with plenty of extra endorsements, or add-ons, to make your insurance go further. Here’s a breakdown of what you get and what you can add on to your Liberty Mutual home insurance plan.

FYI: An HO-3 policy is the most common homeowners insurance plan in the U.S. It covers your home and belongings, as well as your liability to others in the event of an accident on your property.


Liberty Mutual covered me for these items in the case of loss, theft, damage, or accident.

  • Dwelling (including fences, driveways, sheds, etc.): Liberty Mutual protects my property against standard perils, or accidents, like fire, storm, theft and vandalism. Note that with Liberty Mutual, wind and hail are a separate deductible. This most likely won’t be an issue — unless a thief breaks into my home after a tornado rolls through. In that case, I’d have a pair of $1,500 deductibles to pay.
  • Belongings (actual cash value): If I go with ACV coverage for my stuff, I’ll almost definitely have to pay out of pocket to buy it back. RCV coverage  (see below) will drive my premium up a bit, but it’s the safer bet.
  • Personal liability: Liberty Mutual covers legal and medical fees if someone gets injured on my property or if someone in my family causes damage to someone else’s property. $300,000 is standard.
  • Loss of use: If my home is unlivable for a spell, my Liberty Mutual HO-3 policy will cover the difference between my normal day-to-day living expenses and any hotel, rent, or restaurant bills I rack up. As we’ll see in a second, there’s a capped version of this coverage and an unlimited option.

Did You Know: Understanding Actual Cash Value”]When my insurance policy pays me ACV for my lost or damaged possessions, it’s reimbursing me for their value at the time I lose them. So, say I bought a designer wool rug for $1,500 five years ago. With ACV coverage, my policy would maybe pay me $500 to replace it if it got damaged or stolen. Not ideal.


I would have to purchase these extra protections or endorsements.

  • Belongings (replacement cost): I’m unrepentantly pro replacement cost value coverage (RCV). With Liberty Mutual, this is extra. It isn’t always. See my State Farm home insurance review for option-packed homeowners plans with RCV coverage built in.
  • Jewelry: There was no separate deductible for Liberty Mutual’s jewelry coverage, which was nice – if I had a closet stuffed with rubies. For that reason, I was more gung ho about Lemonade’s special valuables protection, which covered things I really value, like my bike and my wife’s $2,500 Leica camera. (For more on my experience with Lemonade, check out my hands-on Lemonade home coverage review.)
  • Water damage: Liberty Mutual’s extra water damage protection doesn’t cover storm or rain damage. That comes with my Liberty Mutual policy. This is for damage from blocked sewers or drains (which I’m responsible for as a homeowner), and busted sump pumps.
  • Hurricane damage: Self-explanatory, but possibly a mandatory deductible depending on where you live.
  • Flood insurance: Flood insurance is always extra. The good news is that if I need it, I can find reasonable rates through FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.2
  • Home Protector Plus™: It’s always advisable to set aside some extra money to cover higher future building costs (which, incidentally, went through the roof last year). That could be extra dwelling coverage or, in Liberty Mutual’s case, Home Protector Plus inflation protection.
  • Home computer and smartphone coverage: Liberty Mutual’s electronic devices coverage isn’t an extra warranty; it’s more like AppleCare, protecting me from accidents beyond wear and tear. This is a separate deductible.
  • ID fraud expense coverage: The best ID fraud restoration services guarantee $1 million in legal aid for victims of identity fraud. Liberty Mutual’s cap is $15,000 per incident (or $30,000 per policy period). Considering just how bad ID fraud has gotten in the past few years, if it were my identity on the line, I’d probably go with a deeper pocket here.

Understanding Replacement Cost: It will cost me more to insure my possessions at replacement cost value (RCV), but it means my insurance provider will pay me their full market value in the event of damage or loss. So for my designer wool rug example a while back? I’d get the money to buy the same model new, even if its price went up in the five years since I bought it.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Rates

There’s no one-size-fits-all insurance premium quote. The market value of your home will influence your rate. So will its size, age, and condition, and even the state (or area) where you live.

According to the latest report by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), U.S. homeowners paid $104 per month (or $1,249 per year) on average to insure their homes in recent years.3 How does Liberty Mutual compare?


I requested a quote for a 1,724-square-foot home in Davenport, Iowa (built in 1993), with a market value of $259,900, just a hair above the national median. Home security was nothing fancy: fire, smoke, and burglar alarm, all self-monitored.

My Liberty Mutual quote with inflation protection was a wallet buster

My Liberty Mutual quote with inflation protection was a wallet buster

Liberty Mutual quoted me $237 per month, or $2,844 yearly, with my discounts. I ran that against the NAIC’s figures to see what the average homeowner is paying for their HO-3 policy in Iowa with coverage in the $200,000-$290,000 range.

Guess what? Annual median homeowners insurance in Iowa was $1,010. So my Liberty Mutual quote was nearly three times as expensive.

When I crunched the numbers against Lemonade’s home insurance rates ($90 for a standard policy) or a State Farm homeowners bundle at $77, the picture didn’t get any rosier.

But all wasn’t lost. Before I show you how I managed to lower my Liberty Mutual quote by about 20 percent, here’s a breakdown of everything my Liberty Mutual premium would have included.

Did You Know: Insurance providers try to make understanding coverage easy. But they don’t always succeed. Our Homeowners Insurance Buyer’s Guide keeps home insurance simple — from basic terminology and types of coverage to the key factors you should be considering when calculating your coverage limits.

Type of Coverage Amount of Coverage
Dwelling $286,400
Other structures $28,640
Personal property $214,800
Loss of use Actual loss
Personal liability $300,000
Medical payments to others $1,000
Home Protector Plus™ (inflation protection) Yes
Water back-up No
Hurricane No
Earthquake No
ID fraud restoration No
Electronic devices No
Jewelry No
Computer and smartphone No
Protective devices discount Yes
Deductible $1,500
Wind and hail deductible $1,500
Monthly cost $237
Yearly cost $2,844

Lowering my Liberty Mutual Quote

Removing Home Protector Plus lowered my Liberty Mutual quote by almost 16 percent

Removing Home Protector Plus lowered my Liberty Mutual quote by almost 16 percent

A quick inspection of my Liberty Mutual quote revealed the culprit: extra replacement cost coverage. Getting rid of Home Protector Plus, Liberty Mutual’s inflation protection, dropped my bill by $37 monthly. This is a huge difference, and it didn’t even affect my dwelling coverage. (It did lower my personal possessions coverage to $143,000. It also capped my loss of use insurance at $57,280.)

Was it enough savings to make me a customer? The fact is, even with that pretty hefty discount, my Liberty Mutual premium was still heavier than I’d like. This particular home, for whatever reason, just wasn’t a good candidate for a Liberty Mutual policy.

Customer Experience and Claims

Liberty Mutual is upping their settlement game with faster online claims filing

There’s been a torrent of activity at the Better Business Bureau lately over Liberty Mutual’s lackluster customer service experience. Consumer data analytics giant J.D. Power’s latest study on digital home insurance claims points to similar trouble spots in the consumer satisfaction department.4

Here’s the long and short of it. While some home insurance providers were busy speeding up claims settlements with new digital tools so they could keep up with pandemic-related claims surges, others got bogged down, irritating customers.

For example, MetLife plans (now carried by Farmers) topped the charts with 904/1000 points in claims satisfaction. Read our full Farmers review for the whole story. Liberty Mutual was somewhere in the middle (12th out of 20) with 881 points. They weren’t the only top home insurance provider to feel consumer wrath in 2021, though. State Farm also struggled to meet digital claims expectations during the pandemic.

Did You Know: State Farm may have had trouble processing claims last year, but they ranked second in overall customer satisfaction among renters and fourth among homeowners. Check out our experience with State Farm homeowners insurance for the full report.

To be fair, COVID-19 has unbalanced many businesses — big and small — and forced the rapid digitalization of traditionally brick-and-mortar processes. In my experience, Liberty Mutual delivered its online quote fast and with minimal hassle.

I suspect that in the next year or so, settling claims digitally will be a breeze for them, too. After all, Liberty Mutual was one of the first home insurance providers to conduct property damage reviews by video, so they’ve got the tech know-how.

Enrolling in Liberty Mutual’s Smart Home Program lowered my premium

Enrolling in Liberty Mutual’s Smart Home Program lowered my premium


For homeowners

  • Claims-free: If I haven’t filed a claim in five years when I apply for my Liberty Mutual policy, they might give me a discount on my premium, depending on where I live.
  • Safe homeowner: Liberty Mutual also gives discounts to existing customers who haven’t filed a claim in three years.
  • Early shopper: If I purchase my Liberty Mutual policy before my existing plan expires, I also earn a small reward.

Homeowner’s Tip: FNOL, or first notice of loss, is the initial report you make to your insurance provider in the event of the loss or theft of, or damage to, your property or possessions. Digital FNOL reports can cut payout times down by 5.5 days.

For homes

  • Newly purchased home: Liberty Mutual may help me celebrate my new purchase with a sweet deal on my premium.
  • Recent renovations: Insurers like renovated homes because they’re usually up to code and have good roofs. This would be one more way to save on my Liberty Mutual premium.

For plans

  • Online purchase: Buying my plan online saves time and resources. Liberty Mutual will pay me back by knocking up to 14 percent off my premium.
  • Bundle: Putting my auto and home insurance on one bill is one more way to save with Liberty Mutual.
  • Auto payments: If I let Liberty Mutual automatically deduct my monthly payment from my bank account, I get a small token of appreciation.
  • Paperless: I can save a bit more when Liberty Mutual sends my bills to my inbox instead of my mailbox.

Homeowner’s Tip: Your home insurance provider may use your credit score to determine your premium. If you apply with your spouse, they usually take the higher credit score, which may save you money.

Where Are Liberty Mutual Homeowners Insurance Policies Available?

Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance is available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. If you live in an area with a high risk of natural disasters, like tornadoes, hurricanes, or wildfires, your premium may be higher. It’s also possible you may not be eligible for a Liberty Mutual home policy at all. The best place to start is Liberty Mutual’s ZIP code finder.

Liberty Mutual vs. the Competition

Provider Lemonade Liberty Mutual Nationwide Progressive State Farm
Online quote Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Our score 9.4 8.6 9.1 8.7 9.2
Availability 22 states 50 states 44 states Most states 48 states
BBB rating Not rated yet B A+ A- A-
Years in business 6 110 95 85 99
Customer satisfaction A B- B B A-
Discounts Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bundling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile app Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Where Liberty Mutual Hits the Mark

Liberty Mutual is an A-rated insurance provider with a solid basic plan you can build out to cover just about anything, even identity restoration services. Despite some snags en route, they’ve also proven they’re ready to take their digital game into the 2020s with mobile claims reporting, video damage reviews, and a speedy online quote system.

Did You Know: If you filed a claim with your insurance provider this year, you’re not alone. About one out of every 20 homeowners files a claim every year.

Where Liberty Mutual Falls Short

My Liberty Mutual quote was at the high end of the spectrum, both in my own experience and according to NAIC averages. I was able to wrangle a slightly lower rate for a newer house, but it was nothing approaching the rates I found reviewing other top ten home insurance providers like State Farm and Lemonade.

In terms of customer satisfaction, Liberty Mutual has been lighting up the Better Business Bureau’s customer complaints board with negative reviews lately. Some of that is due to COVID-19 (and the changes it’s forced upon service providers). But part of that is on Liberty Mutual. They didn’t receive more than double the national average number of customer complaints for nothing.5

If it’s any consolation, from what I’ve seen, Liberty Mutual has read the writing on the wall and is now in full recovery mode.

Other Policies Offered by Liberty Mutual


Liberty Mutual writes policies for cars, motorcycles, watercraft, ATVs, and RVs, with discounts of up to $947 for bundling home and auto policies.

Renters and Condo

Besides homeowners insurance, Liberty Mutual also offers renters, condo, and landlord insurance.


Liberty Mutual sells life insurance and illness and accident insurance, which covers deductibles, copays, prescriptions, and physical therapy expenses. You can also add identity theft restoration and tuition insurance onto your homeowners plan.

FYI: Ninety percent of natural disasters in the U.S. involve flooding,6 and yet standard homeowners policies don’t cover it. If you live in an area with frequent floods, you’ll want to get flood insurance via FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.

Our Final Verdict

A Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance policy would be worth considering if you’re looking for a highly customizable plan with reliable payouts and money-saving bundles, and you’re comfortable handling transactions online (going paperless is faster and will save you money).

Liberty Mutual’s rates weren’t the cheapest I’ve found, and the folks at Liberty Mutual have some customer service issues to iron out. Pandemic-related delays and subpar customer support have earned them some unfavorable press, but we suspect the worst is behind them.


How can I file a claim with Liberty Mutual?

You can file a claim with Liberty Mutual three ways: by phone, via the Liberty Mutual app, or online through the Liberty Mutual website. Filing online will save you time. Just remember to have the incident date and details handy.

Is Liberty Mutual home insurance cheap?

The Liberty Mutual plans I found were more expensive than national and state averages. But rates vary from home to home and person to person. Your experience may not be the same.

How can I arrange a RealTime Review?

After you file your claim, a Liberty Mutual rep will be in touch. You can arrange to do this via FaceTime or Skype and get an on-the-spot estimate.

What’s the best way to get a quote from Liberty Mutual?

We recommend going online and requesting a quote. Contacting an agent by phone is an option, too.

Is Liberty Mutual available in my area?

Liberty Mutual has coverage in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. However, coverage may be limited in areas with frequent hurricanes, wildfires, and floods. Requesting a quote online is the fastest way to see what’s available where you live.

Does Liberty Mutual offer auto insurance?

Yes, Liberty Mutual sells auto insurance policies, which you can bundle with your home insurance plan for additional savings.

Citations only uses high-quality sources to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.
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