Best Insurance Providers for Manufactured Homes in 2023

If you live in a manufactured or mobile home, you’re going to want to protect it. Here are the top providers of manufactured home insurance.

State Farm Image
State Farm
SecureScore™: 9.3/10
One of the top names in the insurance industry is also our top provider of mobile home coverage. Their low premium prices and exceptional coverage options make them a top pick.
Progressive Image
SecureScore™: 8.8/10
Progressive is another major insurance provider that offers a litany of different coverages — mobile and manufactured homes included. Their customer service and ease of use help them secure the No. 2 spot in our list.
Liberty Mutual Image
Liberty Mutual
SecureScore™: 8.6/10
Another exceptional insurance provider, Liberty Mutual makes it easy to protect your manufactured home. Although their premiums can run a little high, your protections will be second to none.
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Have you been shopping for insurance for your mobile or manufactured home forever and you haven’t found anything that works? First off, you’re not alone. Many providers either deny coverage for ready-made homes outright, or they’re not too clear about what protections they’re actually offering.

But don’t give up your search! Home insurance isn’t one of those things that would be nice to have if we could get it. Folks, homeowners policies are Get Out of Jail Free cards. They secure our finances (at least related to our home purchase!) and our earthly possessions after a catastrophic disaster or accident. Another way of putting that? Home insurance is home security — whatever the size or type of house we live in.

And, don’t worry, just like the best home security systems on the market today, there are plenty of insurance options for mobile home owners. Here are our three favorites.

Did You Know: Manufactured, modular, or mobile homes are built off-site and transported to where they’ll ultimately reside. Traditional homes, on the other hand, are built on-site atop concrete foundations, basements, or crawl spaces. Home insurance providers treat these two classes of structure differently, although the coverages are — generally speaking — very similar.

Top Home Insurance Providers for Manufactured Homes in 2023

Bundling auto and home insurance saved us about 35 percent off our State Farm quote.

Bundling auto and home insurance saved us about 35 percent off our State Farm quote.

  • State Farm - State Farm has been offering its customers protection for a century, and those decades of knowledge translate to their customer experience. They offer great customer service, exceptional protections, and low premium prices — the total package for manufactured home owners, in our opinion.
  • Progressive - One of the most impressive things about Progressive is their customer-first mindset. Since day one, they’ve been extremely, well, progressive in their approach to insurance — homeowners or otherwise. If you own a manufactured home, Progressive is a provider you should certainly consider.
  • Liberty Mutual - One of the largest insurance providers in the nation, Liberty Mutual allows customers to customize their policies and utilize those protections in novel ways. While they might not be the cheapest provider on our list, they’re certainly one of the most comprehensive.
  • 1 State Farm - Best Value

    State Farm Product Image
    SecureScore™ 9.3
    Customer Service
    Online Quote

    When we reviewed State Farm, two things stood out to us: their comprehensive protections and their affordability. If you’re the owner of a manufactured home, we recommend taking a close look at what State Farm is offering.

    • Heavy discounts on multi-product bundles
    • Replacement cost value possessions coverage
    • Fast online quotes and claims
    • 19,000 agents nationwide
    • Top-rated for customer satisfaction
    • Free three-year Ting subscription

    • Can’t purchase bundles online
    • Fewer discounts than some close competitors
    • Not available in Massachusetts or Rhode Island

    Shopping for homeowners insurance isn’t anyone’s favorite activity, but when you land on a solid provider, the feeling is pretty satisfying. That’s how we feel about State Farm. They just check all the boxes, you know?

    State Farm manufactured home coverages

    State Farm offers excellent manufactured home coverages.

    They’re affordable. They offer comprehensive protections. They have great discounts available. Their customer service rankings are spectacular. While a lot of major insurance providers neglect the owners of manufactured homes, State Farm steps up to the plate.

    Now we do wish that State Farm offered their homeowners insurance everywhere — if you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, you’re out of luck — but overall, they’re a solid insurance provider for the owners of manufactured homes. We certainly suggest shopping around to compare rates and coverages — more resources to do just that in our guide to State Farm’s costs and services — but we’re confident in saying that nine times out of 10, State Farm is going to end up in your top-five list.

  • 2 Progressive - Best Customer Service

    Progressive Product Image
    SecureScore™ 8.8
    Customer Service
    Online Quote

    One of the first companies to offer insurance online, Progressive has always taken a customer-first approach to their business. Their reputation for being one of the most customer-friendly insurance providers is well deserved too. Progressive consistently ranks as one of the best companies in the industry in terms of customer satisfaction.

    • Competitive rates
    • Excellent discounts
    • Quick comparison shopping
    • Partners with 13 insurance companies
    • Top-ranked in customer satisfaction
    • Quality knowledge base

    • Can’t finalize quote online
    • No video claims
    • Sheer amount of products can be confusing

    So, first things first: If you’re an owner of a manufactured home and you select Progressive to insure it, you’ll be going through their partner, Assurant. The upside of that is that Assurant specializes in protecting manufactured homes and you get the quality assurance that comes along with the Progressive name. And let us tell you, that quality is exceptional.

    Increasing my Progressive dwelling protection means I’m covered if building costs go up.

    Increasing my Progressive dwelling protection means I’m covered if building costs go up.

    In our Progressive review, we found out that their rates are extremely affordable, they offer excellent discounts, and their online tools make it easy to comparison shop. So much so, in fact, that if Progressive isn’t the most reasonable option, they’ll point you in the direction of a provider that might be.

    What’s more — and what you’ll hear more about if you check out our analysis of Progressive’s prices and protections — is that they offer a tremendous amount of insurance products. Generally speaking, if you want to protect something, Progressive will sell you a policy for it. The upshot here is that if you bundle multiple policies, you’re going to save significantly.

    Now we will say their online shopping experience can be a little confusing, and we found it a little frustrating that we couldn’t finalize our purchase online, but in the scheme of things, it’s not too big of a deal. If you’re looking to protect a manufactured home, Progressive should be one of your first stops.

  • 3 Liberty Mutual - Best Protections

    Liberty Mutual Product Image
    SecureScore™ 8.6
    Customer Service
    Online Quote

    When we put Liberty Mutual to the test, they passed with flying colors. We appreciate their modern approach to homeowners insurance — from identity theft protection to device coverage, Liberty Mutual provides protections for the modern homeowner.

    • Smart home discounts
    • Excellent national coverage
    • Easy quotes and claim filing
    • Video property damage reviews
    • Home and auto insurance bundles

    • Subpar customer service
    • Delays in settling claims
    • Premiums can be high

    While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to homeowners insurance, Liberty Mutual provides the customizability to get as close as possible. Add to that their protections against a huge variety of threats and their willingness to cover manufactured homes, and you’ve got a solid contender for your life-long insurance provider.

    Now we will say this: Liberty Mutual might not be the most affordable option. In our Liberty Mutual review, we found their premium to be nearly three times the average quote.

    Liberty Mutual prides itself on its customizability.

    Liberty Mutual prides itself on its customizability.

    Should that automatically disqualify them, though? Of course not. They offer exceptional protections and great discounts for manufactured home owners. We definitely recommend at least using Liberty Mutual’s handy online quote tool to see for yourself if their premiums are reasonable for the protections you’ll enjoy.

    We hope this helps you narrow down your choices in the search to find the right manufactured home insurance policy for your specific needs. If you’re still a little confused about all of this, though, we’ve got you covered. Just keep reading.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Whether you live in a traditional or manufactured home, homeowners insurance prevents you from being financially overwhelmed if disaster strikes. Now, it depends heavily on which protections you select from which provider, but generally speaking, there are six categories of coverage offered by a standard policy.

  • Dwelling: This covers the structure of your domicile.
  • Personal property: This covers all of your stuff, save for a few high-value items that might be excluded
  • Other structures: This extends the coverage of your home to other structures on your property, including detached garages and sheds.
  • Personal liability: This protects you from financial consequence should someone become injured on your property
  • Medical liability: This helps cover the medical bills of that same injured individual.
  • Loss of use: This will help you with the costs incurred should your home become so damaged that it’s uninhabitable. If you need to stay in a hotel, this is the protection you’ll use.
My State Farm quote was excellent value for money, even before bundling

My State Farm quote was excellent value for money, even before bundling.

So, from most providers, you’re going to be covered in a multitude of ways. That’s the good news. The bad news, though, is that there are several things a traditional homeowners insurance policy will not protect you against. Let’s get a sense of those now.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Exclude?

There are several situations in which your homeowners insurance will not protect you in a manufactured home (or any home, for that matter), and they’re important to understand now, rather than after the fact. Threats not covered by typical homeowners insurance include:

  • Earthquakes
  • Sinkholes
  • Floods
  • Mold
  • Insect infestation
  • Regular wear and tear

We can’t stress this enough: If you have a question about your coverage, ask your agent. There’s no worse feeling than standing next to a damaged home and realizing you’re not covered.

Which leads us to an important question: Do you need protections for nontraditional dwellings?

Bundling your auto and home insurance is a way to save even more on your Liberty Mutual policy.

Bundling your auto and home insurance is a way to save even more on your Liberty Mutual policy.

Do I Need Homeowners Insurance for a Mobile Home?

While it’s not required by law, most mortgage companies or mobile home communities will likely require that owners purchase a homeowners insurance policy.

There are two reasons for this. The first is a little cynical: Lenders want to protect their investment. If your home is destroyed in a disaster, there’s no financial incentive for you to rebuild or to pay off the loan.

Progressive asked me the most important question of all —what I valued most in my policy?

Progressive asked me the most important question of all —what I valued most in my policy.

Second, it’s to protect you from financial obligation should something terrible happen. From a tree limb falling through your roof to a delivery guy slipping and falling on your walkway, homeowners insurance ensures that you’re not going to owe so much that you become insolvent.

That means that you’re going to need to find a policy that serves your needs and fits your budget. Which means you need to shop around.

What Are Some Homeowners Insurance Shopping Tips?

The first thing to understand is that there is no “typical” homeowners insurance policy. Each individual’s situation is unique, their tolerance for risks will vary, and their policy will be written based on a huge number of variables.

With that in mind, most major providers make it very easy to get a reasonable quote based on a few details that you’ll likely know off the top of your head. Visit their website, check out their online quote tool, enter your information, and boom — you’re all set. Do this with a few different providers, and you’ll have a good idea of what your coverages are going to be and how much you’re likely to spend.

That said, it’s important to look at both your protections and the price of the premium. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better! You want to make sure your protections are adequate. Sometimes spending a couple of bucks more every month will save you from a big headache in the future.

Hopefully, this gives you a clearer understanding of why you need homeowners insurance for your manufactured home and how to figure out which provider might be best. If you’re not convinced that the three on our list are right for you, head over to our list of the best homeowners insurance providers of 2023. There are some excellent companies on that list, but just be aware that not all of them will offer protections for manufactured homes. Best of luck and stay safe!

Homeowners Insurance FAQs

How much is homeowners insurance?

It’s difficult to nail down an average price of homeowners insurance, but for a standard home in a standard part of the country, you can expect to pay between $100 and $150.

Do homeowners insurance providers cover mobile homes?

A lot of insurance providers do not offer coverage for manufactured, modular, or mobile homes; however, there are a handful of major providers that do.

Will homeowners insurance protect me after a flood?

No. Most traditional homeowners insurance policies will not protect you in the event your home floods. You’ll need to purchase separate protections for that.

What is the best homeowners insurance provider for manufactured homes?

In our research, we’ve found that State Farm, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual offer the best protections at the most reasonable prices for the owners of manufactured homes.

How can I save on homeowners insurance?

If you’re looking to save on your insurance bill, look into what discounts are offered by your specific provider. Oftentimes you’ll be able to save if you install a home security system, fire prevention measures, or by bundling multiple policies together.