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A simple and intuitive doorbell cam for your first line of defense.

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Travis Goodreau
8.3 SecureScore™
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August Doorbell Ratings

Who’s that at your front door? The August Doorbell Cam Pro is the easy way to keep a close eye on your entryway. This innovative home security camera is all about simple DIY setup, HD image quality that tells the full story, and free cloud storage for 24 hours. Starting at $199, it’s not the cheapest camera on the block, but it’s certainly worth a look-see. See what our experts say in our August review.

  • Excellent HD live streaming feature
  • Works with Alexa and Nest
  • Built-in floodlight
  • Motion detection
  • Good in low-light areas

  • Has a monthly cloud storage fee
  • Only works with mechanical chimes


The August Doorbell Cam is a doorbell camera that allows users to monitor their home’s doorway with an app. With two-way talk, it is also possible to communicate directly with whoever is on the other side of the door. The camera quality is excellent, with its HD quality video. It is also very easy to install, though it may not fit properly to replace an existing doorbell on some homes.

Users can upgrade from the free cloud storage for 24 hours to gain access for a full 30 days.

Features & Technology

The August Doorbell Cam Pro offers a number of key features to make it a good option for those seeking a smart lock they can rely on. Take a closer look at some of the most valuable of those features.

Real-Time Alerts

With this smart lock, users get always-home access. That is, no matter where the user is, he or she can use the smart lock feature to access the home and see what is there. A key component of this is the real-time alerts. The system detects motion, sends an alert, and even captures the seconds prior to that motion. This adds clarity to any view. The HindSight feature allows for constant monitoring at the door. This is what captures those moments before the motion alert occurs.

Free Video Storage

It’s important to know that the August Doorbell Cam Pro provides 24-hour video storage without cost. This is called Basic Video Recording. It allows users to access the app to lock back over the previous 24 hours to see what alerts occurred. However, for those who want to add more time to this, it is possible to do with the upgraded premium service. This provides 30 days of lookback features for an additional fee of $4.99 per month.

HD Quality Video

The video quality with this smart doorbell is very good. It is live HD video – allowing users to access a sound visual from their app at any time. It also is full-color video. It performs reliably even in low-light situations, which makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable product for areas along the back or side of the home. The nighttime video is also excellent. It is a step up from a traditional infrared video. It also features a built-in floodlight. This helps to create those clear videos and images.

Sensitivity Control

For those who hate receiving motion detections for every little thing – even spiders or animals – the August Doorbell Cam Pro offers sensitivity control. It allows users to adjust how often and what type of motion alerts to send. This allows for more control and less risk of having a false alarm to deal with while you are busy.

Home Automation

You don’t just have to access to the system through a smartphone app. It also works with Amazon’s Alexa and Nest products. For those with an Amazon Echo Show, for example, it is possible to pull up the live video on the screen in seconds. Voice assistance works well, too. For those who have their hands busy but want to see what is happening outside their front door, this is a nice feature to enjoy. It also works with Apple HomeKit (Siri) and Google Assistant.

Ease of Use

The Doorbell Cam Pro is a do-it-yourself installation for most people. It does not require additional wiring but rather replaces a mechanical chime doorbell. This can offer a few limitations (for those who do not have this type of doorbell). However, most people will find the installation process is easy. It also comes with a USB dock that lets set up inside the home to be easy to do.

Overall, the August smart lock is very usable and simply managed through an app. Users can navigate the app within seconds, seeing who is at their door, reviewing alerts, and accessing stored videos. It allows users to control who accesses their home, by locking and unlocking doors on the go.

Customer Service

August Smart Lock is a well-recognized brand. The company currently has a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau. The complaints about the product range widely but tend to be due to lack of connectivity or, in some situations, difficulty accessing customer service. The company aims to make customer service a priority and has taken the time to answer most of the complaints it has with the BBB.

Overall, the company has solid support. An online troubleshooting guide, FAQ, and installation and setup tool are available online. The company also offers immediate help through a chat assistant.


The August Doorbell Cam Pro is sold for $199.00. It comes in two color options (silver and dark gray). It is possible to upgrade the system with the Smart Keypad for an additional $59 and the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge for $79. The Smart Keypad allows for users to create unique access codes for their system. The Bridge allows for users to control the August Smart Lock from any location.

Also important in determining cost is the video storage component. The product comes with free 24-hour lock back, meaning you can look back over the last 24 hours of recordings through the Basic Video Recording Subscription without any cost. This provides access to 24-hours of saved video history and all clips captured by the camera. It is possible to download and save videos from this. For those who want more flexibility to maintain their access longer, the Premium subscription may be an option. It provides 30 days of video history saved including all video clips during that time. It is possible to download and share these saved videos as well. This subscription is $4.99 per month.


The August Doorbell Cam Pro works with existing mechanical chimes. It takes nothing more than a Philips screwdriver to install on these doorbells. The unit is powered by 12-24VAC wired power. The kit comes with the camera itself, a mounting plate, a wedge, a screw and anchors to hold it in place, and putty. The app works with Android phones with a 5.0 version or higher as well as iOS with a 9.0 version or higher.


Though some people may not like paying for the additional storage fee for long-term access, it isn’t necessary to really get the most out of the smart lock. This tool is easy to use and overall versatile. Though a bit more expensive than some varieties, it’s video quality helps it to stand out.


  1. Avatar Doreen Dawe says:

    Very disappointed with my August door bell cam. It has not worked consistently since I’ve had it and it doesn’t work at all now.

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