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Simple, intuitive protection for your home’s door.

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What Sets August Apart

The August Doorbell Camera allows customers to answer their door from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Unlike doorbell cameras offered by their competitors, August’s camera provides their trademarked Hind Sight technology that provides continuous monitoring to capture the ten seconds before a motion alert is triggered.

They provide free basic recording for videos with the purchase of a doorbell camera. Also, the August Doorbell Camera can be paired with their smart lock technology to allow customers to let visitors into their home. A built-in floodlight provides clear images rather than the grainy video often captured by infrared night vision.

To add to the Smarthome capabilities of the August Doorbell Camera, it is compatible with a number of voice assistants. This includes Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • DIY Installation
  • Remote Control
  • Home Automation
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Live View
  • Cloud Storage

August Price & Packages

Depending upon where a customer buys their August Doorbell Camera, the price may vary. However, each one comes with the same equipment, accessories, and features included regardless of the seller.

Included in the box with an August Doorbell Camera Pro is the mounting plate, a wedge for adjusting angle, screws, anchors, and putty. Also included is their free basic recording storage. In addition, they also provide a premium plan at a nominal charge.

The free basic plan that is included with the purchase price provides 24 hours of saved video history. It also allows users to download saved videos and share them. All activity captured by the camera is saved and can be used as such.

Their premium plan offers the same download and share capabilities as the free plan. It costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. There are 30 days of saved video history with this plan and like the free option, it saves clips of all the activity the camera captures.

With either plan, the video footage is saved on a continuous basis. What this means is that when a customer has reached their limit of storage the oldest data will be replaced with the newest. While those videos are then gone forever, there will be still images remaining for access.

Current Deal

Currently, there are no deals or special sales prices available through the August website. However, August products – including their Doorbell Camera – can be purchased through an assortment of second-party retailers who may offer deals of their own. These include online sellers such as Amazon as well as brick and mortar stores like Best Buy and Walmart.

About August Security

Established in 2013 and based in San Francisco California, August offers customers with a few select security options. While not the largest or most diverse security company in the industry, August offers products that garner positive reviews on third-party selling partner sites such as Amazon.

As with many companies in 2018, August was subject to a security breach that involved hacking into the August Doorbell Camera. However, the company asserts that these vulnerabilities have been addressed and corrected. It is interesting to note that unlike the vast majority of their competitors, August does not have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) file. Check out the full review of August here.

Mobile Alerts
Mobile Alerts

When motion is detected, an alert is sent via the August App to the customer’s registered mobile phone.

Remote Control
Remote Control

The August Doorbell Camera is controlled via the free App that is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. This allows customers to answer the door, speak with visitors, and even allow access to their home; all from anywhere in their world where a customer has access to the Internet.

Voice Response
2-Way Voice

Customers can speak to visitors at their door through the August Doorbell Camera’s two-way voice feature, even if they are around the world at the time.

Surveillance Cameras
High Definition

All video recorded via the August Doorbell Camera is high definition to allow for clear identification of the images captured.

Smart Home Options
Smart Home Options

The August Doorbell Camera is compatible with their Smart Lock and allows customers to buzz in visitors and service providers as needed.

Motion Detection

The motion sensors in this camera trigger an alert when somebody approaches the door and initiate recording.

DIY Installation
DIY Installation

With only a Philips head screwdriver and the August Doorbell Camera installation instruction, anyone can set up this device quickly and simply.

Address Change Verification
Live Streaming

Via the August App, customers can live stream video from their entryway to see what is happening at their door in real time and respond accordingly.

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