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A Parents Guide to Family Highway Safety

In some cases, the word “highway” suggests adventure. You dream of faraway lands you have yet to explore. Other times, highways serve a more practical purpose. They’re the roads that get us to stores, schools and work, and to neighboring towns. Whatever the case, highway safety is important. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration numbers show… View Article

Is Your Car Getting You in Trouble?

Car decals can be one of the simplest ways to make a statement these days. Whether you’ve run a marathon, visited an exotic location, or love your pet, it can be fun to flaunt your personality using your vehicle. But what happens when these stickers are more than just cute decoration? Can a marijuana-related decal… View Article

Crime and Punishment

Although the United States is the third most populous country, it has the world’s largest prison population: more than 2.1 million people. Some believe this is because American society values retribution. However, the prison abolition movement is shifting the conversation, and Democrats and Republicans agree there’s a need for prison reform. Although politicians have yet… View Article

Trading Privacy for Safety

Feeling lonely? These days, all it takes is a walk down the street if you want some degree of company. The only catch: There might be a lens separating you from those who can see you. Currently, an astounding 50 million closed-circuit TV cameras located across the United States are keeping a close eye on… View Article

How Many Registered Sex Offenders Are There in Your State?

Do you know how many registered sex offenders there are in your state? If you found out a registered sex offender lived nearby, what would you do? How close to your home would that person need to live for you to consider moving, and have you ever checked the registry in your state to see… View Article