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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Ring.

SecureScore™: 9.2/10

Zmodo has a full list of home automation products, but its cameras are the main component in their home security system. Ring, known for its video doorbell viewer, also has high-definition cameras as part of its home security system, but it also includes a hub, entry sensors, and motion detectors.

Overview: Zmodo vs Ring

Zmodo and Ring are comparable in terms of video surveillance capabilities and the possibility of home automation. The main difference comes into play in terms of the variety of devices that are offered. Zmodo, for example, offers its own “smart” thermostat, while other smart devices can simply be integrated into Ring's system.

  • No professional installation
  • Zmodo offers four cameras for around $100
  • Ring's video doorbell is equipped with two-way communication
  • No contracts
  • Zmodo cameras have night vision
  • 24/7 professional monitoring is optional

Similarities: Ring vs Zmodo

Zmodo and Ring offer similar features when it comes to effective video surveillance. The cameras are capable of recording video and have the capability to store a certain amount, either in its memory on in cloud storage. Both have the capability of being monitored by a professional monitoring service and sending you alerts if an alarm is triggered.

  • Installed by the owner
  • Equipment is purchased outright
  • 24/7 monitoring is optional
  • Indoor/outdoor video
  • No contracts/service agreements

Differences: Ring vs Zmodo

Aside from the $100 difference between the basic packages for each company, Zmodo and Ring have other differences as well. Zmodos devices are geared more toward home automation instead of home security. Ring, on the other hand, offers entry sensors, motion detectors, and a video doorbell viewer that is great for communicating with whoever may be outside your door.

  • A four-pack of Zmodo cameras cost approximately $100, while Ring's basic package costs just under $200
  • Ring's system includes entry sensors and motion detectors
  • Zmodo's cameras are capable of high-quality night vision
  • With Zmodo cameras, you get 30-days of free cloud storage
  • Ring's system is compatible with ADT's monitoring service


Zmodo's four-pack of cameras allows you to store videos for one-month for free. The cameras provide extremely high-quality video and images and have a night vision feature. Zmodo also has a video doorbell device.

Ring's home security system offers indoor/outdoor cameras, home lighting options, home automation capabilities, entry sensors, and motion detectors. You can continue to use the basic system or you can add pieces over time. The choice is yours.


Neither company requires a long-term contract or a service agreement.


A set of four, pre-packaged Zmodo indoor/outdoor cameras cost approximately $100, depending on which retail outlet you purchase them from. You have the option to expand on your cloud storage plan if you so choose.

The basic Ring system costs $199 out of the box. You can choose the Protect Basic Plan that costs $3 a month or $30 per year/per camera. The Protect Plus Plan costs $10 a month/$100 a year and covers any number of devices.


In addition to the Zmodo home security cameras, they also offer a thermostat, video doorbell viewers, and a wide range of other devices that can be purchased as desired.

Ring's basic system starts with the traditional hub and keypad, but also includes entry sensors and a motion detector. You can also choose to include the video doorbell viewer, floodlights, and indoor/outdoor cameras.


Both systems are easy to install and do not require any professional assistance.

Emergency Connections

Neither system requires third-party monitoring. Self-monitoring the Zmodo system means that you are responsible for notifying the authorities. With Ring's monitoring service, you can ask to be notified if an alarm is triggered and will receive notifications through texts or emails. They will then notify the local authorities.

Summary: Zmodo vs Ring

Zmodo is perfect for homeowners who want to take care of their own home security needs without contracts or monthly plans.

Ring is great if you want a variety of devices that go above the simple use of video surveillance. The packages are affordable and will give you peace of mind if that's your goal.

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