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Home Security System

Which system is right for you?

Wired and wireless security systems have distinct advantages and disadvantages that set them apart from one another. They both are reliable and easy to use. Wired systems are often the best options for businesses simply because they work better in terms of covering large areas. Homeowners and small business owners may rely more on wireless systems because they are easy to install and can customize on their own based on their individual needs. With both being extremely effective, it is up to the buyer to choose which one will best serve their needs.

Overall Security: Wired vs Wireless

Wired security systems are installed into your home or business' electrical system. This allows effective and reliable security as long as the power is on. They can be integrated with your phone's landline for an additional level of security. One of the biggest drawbacks of a wired system is that if the power goes out or a line is cut, the security system will fail unless it has the option to be powered by an alternate energy source. Wired systems are also permanently installed.

Wireless security systems are also extremely effective. Since they don't rely on an electrical power source, they will not shut down if the power goes off. Wireless systems are often more affordable due to the fact that there is no wiring to install. They work well with home automation platforms and can be monitored from almost anywhere. They are very easy to upgrade. Simply connect the device to the system and it's up and running. A wireless system can be removed and relocated to a different structure.


A wired system is more expensive than wireless systems, primarily due to the installation.  The wiring for a wired security system is sometimes built into the home during its construction. If this is the case, then installation becomes less costly and a lot easier. If the wiring is not there, you will have to pay for the installation when you purchase your system. This involves running the necessary wires to various places in your home to set up your system. Once you pay for the installation, the system is permanent and can't be moved. The prices for devices and monthly monitoring in a wired system are similar to other systems.

Wireless systems are more affordable for three reasons. First, installation is relatively simple because there are no wires that have to be directly integrated into your home's electrical system. The system can be installed professionally or by the homeowner in less than an hour. The second reason for the affordable cost is that each system can be customized using only the devices you need. You can add to or remove devices at any time. Lastly, your system is easy to relocate if you choose to move to a new home. Monthly prices and the cost of devices will vary from company to company.

Emergency Connections

Both wired and wireless connections allow for effective and consistent emergency connections. This is part of the reason why businesses use wired systems. The alerts go directly to the monitoring center. There are few false alerts and the system is designed to alert emergency dispatch first.

Wireless systems are prone to more false alerts. The owner of the system is often notified first with certain systems, allowing them to make the decision to call emergency dispatch. If the system is set up to notify EMS first, teams are dispatched immediately once an alert is received.

Summary: Wireless vs Wired Security

Wired security is the best choice for businesses or homeowners who want a solid security system that is both permanent and extremely reliable.

A wireless security system is often the best choice for homeowners who want affordability as well as the convenience of being able to relocate their system if they make the decision to move.