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Vivint and Protection One offer a higher level of professional service than other, camera-based home security systems. Both require contracts but have different terms when it comes to their length. Both offer professional installation, but Protection One now offers a self-install option for consumers who would prefer to do it themselves.

Overview: Vivint vs Protection One

Vivint and Protection One offer 100% wireless equipment and 24/7 monitoring services. Both companies offer home automation and environmental hazard detection. Vivint offers a lifetime warranty on all of its devices, as well as same day installation if requested.

  • Protection One offers multiple monitoring packages
  • Vivint requires a 5-year contract, while Protection One has a 3-year term
  • Environmental hazard protection
  • Indoor video surveillance
  • Video doorbell viewer

Similarities: Protection One vs Vivint

Vivint and Protection one offer many of the same features and devices. The 24/7 monitoring services provided by each company are extremely effective. They both offer 100% wireless systems that are capable of detecting intruders through both motion and entry sensors. Their video surveillance equipment is also state of the art and provides vivid images and video.

  • Long-term contracts are required
  • Professional installation
  • Video doorbell viewer
  • Indoor video surveillance
  • Wireless equipment that runs off of a cellular-based platform

Differences: Protection One vs Vivint

Vivint and Protection One are similar in a number of ways, but their overall differences stand out. From the length of their contracts to the number of devices/packages each company offers, there are several things that give each company a unique appeal to customers who want specific features.

  • Protection One has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Vivint allows you to finance your equipment if your credit score is high enough
  • Vivint has good customer service but a lower Better Business Bureau rating
  • Protection One offers a self-install option
  • Vivint's contract length is 5-years while Protection One is only 3-years


Vivint's features provide all-around effective home security. They include video cameras that connect with a mobile app, voice-activated home automation, customizable remote, video doorbell camera, and a smart thermostat. They also include smart locks and a garage door controller.

Protection One provides a remote control, weather warnings, 100% wireless technology, motion sensors that are pet-friendly, and automated alerts that notify you of emergencies in real-time. They also include home automation and a smart thermostat. The system is very user-friendly and interacts seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet.


Vivint requires a 5-year contract and allows customers the option of financing their equipment if they qualify. Credit scores of at least 600 are part of the criteria. Vivint's equipment is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Protection One requires a 3-year contract. There are no other service agreements required.


Vivint offers two plans. The Smart Security Service plan costs $30 per month. The Smart Home Service plan starts at $40 per month. There are financing options available if you would like to purchase your equipment and meet Vivint's credit requirements.

Protection One has four main packages to choose from. Their Secure plan starts at $35 per month. The Secure + plan starts at $45 per month. Their most popular plan is the Smart Control plan that starts at $50 a month. The Video plan costs $55 per month and includes all of the features in the previous package as well as video surveillance.


Vivint offers a wide selection of equipment that includes a 7-inch touchscreen/control pad, motion detector, entry sensors, and environmental hazard sensors. Video cameras, a video doorbell, and devices for home automation are also available.

Protection One offers several different devices. They include intrusion detection devices, fire/carbon monoxide sensors, environmental hazard devices, video cameras, and video doorbells. Protection One allows you to add devices to your plan, but you will end up paying more per month.


Vivint offers same day, professional installation.

Protection One offers both professional installation as well as a self-install option.

Emergency Connections

Vivint offers the option for a landline emergency connection but also offers a cellular-based platform as well. This allows for immediate alerts to be sent to you and those on your contact list as soon as an alarm is triggered. Emergency responders will also be notified and dispatched to your home.

Protection One is 100% wireless and operates using a cellular network. If an alarm is triggered, notifications will be sent to both you and those on your contact list. Local authorities will also be alerted and sent to your home.

Summary: Vivint vs Protection One

Vivint is a good choice if you want a stable company and don't mind the long-term commitment. The service is effective and is affordable for the number of services and devices you receive.

Protection One is an effective option for homeowners who want a company with an A+ rating with the BBB and quality equipment and service.

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