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Searching for a home security system that works best for you and that is within your budget can be an exhausting process. You want to know which home security systems have the features that are important to you. In today's market, it could be difficult to make the right choice when there are so many choices. Luckily, we do the work for you.

Here we have provided a comparison of two of the top home security brands that you may be familiar with: Protect America and Vivint. We provide a comparison of installation methods, features, prices, contracts and other details to help you make the right choice between these two home security systems.

Overview: Protect America vs Vivint

After a thorough review of Protect America and Vivint, it's clear the two home security systems are comparable, yet there are still some differences in features that may be the deciding factor when making a decision. Here's a quick summary of some of the entire comparison.

  1. Vivint offers indoor and outdoor security cameras that give you a wide range of viewing and serious high-tech capabilities while Protect America offers only indoor security cameras with an outdoor option for an upgrade.
  2. Both require a contract with the possibility of getting out of those contracts after paying a hefty fee. Only Protect America offers a money-back guarantee if the equipment is returned within 14 days.
  3. Overall, Protect America offers cheaper plans. Vivint offers high-tech capabilities and completely wireless systems, which may or may not justify the increased costs depending on your preference.
  4. Vivint's basic equipment includes wireless, state of the art technology. Protect America's basic equipment includes hardwired systems, but can be upgraded to a wireless system.
  5. With Vivint, you must have professionals install the equipment. Labor costs start around $99. Protect America is a DIY home security system, so you don't have to worry about any installation fees.

Both Vivint and Protect America are reputable companies with multiple package options. In order to determine which home security system works best for you, we've simplified those options by identifying the similarities and differences between these home security companies. The following is a comparison summary.

Similarities: Vivint vs Protect America

Protect America and Vivint are comparable in many areas.

  • Wireless security systems
  • 24/7 Monitoring available
  • Mobile app available
  • Basic equipment included
  • Home automation
  • Contract required
  • Lifetime warranty

Differences: Vivint vs Protect America

Protect America and Vivint are highly reputable home security companies that offer a few similar features. However there are some distinct differences that will determine which home security system you choose. These differences include, but are not limited to, specific features, details of the contract, the equipment used, pricing arrangements and how your system is installed. Let's take a look at some of these differences below.

  • Installation: Vivint is professionally installed; Protect America is DIY
  • Customer Service: Vivint is 24/7; Protect America is Mon-Fri
  • Lowest Monthly Price: Vivint is $29.99; Protect America is $19.99
  • Security Cameras: Protect America offers indoor camera use only
  • Return Policy: Protect America offers a 14-day return policy


There are a number of feature related differences between Protect America and Vivint, but the main two that may factor into your decision-making process the most are indoor/outdoor security camera capabilities and technological advancement. Protect America offers only security camera service with only up to 2 streams. Vivint offers security cameras with multiple streams, depending on the package chosen.

Additionally, Vivint offers significant high tech features that many other home security systems, like Protect America, do not offer. Some examples of this tech include cloud storage of pictures and videos, the ability to use Amazon Echo to give commands, a doorbell camera that allows you to interact with people outside your door and a completely wireless system.


Both Protect America and Vivint offer contracts, but the details of those contracts vary. Both allow you to terminate the contract early, but with a hefty penalty fee. Protect America offers a money-back guarantee if the equipment is returned within 14 days. Both companies require long-term contracts, but Vivint has one of the longest duration contracts when compared to other home security system. Vivint’s contracts are usually set between 3 ½ to 5 years, while Protect America contracts are around 3 years.


Both companies use comparable equipment, including GE and 2Gig sensors and detectors. There are four specific equipment differences between Vivint and Protect America:

  1. Touchscreen control panel: Vivint provides it in its basic plan, while Protect America requires an upgrade for $99.
  2. Security Cameras: Vivint provides indoor and outdoor security cameras in its packages, but Protect America requires a $169 upgrade for an outdoor security camera.
  3. Smoke Detectors: A smoke detector is included in all of Vivint's plans while Protect America offers it for an additional $9.99/month (if you already have compatible smoke detectors, then it's only $2.00/month for monitoring services).
  4. Equipment activation fee: Vivint requires an activation fee starting at $99. Protect America does not require an activation fee.


Pricing between the two systems is probably where the most significant differences are found. Vivint is one of the more expensive home security systems on the market. This is due in part to its high tech equipment, which offer more than most home security systems on the market.

Protect America offers three packages. The most basic package, the Copper package, starts at $19.99/month. The next package, the Silver package, starts at $37.99 for hardwired and $49.99 for wireless. Their top package, the Platinum package, starts at $42.99 for hardwired and $54.99 for wireless.

Vivint plans start at $29.99/month and increase according to specific wants and needs of individual customers.


Vivint has professionals install the equipment while Protect America requires you to install it yourself. Both options have an obvious advantage and disadvantage. With Vivint you will have to pay for the installation labor, while with Protect America, you save money in exchange for your time.

Summary: Protect America vs Vivint

With both Vivint and Protect America, you receive quality home security and great features. The differences between DIY setup and cost are ones you will want to consider when comparing these home security systems.

Vivint is excellent if you want a technologically advanced system. It's rather pricey but it's also inclusive when it comes to the types of devices that are included with the system. You get more features for one single price, which makes it somewhat more affordable than if you had to pay for everything on a separate contract.

Protect America offers several features that can be included in their home security package, but charges for each one separately. If you are looking for a quality home security system, Protect America is a good choice if you don't mind dealing with the different contract options.

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