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Vivint and Guardian are two of the most well-known and well-respected home security companies within the industry. Vivint falls more toward the high end of the scale. This is not so much because it offers better service, but more for the fact that it requires a long-term contract and higher monthly prices and upfront fees when compared to similar home security options. Guardian is more affordable, doesn't require a contract and still offers both professional monitoring and installation.

Overview: Vivint vs Guardian

Both Vivint and Guardian require professional installation, but differ in terms of affordability and upfront costs. Both are professionally monitored and offer multiple package options. With Vivint, there are no upfront costs and equipment comes with a lifetime warranty. Guardian, however, requires that their equipment be purchased upfront. There are no long-term contracts and no need to pay finance fees.

  • Equipment is 100% wireless
  • Vivint offers same-day installation
  • Guardian users must pay for their equipment upfront
  • Home automation options are available
  • Both offer multiple package options

Similarities: Guardian vs Vivint

Vivint and Guardian both have extensive histories in the home security industry with positive reputations to back them up. Each offers at least some degree of professional service in terms of both installation and monitoring. Home automation features are also included in both systems' list of offerings. Both companies also offer the option to purchase (or at least include) additional devices as needed.

  • Professional installation
  • Professional monitoring
  • Home automation and connectivity to a variety of smart devices and platforms
  • Wireless equipment
  • Mobile alerts

Differences: Guardian vs Vivint

There are many differences between the two companies. The most prominent being that Vivint is more expensive in terms of monthly costs. Vivint also offers both cellular and landline connectivity, while Guardian offers a fully wireless system. Guardian also offers its professional services without requiring customers to sign a long-term contract.

  • Guadian offers a Home Relocation Guarantee
  • Vivint offers a lifetime warranty on all equipment
  • Guardian's equipment must be purchased upfront
  • Vivint offers same-day installation
  • Guardian is more affordable in terms of professional monitoring costs


Vivint's long list of features includes a video doorbell camera, surveillance cameras, a customizable remote, home automation connectivity that is voice-activated, smart thermostats, entry/motion sensors, and 24/7 customer support.

Guardian's features include wireless equipment, live video streaming, mobile alerts, home automation, entry/motion sensors, garage door sensors, and geoservices. Guardian's alerts can also be received on desktop computers and laptops.


Vivint requires a 5-year contract unless you have the capability to purchase the entire system upfront.

Guardian does not require any form of contract or legal agreement.


Vivint offers three main packages. The cheapest of the three is the Smart Protect for $30 a month plus the cost of financing. The next step up is the Smart Protect + Control plan that starts at $40 per month plus financing costs. The most costly plan is the Smart Complete which starts at $50 per month plus financing costs. To purchase plans outright the cost will range between $700 and $1800.

With Guardian, there are no finance plans since all of the equipment is purchased upfront. Their plans include the Edge Essential for $35 per month and $100 upfront. The next plan is the Edge Control which starts at $50 per month and a $300 upfront cost. The most expensive of Guardian's plans is the Edge Premium for $60 with a $500 upfront charge.


Vivint offers equipment that is proven to be effective including motion/entry sensors, video doorbell cameras, surveillance cameras, smart devices for home automation, and environmental hazard detection equipment.

Guardian also offers video surveillance cameras, motion/entry sensors, environmental hazard detection, door locks, garage door switch, and light module. Smart home devices are also offered.


Both Vivint and Guardian require professional installation.

Emergency Connections

Vivint can use either a landline connection or a cellular connection to notify the authorities of an event at your home. Local authorities will be dispatched and you, as well as your list of contacts, will receive notifications.

Guardian is a fully wireless system that will notify local authorities if an emergency arises. You will also be notified when EMS personnel are dispatched.

Summary: Vivint vs Guardian

Vivint is an exceptional system if you don't mind the higher than average monthly costs. They offer top of the line equipment and customer service that can be reached 24/7. Check out our Vivint review to learn more about this security offering.

Guardian is a good system for individuals who want to purchase their equipment upfront and have a more affordable monthly cost. They also have high-quality equipment that is well-rated.