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Vivint and Fluent Home are home security companies that offer top of the line equipment with cutting edge technology.

Both companies offer home automation, energy-saving devices, and environmental hazard detection as part of their list of extensive features. Both companies offer professional installation and monitoring and require a 3- to 5-year contract depending on which company and package you choose.

Overview: Vivint vs Fluent Home

Both Vivint and Fluent Home are moderately priced for the services and features they provide. One of the main differences has to do with each company's coverage area. While Vivint offers nationwide coverage, Fluent Home is only licensed in 30 states and 7 Canadian provinces. Each company requires a contract unless the equipment is purchased upfront. Both have financing options available that can be paid through monthly installments along with the monitoring fees.

  • Vivint requires a 3- to 5-year contract
  • Fluent Home packages require a 36-month contract
  • Vivint offers nationwide coverage
  • Fluent Home systems can be moved to a new location for a $99 fee
  • Both offer multiple packages

Similarities: Vivint vs Fluent Home

Vivint and Fluent Home offer state of the art technology and quality equipment. Overall, they tend to cost of their equipment tends to be higher than other professionally supported systems. They compensate for this by offering finance options like Flex Pay (Vivint), that allows you to pay by the month. Both companies offer smart devices that allow for both home automation and energy conservation, in addition to protecting your home and family.

  • Contracts required
  • Mobile apps
  • Remote access that allows you to control your smart appliances
  • Home automation
  • Cellular services

Differences: Vivint vs Fluent Home

One of the biggest differences is their coverage areas. With Fluent Home, you will have to check their website for the states they are licensed to work in. They also offer coverage in 7 Canadian provinces. If you choose to move your system, Fluent Home charges a $99 fee to relocate your system. Another difference is the warranties they offer. Vivint offers a lifetime warranty while Fluent Home only offers a full-coverage warranty for the first 90-days.

  • Vivint offers cellular or landline connectivity
  • Fluent Home is only licensed to work in specific areas of the United States and Canada
  • Vivint offers a 5-year contract option
  • Fluent Home offers a Security, Energy, and Automation package
  • Vivint offers a lifetime warranty


Vivint features include both video cameras and video doorbell cameras, remotes that can be customized to meet your needs. Voice-activated home automation, and smart devices such as a garage door lock and thermostat.

Fluent Home's features include environmental hazard detection, home automation, energy alerts, remote access for viewing your cameras, arming/disarming your system, and to control various devices. Motion/entry sensors and various surveillance cameras that allow you to see view activity in and around your home.


Vivint offers the option to purchase their equipment outright for $700 to $1800 depending on the size of the package. This allows you to avoid a long-term contract. The plans offered include the Smart Security Service ($30) and the Smart Home Service ($40). There is also a monthly equipment fee if you choose to use Flex Pay. Vivint also charges an installation fee.

Fluent Home's packages have an average cost of $51.99 per month. There is also a $99 fee that must be paid upfront. If you choose to relocate, you will also have to pay a $99 fee. Fluent Home does not list the pricing for their packages on their website. You have to call and speak to a representative.


Vivint offers a comprehensive list of equipment that includes a remote, entry/motion sensors, video doorbell viewer, surveillance cameras, garage door switch, environmental detection sensors, and a smart thermostat.

Fluent Home also provides a comprehensive list of equipment. Entry/motion sensors, environmental sensors, video cameras, remote control, energy controls for lights and HVAC, and smart door locks.


Both Vivint and Fluent Home require professional installation.

Emergency Connections

Vivint offers both landline and cellular connectivity. Dispatchers will notify local authorities if an alert is triggered. You will also be notified, as well as the names on your contact list.

Fluent Home uses cellular connections to notify local EMS personnel. You will also be notified via text or email.

Summary: Vivint vs Fluent Home

Vivint is the better choice if you want transparency in terms of price. It's also the best choice if you want nationwide coverage. Read reviews of Vivint here to learn more.

Fluent Home is a good choice if you want packages based on home automation, energy, or security. It's also a good choice if you plan on living in the same location throughout the duration of your contract.