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Vivint and CPI Security both offer a comprehensive list of services. Both provide the convenience of home automation and remote control through the use of smartphones and electronic devices. They differ in terms of contract length, pricing, and overall customer service rating. CPI also has a limited service area.

Overview: Vivint vs CPI Security

Vivint and CPI provide several layers of security through the use of video surveillance, entry sensors, and home automation. While Vivint offers nationwide service, CPI is limited to the southeastern states. Both require long-term contracts, but they vary in the length of time that the contracts are required.

  • CPI is known for its lack of transparency
  • CPI charges high fees if contracts are terminated early
  • Vivint has a very short trial period
  • Vivint offers a lifetime guarantee on all of its equipment
  • Both have doorbell viewers with two-way communication

Similarities: CPI Security vs Vivint

Vivint and CPI offer a variety of services that provide the highest level of security as well as added convenience. Both provide environmental sensors and indoor/outdoor video surveillance options. Each includes home automation and mobile apps that have the capability of operating the system from a remote location.

  • Home automation
  • Mobile apps for smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Doorbell viewers with two-way communication
  • Cellular and landline connectivity options
  • Long-term contracts

Differences: CPI Security vs Vivint

Vivint and CPI's main differences involve the number of packages each company offers, the length of the required contract, and CPI's limited service area. Vivint's customer service is getting better, while CPI still struggles with a poorer than average reputation.

  • Vivint requires a 5-year contract, CPI requires 39-month contracts
  • Vivint offers two packages while CPI offers three
  • CPI only serves the southeastern area of the United States
  • Vivint offers same day installation
  • CPI charges excessive fees if services are terminated before the contract is up


Vivint offers features designed for maximum security and convenience. In addition to their entry and motion sensors, they offer voice-activated home automation, remote control access, and indoor/outdoor video surveillance. They also offer a video doorbell viewer that allows for two-way communication.

CPI also offers the video doorbell viewer with two-way communication. Their indoor/outdoor cameras can be controlled remotely, as well as many of their home automation devices. CPI allows you to store up to 30 days worth of video and allows you to schedule when videos are taken.


Vivint requires a 5-year contract with all of their packages. They also offer a buy-out option if you need to cancel your service.

CPI requires a 39-month contract with their packages and will charge an excessively high termination fee if services are canceled prior to the end of the contract


With Vivint, you have two main monthly service packages. The Smart Security Service starts at $29.99 a month (equipment financing is separate). The Smart Home Service starts at $39.99 a month (equipment financing is separate). If you can't purchase your equipment up front, Vivint offers a Flex Pay program that allows you to pay off your equipment over the term of your contract. You can choose from 4 equipment kit options ranging in price from $700 to $1800. Monthly finance payments can be as low as $12 per month.

CPI offers three main service packages. The Basic Security plan starts at $29.99 per month. The InTouch Security + Smart Home plan begins at $39.99 per month. The InTouch Security + Smart Home + Video starts at $49.99 a month. The equipment for each package starts at $499.99 but can be financed for as low as $9 a month through CPI Smart Pay.


With Vivint, you get a large selection of equipment options that include indoor/outdoor cameras, video doorbell viewer, door locks, and a touchscreen panel. The sensors you can choose from include door/window entry sensors, glass break detectors, motion sensors, and flood or freeze sensors. They also offer additional environmental sensors as well.

CPI equipment options include door/window sensors, motion sensors, control panel, video doorbell viewer, and yard signage. They offer remote control garage door kits, glass break sensors, and smart plugs that allow you to control lighting and other devices in your home. They also offer an inTouch thermostat that allows for remote operation.


Both companies require professional installation, with Vivint offering same day service.

Emergency Connections

Both companies offer landline and cellular connectivity with 100% wireless devices and 24/7 professional monitoring. When an alert is received, you and those on your contact list will be notified via text or email (your choice) and local authorities will be dispatched to your home.

Summary: Vivint vs CPI Security

Vivint is a good choice for those who want maximum security and aren't bothered by a 5-year contract.

CPI is a good choice for those who live in the southeastern section of the United States. The plans are affordable and they have a shorter contract term.

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