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Vivint and Alarm.com are both well-known home security companies. However, they are very different in how they are structured; but both companies offer similar equipment options and features. So if you are considering installing an alarm system, you are wise to take a few minutes to read their company-specific reviews then perform some side-by-side comparisons. Doing so will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision about which company is right for you.

Overview: Alarm.com vs Vivint

Vivint and Alarm.com both offer wireless alarm systems which are great for enhanced security as you are not dependent on your internet service being up and don't have to worry about losing your system if your lines are ever cut. Neither of these companies offer any DIY installation solutions; however, they both come with remote access via a mobile app. Additionally, Alarm.com is a white-label service that sells their equipment to dealers, so they aren't actually a home security company.

  1. Vivint and Alarm.com are both wireless installations and both require professional installation of their equipment. And neither offer any type of DIY installation options at all.
  2. Both Vivint and Alarm.com have indoor and outdoor security cameras, but only Vivint offers a 24/7 monitoring service directly. And while Alarm.com has 24/7 camera recording, they don't offer any monitoring services directly.
  3. Vivint's equipment comes with a lifetime warranty. However, since Alarm.com doesn't sell directly to the consumer (they only sell to dealers) you will have to ask your chosen dealer what type of warranty(s) they provide.
  4. The cost of equipment and services between these two companies can't be compared in the traditional sense because Vivint offers their equipment as part of their monitoring services, whereas Alarm.com sells their equipment to dealers who then set their own prices.
  5. Vivint offers several long-term contracts that are a bit higher than the industry norm; however, their services also include the equipment at no cost to you. If you opt for an Alarm.com solution, you will have to check with your dealer for the specifics of their particular contract.

Similarities: Vivint vs Alarm.com

Vivint and Alarm.com both offer similar equipment which includes home security features, as well as a wide variety of home automation options, both of which are accessible and can be remotely controlled using a mobile app.

  • Both Vivint and Alarm.com are wireless systems that require professional installation and neither offer any DIY installation options.
  • Both Vivint and Alarm.com can be used remotely via a mobile app.
  • Vivint and Alarm.com both offer indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras with a variety of recording and storage options, as well as two-way voice communication.
  • Both companies send alerts to your mobile phone when activity is detected.
  • Both Vivint and Alarm.com offer environmental disaster protection features.

Differences: Vivint vs Alarm.com

These two companies are very different in the way they do business; therefore, careful consideration must be given before making any final decisions. However, when it comes to equipment and technology, both offer top quality devices and both are well-known companies with a solid reputation in the industry.

  • Vivint is a home security company that offers a monthly monitoring service and only leases their equipment to you, so you don't actually own it.
  • Vivint has long-term contracts and only offers a month-to-month option if you purchase all the required equipment upfront.
  • Alarm.com is white label service who sells their equipment to home security dealers, they themselves are not a home security company.
  • The pricing, contracts and available warranties between Vivint and Alarm.com can't be compared because of their complete opposite ways of doing business. Therefore, you have to compare them separately once you've narrowed down a few local home security dealers for consideration.


Vivint offers full-service home security packages that include the equipment, 24/7 monitoring, and home automation services. Additionally, their equipment is monitored using your choice of either a cellular or landline connection. They also offer two-way voice communication options, as well as indoor/outdoor video cameras, remote access through their mobile app, environmental disaster protections, and more.

Alarm.com also offers a wide range of home security and home automation features similar to Vivint, but they are not a full-service home security company as they don't sell to the general public and they don't offer any type of monitoring services directly.


Vivint offers four- and five-year contracts and their services are available in every state. Additionally, they also charge an activation fee for their services, but not an installation fee for their equipment.

When it comes to Alarm.com, even though the equipment and features might be similar to Vivint in many ways, the pricing, contracts, and policies regarding them could vary greatly. So you will have to contact your chosen local home security provider for the details of such.


Vivint's home security and monitoring packages start at $29.99 per month. And if you add security camera surveillance, the price jumps to $39.99 per month. They also have a no money down option with 0% financing for up to 60 months with approved credit, if you decide to buy all the equipment upfront versus leasing it.

We're sorry to sound like a broken record, but since Alarm.com doesn't sell to the general public and only sells to dealers, you will have to contact your chosen home security company for the pricing of their Alarm.com equipment and any other fees they might have.


Both Vivint and Alarm.com's equipment requires professional installation, but at least with Vivint, they do the installation for free. Additionally, they both offer the same basic equipment and only vary when it comes to their services. Some of their equipment options include:

  • Control panels and doorbell cameras with two-way voice. They also offer window sensors, glass break sensors, motion detectors, and panic buttons.
  • Indoor/Outdoor live video surveillance cameras, some with pan and tilt features, and recording and storage options as well.
  • Home automation features including security alarms, door locks, garage door sensors, thermostat controls, lights, and more via a mobile app.
  • Environmental disaster protection features.


The Vivint and Alarm.com's wireless equipment systems both require professional installation, but Vivint doesn't charge for that service. The Alarm.com installation costs will be determined by the home security company you ultimately choose.

Emergency Connections

Both Vivint and Alarm.com offer emergency connections using a two-way voice system via the doorbell and/or alarm control panel.

Summary: Alarm.com vs Vivint

Vivint is a full-service home security company that offers a wide variety of home automation features, many different video surveillance cameras, and options that include two-way voice communications. They also offer free installation of their equipment; however, they do require you to sign a long-term contract for their monthly monitoring services.

Alarm.com is a white-label company who only sells their home security equipment to a nationwide network of authorized partners. Therefore, since they don't sell directly to the public, you'll have to contact your chosen home security company for more information about their pricing, contracts, and warranty details.

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