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Smart locks are becoming the new “must-have” feature in homes all across the country. They provide you with the convenience of never having to deal with your keys and give you a few extra layers of security. However, before you make any final decisions, it's important to compare your options. Then you will have all the information you need to make an educated decision about which smart lock you should purchase. Please see our side-by-side comparisons, as well as other important information below.

Compare Smart Lock Costs

The best way to find the right smart lock for your situation is to make a list of the features you want and need. Then you can begin by comparing the associated costs and features for the brands you like.

Equipment Costs

The cost of your smart locks will depend on which type of lock you choose, whether it is one that can be retrofitted or you if you go with a replacement locking system. Then, of course, there are the other factors such as the features that come with that system and how extensive of a system you have purchased. Each smart lock works differently. For example, some have a key feature so you can use your existing key if the battery goes out, etc. Others have keypads and some smart locks are meant to be paired with your home automation system, which obviously will cost more because there are more options and features involved.

So, with that being said, smart locks will run you between $99 on the very low side and $425 on the extreme high side, with an average cost of our top 10 highest ranked smart locks for 2019 being around $231.

Installation Costs

There are three different ways to have your new smart locks installed. You can have a security company install them for you which is preferable, especially if you are pairing your new locks with a home automation system. However, this could be the most expensive option, unless your smart locks and the installation cost is included with a bundled home security package. An average cost can't be given here because there are too many variables involved.

The second way is to do the installation yourself, which can be done fairly easily because most brands include step-by-step instructions and/or installation videos, and/or technical support with your purchase.

The third way is to have a locksmith perform the installation for you, which will generally run about $50 to $100 per lock; however, these figures could vary depending on your location. They could also vary depending on the quality of lock you select.

Compare Smart Lock Features

Every brand has their own available line of smart locks, which will have their own set of features and options. However, for the most part, there are some features that come standard with even the most basic smart locking systems.

Standard features for most smart locks:

  • Remote controls via a mobile app
  • Automatic unlocking only (using proximity sensors)
  • Mobile app for access, monitor, and control features
  • Security features (some level of encryption)
  • Smart lock with backup key access
  • Door history reports (names, dates, times, etc. the lock was used)
  • Digital keys (ability to assign each guest/contractor/family member a code)

Advanced features:

  • Automatic unlocking and automatic locking (has both)
  • Advanced military-grade encryption
  • Extra long battery life
  • Compatible with home automation features
  • Communication options (Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Zigbee, or some variation thereof)
  • Compatible with voice assistants (Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.)
  • Touchscreen and/or pushbutton locks
  • Built-in WiFi (some work with adaptors and some don't)
  • Keyless fingerprint, lever door lock, smart lockbox, smart padlock options
  • Activity monitoring with a 24/7 feed
  • Door notifications (alerts you when your door is opened)
  • Text alerts if the door is left unlocked

Compare Smart Lock Warranties

Smart lock warranties are sometimes broken down into parts. For example, an electronics warranty, mechanical warranty, and a finish warranty. And sometimes only one or any mixed combination of the above warranties is offered. For example, an electronics warranty only, or an electronics warranty along with a mechanical warranty, or a mechanical/finish combined warranty, etc. Additionally, some smart lock manufacturers have an extended warranty option you can purchase in addition to the warranty that comes with your new smart locks.

The most common electronics warranty is a 1-year limited warranty; however, there are some brands that offer a 2-, or 3-year electronics warranty. As far as the mechanical and finish warranties go, the brands that do offer them will generally give you a limited lifetime warranty for those; however, that's not the case with all of them. So if that is something that's important to you, make sure you include that as part of your research.

Customer Service and Technical Support

As you could imagine, customer service is a subjective topic that will vary depending on who you ask and can vary from time to time. However, that aside, having access to customer service and/or technical support when you are in the middle of trying to install your new locks, or if your locks are malfunctioning, is paramount. And, while customer service and technical support might not be something you thought to consider while selecting a smart lock brand, you really should be. Good customer service and a quality, readily available technical support department could mean the difference between a good experience or a frustrating one.

Compare Smart Lock Reviews

When researching smart locks, you have to read the reviews with an open mind. As you know, there are disgruntled employees, competitors, people who are just trying to get something for free, etc. who intentionally leave bad reviews to harm any given company's reputation.

Therefore, when comparing company reviews, research several different review sites and make notes about similar issues and/or trends that keep coming up, then ask yourself if what's being said makes sense. If the answer is yes, then there might be a real issue. If not, then you can proceed.

Another way to compare smart lock reviews is to use a side-by-side comparison website like ours. This type of review, unlike random online reviews, will offer you unbiased comparisons along with a brand's pros and cons and other valuable information.

Compare Smart Lock Companies

With so many different smart lock brands and options available, it helps to look at some side-by-side comparisons to further narrow down your selections until you are able to select the one that best suits your needs. That's why we have taken the best, most popular smart lock brands and put together these side-by-side comparisons so you can easily see how each one stacks up against the other. You can see all of our brand comparisons below:


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