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Between these two security systems, our favorite is SimpliSafe.

SecureScore™: 9.4/10

SimpliSafe and Smith Thompson home security companies have solid reputations within the industry. While both are extremely effective at securing your home, there are advantages and disadvantages with each, however, that should be considered. Both systems are affordable but have high upfront costs. Aside from that, both systems offer do-it-yourself options and professional monitoring that make them worthwhile.

Overview: SimpliSafe vs Smith Thompson

SimpliSafe manufactures all of its own devices and offers nationwide coverage. Smith Thompson only serves residents who live in Texas. One of the advantages of choosing Smith Thompson is that, with the right cellular transmitter, it can be used with existing systems installed by Honeywell, DSC, or ADT. Both SimpliSafe and Smith Thompson offer mobile access to their systems via an app that is downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. With Smith Thompson, however, the mobile app is part of an upgraded package.

  • No contracts or service agreements
  • Additional devices can be added to your plan
  • Do-it-yourself installation
  • Home automation to tie things together
  • Systems are purchased upfront

Similarities: Smith Thompson vs SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe and Smith Thompson are similar in terms of price, features, and the level of home automation that is offered. They also are geared more toward the DIY homeowner/renter who likes to maintain as much control over their system as possible. Both companies do, however, offer 24/7 professional monitoring packages for those who want the additional protection. Systems come with easy to follow instructions on how to install and set up the devices.

  • Can be installed and set up within 30 minutes
  • Upfront costs – equipment must be paid for upfront
  • Affordable monthly monitoring plans
  • Month-to-month monitoring/no contracts
  • Mobile app for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

Differences: Smith Thompson vs SimpliSafe

The primary differences between SimpliSafe and Smith Thompson have to do with their equipment and coverage areas. SimpliSafe is well-known for its state of the art technology. All of its devices are designed and manufactured in house. When it comes to coverage, SimpliSafe offers coverage across the country. Smith Thompson only serve residents of Texas.

  • SimpliSafe offers two different monitoring plans
  • Smith Thompson limits its service to Texas residents
  • SimpliSafe offers environmental detection and alerts
  • Smith Thompson does offer the option of having a contract
  • SimpliSafe offers a two-month trial period (60 days)


SimpliSafe offers indoor video security, entry sensors, motion detection, indoor video surveillance, a mobile app, home automation, and environmental disaster protection. All of the equipment is 100% wireless and offers cellular alerts when the system is triggered.

Smith Thompson offers entry sensors, glass break sensors, motion detection, and a mobile app (with an advanced subscription). No landlines are required and the entire system can be operated through the use of cellular service. Z-Wave Plus is also part of the system.


SimpliSafe does not require contracts or long-term commitments of any kind.

Smith Thompson does not require a contract, but they do have an option for one depending on the monitoring you choose.


The starting cost for a SimpliSafe kit is $229.96. There are two plans. The Standard Plan starts at $14.99 a month and the Interactive Plan at $24.99 a month. Additional devices can be added as desired.

If you choose to purchase Smith Thompson's equipment without the contract option, you will pay anywhere from $350 to $400. The monthly charge is $16.95. The addition of the mobile app will cost you an extra $7 a month.


The equipment offered by SimpliSafe is designed and manufactured by the company. Some of the devices include an indoor video camera, entry sensors for both doors and windows, environmental hazard detection, motion sensors, mobile app, and a touchscreen control pad.

Smith Thompson also offers a touchscreen control pad, glass break sensors, motion detectors, and entry sensors. They also have a mobile app for added convenience.


SimpliSafe is designed to be installed and set up by the homeowner or renter while Smith Thompson home security systems require professional installation.

Emergency Connections

SimpliSafe uses a cellular connection to contact both the homeowner and local authorities in the event that an alarm is triggered. Self-monitoring requires that the homeowner contact the authorities if an emergency occurs.

Smith Thompson also uses cellular service. The system can be self-monitored or monitored professionally. If a third-party monitoring service is used, they will notify local authorities and the homeowner if an alert is triggered.

Summary: SimpliSafe vs Smith Thomspon

SimpliSafe is an affordable system that works well for homeowners or renters who want nationwide coverage backed by a reputable brand.

Smith Thompson works well for Texas residents who want an affordable system and don't plan on moving out of the state.