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Between these two security systems, our favorite is SimpliSafe.

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The home security systems offered by SimpliSafe and SafeTouch are similar in terms of technology and the devices offered but differ dramatically when it comes to the services offered by each company. SimpliSafe is more geared toward the do-it-yourself audience. SafeTouch, on the other hand, requires professional installation and a contract. SimpliSafe can easily be moved from one location to another, while SafeTouch can be extremely difficult to relocate.

Overview: SimpliSafe vs SafeTouch

Each of the systems offered by SimpliSafe and SafeTouch is designed to provide the highest level of home security possible. SafeTouch's service area is limited to Florida and Georgia, while SimpliSafe provides service to all 50 states. Both companies offer a mobile app that can be used to connect with the security system no matter where you are. While SafeTouch requires a $99 installation fee, the only upfront cost you will pay with SimpliSafe is that of the equipment.

  • The equipment offered by SimpliSafe is produced by Harvard University students
  • SafeTouch offers multiple contract terms
  • SimpliSafe has two monitoring options to choose from other than self-monitoring
  • SafeTouch offers monitoring services in Georgia and Florida
  • SimpliSafe's system can be installed and set up in less than 30 minutes

Similarities: SimpliSafe vs SafeTouch

The similarities between SimpliSafe and SafeTouch lie in the equipment and the technology that each one uses to provide customers with effective and reliable home security features. Both companies offer wireless devices that function using a cellular platform. Home automation and smart devices work together, making it possible for both security systems to offer energy saving features as well as environmental protection against specific hazards.

  • Both systems are considered affordable
  • Remote access through a downloadable app
  • Home automation
  • Professional monitoring
  • SMS text alerts and notifications

Differences: SimpliSafe vs SafeTouch

The major differences between the two systems may be deal breakers for many. SimpliSafe offers nationwide service for its customers, making it easy for them to relocate from one location to another. With SafeTouch, the company only provides service to residents living in Florida and Georgia. The company also requires professional installation which means if the customer moves, it may be extremely difficult for them to take their system with them. Another difference has to do with upfront costs and contracts. SimpliSafe's equipment must be purchased up front with no contract option. SafeTouch requires a contract and a $99 installation fee.

  • SimpliSafe no installation fees and no contracts
  • SafeTouch contract terms vary from 3 to 5 years
  • SimpliSafe does not require professional installation
  • SafeTouch only has a 30-day return policy
  • SimpliSafe allows you to fully customize your system


SimpliSafe offers the services of an award-winning monitoring service as well as state of the art equipment designed by Harvard University students. Indoor video cams, home automation, and environmental hazard detection are some of the most popular features. With their downloadable app, customers also have access to their system at any time as long as a cellular connection is available.

SafeTouch also offers home automation, smart devices, environmental sensors, and a downloadable app for added convenience. Wireless devices and a cellular connection provide reliable and effective surveillance so your home is fully protected at all times. Two-way communication allows you to speak to family members any time whether you are at home or away.


SimpliSafe does not require any form of contract or agreement to start service.

SafeTouch requires a 3-year or 6-year contract to start service.


The lowest cost package offered by SimpliSafe starts at approximately $230. Prices increase to as much as $500 as more equipment is added. There are two monitoring packages. The Standard starts at $14.99 a month and the Interactive plan is $24.99 a month.

SafeTouch has an activation/installation fee of $99 that has to be paid upfront. There are three monitoring packages available starting at $29.99 and going up from there.


SimpliSafe's equipment includes many of the most popular devices, such as glass break sensors, motion sensors, indoor video cameras, entry sensors, a base unit, and a touchscreen keypad. They also offer environmental sensors and a key fob for add convenience.

SafeTouch offers intrusion protection, smart devices for home automation, video surveillance cameras, entry sensors, motion detectors, and environmental sensors. The mobile app can be added to smartphones or tablets, making it easy to check your system whenever you desire.


There are no requirements when it comes to installing SimpliSafe's equipment. The instructions are easy to follow and the homeowner can set up the system in less than half an hour.

Professional installation is a requirement for SafeTouch's equipment.

Emergency Connections

Both SimpliSafe and SafeTouch use a cellular connection to alert both the subscriber and local authorities whenever an alert is triggered. Notifications are sent through texts or emails, while local authorities are dispatched once the alert has been verified.

Summary: SimpliSafe vs SafeTouch

SimpliSafe is an easy to use home security system for homeowners and renters who want nationwide coverage and hands-on monitoring and installation.

SafeTouch is a great choice for individuals living in Florida and Georgia who don't plan on moving out of the area and are interested in having a system that offers professional services.