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The home security market is a huge category of products that includes everything from professionally-monitored state-of-the-art systems to DIY options that allow you to self-monitor your home remotely. With so many choices, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for a system for your home. To help make the job easier for shoppers, we have extensively researched the similarities between several major alarm systems.

Overview: LiveWatch vs SimpliSafe

Our editors have compared SimpliSafe to LiveWatch. Check out the results of our comparison below.

  1. SimpliSafe and LiveWatch are both self-installed home security systems
  2. Both LiveWatch and SimpliSafe offer live, professional monitoring
  3. LiveWatch offers a range of smart home equipment and options
  4. SimpliSafe has very limited home automation capabilities and equipment
  5. LiveWatch works with many third-party devices while SimpliSafe has its own equipment

Similarities: SimpliSafe vs LiveWatch

LiveWatch and SimpliSafe are both multifunctional home security systems. They offer highly-customizable equipment and monitoring packages to help you keep watch over your home in the way that you want. Here are some of the similarities between LiveWatch and SimpliSafe.

  • A robust selection of security equipment available and you can easily add additional components to either system
  • Both systems are very easy to setup and use
  • Professional 24/7 cellular monitoring available
  • iPhone and Android apps allow you to control the system from anywhere
  • Both offer integration with Amazon Alexa voice control

Differences: SimpliSafe vs LiveWatch

LiveWatch and SimpliSafe both offer customizable home security systems. However, there are many differences between the two systems in terms of capabilities.

  • LiveWatch allows you to control your thermostats, door locks and lights remotely while SimpliSafe does not have that option.
  • SimpliSafe does not support Z-Wave devices. LiveWatch is compatible with most Z-Wave and Zigbee devices.
  • LiveWatch requires a minimum monthly monitoring contract for 12 months. SimpliSafe does not require a contract.
  • SimpliSafe’s monthly monitoring starts at just $14.99 a month while LiveWatch’s cheapest plan is $19.95 a month.
  • LiveWatch offers a full refund on equipment if it is returned within the first year. SimpliSafe’s equipment must be returned within 60 days for a refund.


LiveWatch and SimpliSafe are both easy-to-setup and use customizable home security systems. The basic systems come with base systems, keypads and door and window sensors. Plus, you can add components as you want.

SimpliSafe and LiveWatch both offer affordable professional monitoring 24/7. The systems feature reliable backup features in case there is damage to the system or a power outage.

Fire, water and smoke protection is available with both systems. Optional equipment allows you to monitor for fires, leaks and more.

You can remotely monitor your system via smartphone apps with SimpliSafe and LiveWatch.


Some home security companies require a monthly monitoring contract and others allow you to pay as you go. So, you can cancel at any time if you choose.

SimpliSafe does not require a monthly monitoring contract. You can cancel at any time. LiveWatch does require a contract of one year minimum for its professional monitoring. After 12 months, you can choose month-to-month monitoring with LiveWatch.


LiveWatch offers a Plug & Protect Basic system for $49. This system is pre-configured for your home and comes with a siren, two door sensors, a motion sensor, mobile alerts and professional monitoring. LiveWatch’s most basic plan is $19.95 a month. It includes 24/7 monitoring. The most expensive plan from LiveWatch is the Total Home + Video plan, which comes with smart video capture and live video streaming. You can also remotely arm and disarm your system with the Total Home + Video plan.

SimpliSafe’s systems start at $188 for a refurbished security system. The system comes with the base station, keychain remote, wireless keypad, and two entry sensors and a motion sensor. The Standard Plan is the cheapest monitoring plan from SimpliSafe. It is $14.99 a month and includes 24/7 live alarm monitoring. SimpliSafe offers an Interactive Plan that comes with everything that the Standard Plan has plus you can arm and disarm your system with the Interactive Plan. All plans from SimpliSafe include backup cellular monitoring. The interactive plan will set you back just $24.99 a month.


The majority of SimpliSafe equipment is proprietary, which means that it is only compatible with SimpliSafe monitoring. With SimpliSafe, you can pick and choose components for your system. Options include a motion detector, panic button, glass break sensor, water sensor, freeze sensor and yard signs.

LiveWatch uses a range of equipment from third-party devices. It is compatible with ZWave and Zigbee devices. Optional equipment includes a wireless door sensor, HD indoor camera, keychain remote and more. The Plug&Protect package can be connected to more than 100 smart home devices including Apple TV, Google Home and more.


SimpliSafe and LiveWatch both offer easy, DIY installation. SimpliSafe says that their equipment can be installed in just five minutes. SimpliSafe offers a variety of online resources to help you get started on installing your system and to troubleshoot any issues that might arise.

LiveWatch’s Plug&Protect systems just need to be plugged in an placed in your home. No tools are needed. According to LiveWatch, if you can hang up a picture frame, then you can install their system. It takes about 15 minutes total. If you get stuck during the installation process, you can check out LiveWatch’s huge library of resources online.

Emergency Connections

Both SimpliSafe and LiveWatch feature wireless home security with backup cellular monitoring. There are no phone lines to cut, which makes both of these systems very reliable. However, if an intruder does damage the system, it will still set off an alarm. Backup emergency connections allow either alarm to operate in the case of an internet or power failure.

Summary:LiveWatch vs SimpliSafe

LiveWatch and SimpliSafe are both easy-to-install, reliable home security options. Professional monitoring is available 24/7 with either system. SimpliSafe is ideal for someone who is looking for a thoughtfully-designed, affordable home security system. LiveWatch is a good option if you want an affordable system that has both home security and smart home capabilities.

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