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Between these two security systems, our favorite is SimpliSafe.

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SimpliSafe and LifeShield offer top of the line home security solutions with added touches of convenience. Whether you are looking for a system you can manage yourself or system that offers all of the professional nuances, these two systems have you covered.

Overview: SimpliSafe vs LifeShield

SimpliSafe is more of a no-nonsense system because it allows you the option of doing everything on your own. LifeShield gives you the option to install your system on your own, but it requires a 3-year contract for the professional monitoring services they provide.

  • SimpliSafe is installed by the consumer
  • LifeShield requires a 3-year contract to start service
  • If LifeShield installs your equipment, there is a $99 installation fee
  • SimpliSafe manufactures all of its own equipment
  • Both companies allow you to purchase the equipment

Similarities: LifeShield vs SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe and LifeShield allow you to purchase your equipment upfront. Both companies offer many of the same services including indoor surveillance, motion sensors, and environmental hazard detection. Neither company requires a landline for emergency connectivity. Instead, they rely on cellular-based service.

  • Mobile apps
  • Indoor video surveillance
  • Both work well for renters
  • Environmental hazard detection
  • Consumers can purchase their equipment instead of leasing

Differences: LifeShield vs SimpliSafe

While there are many similarities, SimpliSafe and LifeShield do have many differences. SimpliSafe does not require a contract and only offers DIY installation. LifeShield, on the other hand, offers the option of equipment ownership and requires professional installation.

  • All of SimpliSafe's equipment is manufactured and designed by Harvard students
  • LifeShield requires both an installation fee ($99) and an activation fee ($129)
  • LifeShield offers outdoor video surveillance
  • SimpliSafe offers a 60-day money back guarantee
  • LifeShield often runs special incentives like free equipment or free installation/activation


SimpliSafe's professional monitoring is offered through C.O.P.S. Their home security system includes many valuable features including video surveillance, environmental detection sensors, a keychain remote, and entry/motion sensors. Installation is simple and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

In addition to its indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras, LifeShield also offers entry sensors, motion sensors, a keychain remote, and environmental hazard sensors. LifeShield offers consumers the choice of professional installation (for a fee) or do it yourself installation and set up.


SimpliSafe does not require any type of agreement.

LifeShield requires a 36-month (3-year) contract to be signed before service starts.


SimpliSafe packages range in from price with the most basic package starting at approximately $220. The Ultimate package can be found as high as $540 depending on where you look and if discounts are offered. The Basic package costs $14.99 per month, while the Ultimate tops out at $24.99 per month. There is a $244 activation fee with each package to start service.

LifeShield will sometimes offer their equipment for free if the contract is signed. Equipment packages range in price from $199 to $299 depending on how many devices are required. Professional installation costs $99 and the cost to activate the system is $129. They offer two packages for homeowners, the first costing $30 a month and the second, $60 a month. Their renter's package costs $45 per month.


SimpliSafe is manufactured and designed in-house. Their equipment includes a wireless keypad, base station, an entry sensor, keychain remote, and one motion sensor. The company offers many other devices that can be purchased separately and included in your package.

In addition to the wireless tablet, LifeShield also offers entry sensors, motion sensors, environmental sensors and a keychain for remote access. The company also offers indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras and many other devices that can be purchased separately.


SimpleSafe does not offer professional installation. It is easy to install and can be set up by the homeowner in just a few minutes time.

LifeShield offers both professional and do-it-yourself installation. If you choose professional installation, however, you will be required to pay a $99 fee for the service.

Emergency Connections

SimpliSafe's emergency connectivity is established through cellular service. Once an alert has been received, the staff at C.O.P.S. will immediately notify you, those on your contact list and the local authorities so a team can be dispatched.

LifeShield runs off of both Wi-fi and cellular connections. The system will send you and your contacts texts or email notifications immediately upon receiving an alert. They will also notify the authorities and have an EMS team dispatched to the location.

Summary: SimpliSafe vs LifeShield

SimpliSafe is an affordable and effective system for both homeowners and renters who are looking for a quality system with no contracts.

LifeShield is also a good choice for renters and homeowners. It works well for those who want quality and don't mind a lengthy contract or a slightly higher price tag.

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