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Between these two security systems, our favorite is SimpliSafe.

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SimpliSafe and Guardian Protection Services are well-established brands within the home security industry. Both offer reliable home security options for homeowners who want an affordable system that they can monitor on their own. Each system offers the option of professional monitoring. While SimpliSafe offers do-it-yourself installation, Guardian Protection Services requires a professional technician to install its system.

Overview: SimpliSafe vs Guardian

SimpliSafe and Guardian Protection Services offer quality equipment and professional customer service. Both companies have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Each system offers both do-it-yourself and professional monitoring options. Both systems use cellular services and wireless devices to ensure continual protection at all times.

  • Guardian Protection Services will pay $500 toward your insurance deductible if a break-in occurs
  • SimpliSafe devices are designed and manufactured in-house
  • Guardian Protect Services offers a Home Relocation Guarantee that allows you to move your system from home to home
  • SimpliSafe offers a 60-day trial on devices
  • Guardian Protect Services doesn't provide nationwide services

Similarities: Guardian vs SimpliSafe

Both SimpliSafe and Guardian Protection Services offer mobile apps, professional monitoring options, and wireless equipment. Home automation is also offered and allows the systems to be able to integrate with certain platforms. Homeowners and renters can use both systems even though Guardian Protection Services require a technician to come in to uninstall and relocate the system to the new address. Systems are purchased upfront so it becomes the property of the homeowner.

  • Professional monitoring or self-monitoring
  • Wireless devices
  • Mobile apps for remote access from virtually anywhere
  • Smart home features and automation
  • Live video from indoor security cameras

Differences: Guardian vs SimpliSafe

The main differences have to do with installation and coverage. Guardian Protection Services only offers services to 20 states throughout the country. They also require professional installation. If your system needs to be moved a technician must relocate it to the new home. Guardian Protection Services is also one of the few companies that will pay $500 to cover any deductible cost if a claim is filed due to a break-in. SimpliSafe is primarily a do-it-yourself system, with optional professional services.

  • Guardian Protection requires professional installation and relocation options
  • SimpliSafe equipment is designed by Harvard students
  • Guardian Protection Services only provides services to 20 states
  • SimpliSafe's alarms will work even if you self-monitor your system
  • Guardian Protection Services offer automated door locks and a garage door switch


SimpliSafe offers motion detectors, high-decibel alarms, wireless devices, home automation, mobile apps, your choice of monitoring services. They also offer environmental hazard detectors. The system runs off of cellular service which allows for alerts that can be sent directly to your mobile phone in the event of an emergency.

Guardian Protection Services offer live streaming video, a fully wireless system, geoservices, mobile alerts, professional monitoring, motion detection, and home automation that includes door locks and a garage door switch.


Neither company requires any type of contract or long-term commitment.


SimpliSafe's basic package costs $229.96. There are multiple other packages that can cost up to $510. They offer two packages starting with the Basic costing $14.99 a month and the Interactive at $24.99 a month.

The cost of Guardian Protection Services packages varies with the devices and features contained in each one. The Edge Essential costs $99 upfront and $34.95 a month. The Edge Control costs $299 upfront and $49.99 a month. The Edge Premium costs $499 upfront and is $59.99 a month.


With the basic SimpliSafe package, you will receive a motion detector, entry sensors, and a wireless keypad. You can add a variety of devices as you go, including environmental hazard sensors, entry sensors, motion detectors, indoor video cameras, as well as many other devices.

With Guardian Protection Services, you will receive motion sensors, entry sensors, and a wireless keypad. You can add any number of other devices, including an indoor video camera, door locks, light modules, a thermostat, and a garage door switch. They also offer a medical alert button/bracelet.


SimpliSafe does not require assistance with installation. Everything can be installed and set up by the homeowner in less than 30 minutes.

Guardian Protection Services requires a technician to install the system. If it needs to be relocated, a technician will remove it and relocate it to the new residence.

Emergency Connections

If the SimpliSafe system is monitored professionally, the call center will notify both the homeowner as well as the local authorities. When the system is monitored privately, the homeowner is responsible for contacting authorities and taking care of any issues that may arise.

Guardian Protection Services offers professional monitoring for its home security system. If alerts are triggered, authorities will be dispatched immediately. If the system is self-monitored, notifications will be left up to the homeowner.

Summary: SimpliSafe vs Guardian

SimpliSafe is often the best choice for homeowners and renters who want the option of professional monitoring without having professional installation. Read SimpliSafe reviews here to learn more about this great home security system offering.

Guardian Protection Services offers affordable professional monitoring and is a great choice for homeowners who want more than just the average in terms of equipment.