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Between these two security systems, our favorite is SimpliSafe.

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SimpliSafe and Fortress home security systems are two of the most popular options for customers who prefer to be hands-on when it comes to monitoring and installation.

Overview: Fortress Security vs SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe and Fortress offer comprehensive home security options for the homeowner or renter who would prefer not to pay for 24/7 monitoring or expensive installation costs. Both are affordable, as long as you choose certain packages.

  1. SimpliSafe manufactures all of the equipment that carries its brand
  2. Fortress offers three specific systems: the Titan system, the Total Home security system, and the S02
  3. SimpliSafe offers 24/7 monitoring and home automation
  4. Fortress offers self-monitoring or options for 24/7 monitoring
  5. Fortress offers an outdoor alarm equipped with a strobe light

Similarities: SimpliSafe vs Fortress Security

Both SimpliSafe and Fortress offer several different package options and allows you to purchase additional devices as desired. Because you install each system on your own, both can be used in apartments as easily as they can be in homes.

  • Self-monitoring options
  • Indoor/outdoor security cameras
  • Cellular service must be in place for monitoring
  • Do-it-yourself installation and setup
  • No long-term contracts or subscription fees

Differences: SimpliSafe vs Fortress Security

SimpliSafe and Fortress provide sufficient coverage using state of the art, technologically advanced equipment. Their main differences focus on the opportunity for professional installation and the number of devices included in each package. There are also differences when it comes to home automation.

  • SimpliSafe offers home automation
  • Fortress offers several different kits that offer a unique variety of features
  • SlimpliSafe offers 24/7 monitoring through C.O.P.S.
  • The Fortress system stores six contact numbers for notification during an emergency
  • SimpliSafe manufactures all of its home security system equipment


SimpliSafe offers several different features ranging from optional monitoring, entry sensors, glass break sensors, environmental sensors, and a keychain remote that offers the ability to control your system from a distance. Their video cameras offer both motion sensors and night vision that allow you to view what's going on outside your home during the day or at night.

Fortress's Titan, Total Home, and S02 systems offer a comprehensive list of features, including motion sensors, entry sensors, keychain remote, and an auto-dial feature that will hold up to six phone numbers that can be notified when an emergency occurs.


Neither SimpliSafe nor Fortress require lengthy contracts. Even though there are no monthly fees, you will still be required to pay for a cellular contract to maintain 24/7 cellular connectivity.


SimpliSafe's five packages range in price from $230 to $500. Monitoring costs start at $14.99 a month without the restrictiveness of a long-term contract.

With Fortress the cost of your package will be determined by the home security system you choose. The Total Home option is the most expensive costing almost $275. The Titan system costs $260 and offers a landline connectivity option. Finally, the S02 package costs just under $120 and also includes the landline connectivity option.


SimpliSafe offers a choice between a pushbutton or touchscreen keypad, base station, keychain with remote technology, motion sensor, and entry sensors. As the price increases per package, so will the number of devices that are included.

Each system sold by Fortress includes entry sensors and a control panel as a start. The systems offered by Fortress include a variety of features, with the Titan package being the most comprehensive. Additional features can be added as desired by the homeowner or renter.


SimpliSafe and Fortress offer do-it-yourself installation. Each company includes easy to read instructions for installing each piece of equipment and setting up the monitoring network. In most cases, each system can be installed and functioning in less than 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the number of devices.

Emergency Connections

SimpliSafe uses a cellular connection to notify the authorities if an emergency occurs or an alarm is triggered. The system also has landline accessibility.

The Titan home security system by Fortress offers 24/7 monitoring through landline, cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. The S02 system also offers a landline connection. If no monitoring package is chosen it's up to the owner to notify the proper authorities in the event of an emergency.

Summary: Fortress Security vs SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a great choice for homeowners and renters who want options when it comes to home security. SimpliSafe offers choices concerning installation, monitoring, and different packages that makes it incredibly easy to customize their system.

Fortress offers effective home security for individuals who would rather take care of their home security needs on their own. It's easy to install and monitor and is capable of notifying the homeowner and local authorities if cellular service is in place.

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