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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Abode.

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Of all of the home upgrades available, security tops the list for many homeowners. And for good reason. A home security system can help keep you safe from floods, fires and other threats. Many home security systems are also compatible with major smart home technology. So, you can keep your home safe and secure and enjoy the convenience of a smart home.

Many home security manufacturers offer packages with a variety of features and prices. To help you pinpoint the right security system for your home, we’ve put together this buying guide to compare Scout to Abode.

Overview: Abode vs Scout

Scout and Abode are both excellent DIY, no-contract home security solutions. Both systems are ideal for a range of different sized-homes and apartments.

Here is a comparison of the two systems.

  1. Scout is a highly customizable home security option. With Scout, you choose the components that you want for your system. The system is available in a variety of finishes and colors. So you can pick a system based on the aesthetic in your home. Scout also allows you to customize the level of support that you want.
  2. Abode is professional-grade home security that you can install in just minutes. Abode’s system is also customizable. There are three different base kits available. You choose the level of protection that you need for your home.
  3. Scout and Abode are both flexible, pay-as-you-go systems. There is no need to sign a monitoring contract.
  4. Both companies warranty their equipment against defects and failures.
  5. Numerous home safety options are available for both systems. Features include smoke, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring.

Similarities: Scout vs Abode

Scout and Abode have quite a few similarities. They both offer a good selection of home security and smart home equipment. Here are some other similarities.

  • Scout and Abode offer a range of home security and smart home products and features. The range of equipment includes motion sensors, door and window sensors, glass shatter sensors, smoke and fire detectors and more.
  • Both Scout and Abode allow you to easily expand your system. Both systems are compatible with Zigbee and Z-Wave smart home devices and components, including Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Nest products.
  • Both Scout and Abode offer self-monitoring. With self-monitoring, you are contacted via a smartphone app, email or text when your alarm is triggered. You can also arrange to have backup contacts notified if you do not receive the text or call.
  • Scout and Abode feature hassle-free DIY installation. You can set up either system in just minutes.
  • Home automation is available for both Scout and Abode systems. You can control smart home features and get live alerts using any mobile device.

Differences: Scout vs Abode

There are some notable differences between Scout and Abode. They have different equipment and monitoring plans. Knowing the differences between the two alarm systems can help you choose the best one for your home or apartment.

  • Although self-monitoring is available with both Abode and Scout, the service is FREE with Abode. Scout charges $9.99 per month if you wish to take advantage of self-monitoring.
  • With Scout, you will have to purchase each individual component separately, which can add up. The basic Hub costs $129 and components start at $29 and up. Abode allows you to save with several different bundle options.  The $199 Smart Security Kit includes everything that you need to get started. It comes with a Gateway, motion sensor, key fob sensor, mini door sensor and a sticker.
  • Abode offers a bit more flexibility when it comes to professional monitoring. You can choose either a 3 or 7-day plan. Scout only offers one monitoring plan and it is 24/7.
  • Abode offers a limited return period. You must return the equipment within 30 days for a refund. Scout’s return period is a bit more flexible. Scout offers a 60-day guarantee on its components.
  • Scout’s Hub was designed to be stylish. It is available in both black and white finishes. So, you can choose the style that works best with your decor.


Home Security– Both Abode and Scout offer a customizable, comprehensive home security system. Either system will easily secure any size home or apartment thanks to the many optional add-on features, like glass shatter detection.

Home Automation– You can automate your locks, lighting and thermostats with Scout or Abode. Both systems allow you to control your home via smartphone apps, which you can access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Home Safety– Some of the safety equipment available with Scout and Abode include smoke and fire detectors, flood sensors and carbon monoxide detectors.


Abode and Scout both allow you to change service plans at any time with no penalties. There are no annual contracts or requirements for service.


Scout charges $129 for its Hub. Components are all priced separately. Professional monitoring is $19.99 a month with Scout.

Abode bundles its equipment. The Essentials Starter Kit is $199 and it comes with a Gateway, Door sensor, window sensor, remote control, window sticker and app access. If you want professional monitoring included, you can add it for $20 per month with Abode.


Both Scout and Abode are compatible with a range of Z-Wave and Zigbee equipment. You can add Google Voice Control, Nest products and LIFX Lighting to either system. Zigbee and Z-Wave equipment is compatible with many other monitoring companies so you will not be locked into monitoring from either company.


The equipment arrives ready to set up. So, you can get it installed and running in just minutes. If you run into any problems with the self-installation, then you can utilize any of the many resources available on either website.

Emergency Connections

Abode and Scout offer a variety of backup connections. These will keep your system running even if there is a power or internet outage. Scout and Abode offers backup battery and 4G cellular backup service at an additional fee.

Summary: Abode vs Scout

Abode and Scout both offer customizable home security. Both systems allow you to automate your home using smart home equipment from a variety of third parties. No contracts are required with Scout or Abode. Abode sells its equipment in a bundle, which allows you to save more. If you want to save money by bundling equipment, then Abode is a good choice for your home. Scout, on the other hand, allows you to purchase each individual component separately. This makes Scout ideal for anyone who wants to completely customize their security and smart home equipment rather than buy a pre-boxed set of equipment.

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