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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Yale.

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Schlage and Yale smart locks offer an additional layer of defense that is compatible with home automation systems like Alexa and home security systems like Nest and Xfinity. Both offer multiple models to choose from and offer remote options for locking and unlocking the mechanism. Two of Schlage's smart locks are equipped with an actual alarm that will sound if a forcible entry is attempted.

Overview: Schlage vs Yale

Both Schlage and Yale are leaders in terms of lock design and reliability. They also have advanced rather quickly into the world of digital technology. While Schlage is the only smart lock that is compatible with the Apple HomeKit, Yale has teamed with Xfinity home security systems and is also able to be included with Nest's home automation platform. Both companies offer multiple models to choose from, many that don't require the use of a key.

  • Yale smart locks can store up to 250 passcodes, while Schlage can only store 30
  • Yale smart locks require the Yale Zigbee Network Module if you want home automation
  • Schlage is compatible with both Alexa and the Apple HomeKit
  • Both offer keyless lock options
  • Schlage's locks include an auto-lock feature that locks the door after 30 seconds

Similarities: Yale vs Schlage

Schlage and Yale smart locks all have keypads that can accommodate keyless entry. Both offer at least partial home automation using a form of Z-Wave technology. Each system has the capability of storing multiple passcodes (Yale 250, Schlage 30). The majority of the locks from each company offer the ability to use a key if necessary. Each system comes with easy instructions for do-it-yourself installation.

  • Locks come in two pieces, the keypad for the exterior and the handle for the interior
  • Battery operated
  • Keypads for keyless entry options
  • Home automation options
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

Differences: Yale vs Schlage

Schlage's Sense and Connect locks are equipped with alarms that will sound if someone attempts to forcibly enter the home. Yale can accommodate over 250 passcodes, while Schlage locks can only store 19 to 30, depending on the lock. Yale can pair with both Nest and Xfinity home security systems. Schlage offers partial home automation through the Apple HomeKit or the Alexa platform.

  • For the Yale locks to be compatible with the Xfinity Home platform, customers need to buy a Yale Zigbee Network Module
  • Schlage is the only smart lock to work with the Apple HomeKit
  • Schlage offers an auto-lock feature
  • Yale has a higher compatibility level with home automation devices
  • All but one of Schlage's locks can use a standard key to lock/unlock the door


All of Schlage's smart locks have a keypad that allows for keyless entry. Most locks can store 19 passcodes while others have the capacity to store 30. Standard key options can be found in the Schlage Sense, Connect and Keypad Knob. Those locks also come with the auto-lock feature. Auto-lock will automatically lock your door if no activity is present for 30 seconds. The Sense and the Connect have an alarm that will sound if someone tries to break in through the door. Home automation is also available with the Sense and the Connect.

Yale smart locks offer home automation when combined with either the Xfinity or the Nest home security systems. Yale's locks are able to store up to 250 passcodes with the option to edit as needed. Yale offers a mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Yale smart locks have two different keypads, push-button or touchscreen.


Neither company requires any type of contract when used on its own.


The Schlage Keypad Knob is one of the cheaper offerings at $115. The Schlage Connect ranges in price from $149 to $179, depending on where you buy and if there are any sales going on. For $200 you can get the Schlage Sense smart lock. Schlage also has other smart lock options available that fall within the $100 to $200 price range.

There are many different models of smart locks produced by Yale. The Yale Assure Lock with the touchscreen can be purchased for as low as $140. The Yale Real Living Lock costs approximately $152. If purchased from Nest, you can get the Nest x Yale smart lock for approximately $249.


All Schlage smart locks are made up of two pieces, the exterior panel with the keypad and the interior panel. The Sense, Connect, Touch, and Keypad Knob are just a few of the locks offered by Schlage.

Yale offers many different models. The most popular include the Assure Lock, Real Living Lock, and the Nest x Yale smart lock. Locks are comprised of two pieces, an exterior with keypad and an interior panel.


Schlage and Yale are easily installed by the homeowner.

Emergency Connections

Neither company offers emergency connectivity on their own, but will trigger an alarm is connected to a home security system.

Summary: Schlage vs Yale

Schlage offers a variety of options that are good choices for people who want to be able to choose between the keyless option and a standard key entry.

Yale also offers many options, but will work best for the person who wants to use their locks with an established Xfinity or Nest home security system.

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