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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Schlage.

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Schlage and Kwikset offer several different smart locks that can be added to home security systems. Some of the locks are more sophisticated than others and can be rather costly. In their defense, however, the level of security they provide is well worth the additional cost once you determine which one suits your needs. Both brands offer key and keyless entry options.

Overview: Schlage vs Kwikset

Both Schlage and Kwikset are well-known names when it comes to various types of locks. The new generation of smart locks offered by the two companies can be operated remotely through key fobs or accessed directly with your key. Their durable design offers an additional level of security whether they are used alone or in conjunction with a more complete home security system.

  • Kwikset does not offer a mobile app
  • Schlage offers smartphone apps for iOS and Android phones
  • Both offer Bluetooth connectivity but Schlage has a more limited range
  • Kwikset offers a lifetime warranty
  • More advanced locks can store up to 30 passcodes

Similarities: Kwikset vs Schlage

Schlage and Kwikset both offer Bluetooth coverage to an extent. Both companies have at least one model that is capable of using Z-Wave technology. All have keypads, some that are bulkier than others but still nicely designed and stylish. The majority of locks from both companies also has an auto-lock feature that will lock the door after 30 seconds of inactivity.

  • Remote access with key fobs
  • At least partial Bluetooth connectivity
  • Keypads for easy entry
  • Stores anywhere from 18 to 30 passcodes
  • Partial compatibility with home automation platforms like Alexa

Differences: Kwikset vs Schlage

Schlage and Kwikset have many differences starting with their price. Kwikset devices are compatible with Alexa, Ring, and other home automation devices. Only one of Schlage's locks is compatible with Alexa. Kwikset charges extra for the ability to access the system through the Kevo Plus app.

  • Kwikset offers a lifetime warranty
  • Kwikset claims easy installation
  • Schlage offers an app that allows you to connect through your smartphone
  • Schlage offers Wi-Fi options if you have the adapter and other home automation products
  • Schlage's devices are Bluetooth compatible


Schlage's smart lock offerings all come with a keypad and have the capability of storing from 19 to 30 passcodes. The Schlage Sense, Connect, and Keypad Knob can be accessed with a standard key. Those same three locks also have the auto-lock feature that will lock your door after 30 seconds. Two of Schlage's smart locks (the Sense and the Connect) come equipped with an alarm. The Sense and the Connect are also capable of home automation connectivity.

Kwikset smart locks have Bluetooth connectivity. Each has a keypad, but some are more advanced than others. If you purchase the Kevo Plus plan, you have access to a wide variety of features including a mobile app. The app does not work without this additional program. Kwikset locks also offer automatic locking when and can store approximately 30 passcodes.


The Schlage Connect costs $149 to 179 per lock, depending on where you purchase it. The Schlage Keypad Knob starts out around $115. The Schlage Sense smart deadbolt lock averages just under $200. Other locks offered by Schlage normally fall within these price points.

Kwikset offers several different options including the Kwikset 909 that starts out at just over $90. The Kwikset Z-Wave and Kwikset 99140 can be found on Amazon for $158.87 and $171.64 respectively. The Kwikset Kevo can be found at Best Buy for just under $140. The Kevo Plus upgrade costs an additional $99.99.


Schlage offers the Schlage Sense, Schlage Connect, Schlage Touch, and the Schlage Keypad Knob. All are comprised of two pieces, the outdoor keypad panel and the indoor knob or handle.

Kwikset offers many different equipment options (listed in the pricing section). All locks come with two pieces that include the outdoor keypad/knob and the indoor handle/knob.


Both companies offer easy to install locks with detailed instructions. Most locks can be installed and functional in less than 30 minutes.

Emergency Connections

Neither Schlage nor Kwikset offers emergency connectivity unless you pair their lock with a home automation platform. Schlage does, however, offer two smart locks that have alarms that will go off if a forcible entry is attempted.

Summary: Schlage vs Kwikset

Schlage is a good choice if you want a smart lock manufactured by one of the industry leaders that offers both convenience and affordability.

Kwikset is also a good choice for homeowners who want a brand name product with Bluetooth connectivity and the option of home automation.

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