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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Ring.

SecureScore™: 9.2/10

The Ring and Nest Hello video doorbells are often considered the first line of security in terms of home intrusions or theft. Not only do they provide high-definition video, they allow for two-way voice communication that lets you speak to whoever may be at your door. Both doorbells include a mobile app that can be used with both iOS and Android operating systems enabling you to interact with visitors whether you are at home or across the country.

Overview: Ring vs Nest Hello

In addition to the video doorbells, both Ring and Nest offer a full line of home security devices. The video doorbells integrate seamlessly with devices from their own brand. Ring will integrate with many devices from other companies as well, such as Alexa from Amazon, but Nest does not. Nest will, however, pair with other companies like Google. Both Ring and Nest Hello video doorbells offer 1080p cameras for exceptional video quality.

  • Nest offers facial recognition software
  • Ring allows you to set the level of sensitivity for both motion and video to eliminate unnecessary alerts
  • Nest Hello integrates easily with the Google home automation platform
  • Both integrate with various home automation platforms
  • Two-way communication is standard with both

Similarities: Nest Hello vs Ring

Both Ring and Nest are well known brand names within the home security industry. Both systems ride the line between professional service and do-it-yourself services. While both are primarily DIY in terms of installation, each offers the option of professional monitoring or you can choose to do that on your own as well. Both systems require upfront purchases and don't bind their customers with contracts. The mobile apps they offer are also similar in terms of ease of use and compatibility with iOS and Android systems.

  • Easy to install
  • Choice of self-monitoring or professional monitoring
  • Can be added to other home security systems
  • 1080p camera and HDR video
  • No contracts or service agreements

Differences: Nest Hello vs Ring

The biggest difference between the Ring and Nest Hello video doorbell is the price. They also differ when it comes to home automation platforms. While Ring will connect with most platforms, Nest Hello tends to favor Google. Ring also allows for video sharing and allows you to tweak the sensitivity of your sensors to a greater degree than Nest. Nest does not offer any type of video storage.

  • Nest Hello can be installed by a professional if the wiring is too complicated
  • Ring pairs with a variety of platforms including ADT and Alexa
  • Some Nest Hello features may not be available without a subscription
  • Ring video doorbells can be purchased for less than $100
  • Nest Hellos offers facial recognition and remembers repeat visitors


Ring video doorbell offers customized motion sensors that can be adjusted to prevent false alarms. The doorbell also offers infrared night vision, home automation compatibility, multiple power options (hardwired, solar or battery), video sharing, two-way communication, and high-definition video.

Nest Hello offers home automation integration with the Google platform, continuous recording, adjustable zones for video and motion, intelligent alerts, and time-lapse recording. Two-way voice communication and high-definition video are both standard options.


Ring does not require a long-term contract/service agreement.

Nest Hello does not require a contract, but certain features may be limited if you choose to self-monitor your system.


The Ring and Ring Pro video doorbells range in price from $50 to $200 depending on where you purchase it. If you choose professional monitoring you have two options. The Protect Basic plan covers one camera and costs $3 a month or $30 a year. The Protect Plus plan covers multiple cameras and costs $10 a month or $100 a year. Each plan offers video storage options.

The Nest Hello video doorbell can be found for $189 to $229 depending on where you purchase your device. A professional monitoring subscription costs $5 a month or, if you want to pay by the year, $50. When you have multiple cameras, the price will be higher but you will receive a discounted rate.


There are several versions of the Ring video doorbell. The more advanced options allow for greater adjustability and sharper images.

Nest Hello also has several versions, each allowing for more advanced features and an increase in the sharpness and quality of the video provided.


Ring can be installed by the homeowner or it can be installed by a professional if you choose to have it hardwired into your home's electrical system.

Nest Hello can be installed by the homeowner, but a professional electrician can be contacted if preferred.

Emergency Connections

When Ring is monitored by a professional service, alerts will go to local law enforcement after you have been notified. If the system is self-monitored, you will be responsible for notifying the authorities if an alert is triggered.

The Nest Hello can be used to notify authorities in the event of an emergency if third-party professional monitoring is in place. If you choose to monitor your own system, you are responsible for calling the authorities.

Summary: Ring vs Nest Hello

Ring is great for both homeowners and renters who want quality video and two-way communication for an affordable price.

Nest Hello is the better option if you have a home with an established Google home automation platform.