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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Ring.

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While Ring is well-known for its doorbell video viewer, it also has a variety of other devices as well. Kuna also has an arsenal of cameras, including a security light that mounts near your front door. Equipped with a powerful light and video camera, the system allows you to communicate with individuals who make it on to your porch.

Overview: Ring vs Kuna

Ring and Kuna are very simplistic systems. While Kuna's security light is hardwired into your home's electrical system, it is still considered to be a do-it-yourself system and set-up. Neither requires contracts or professional installation. Both Kuna and Ring will pair easily with Alexa.

  • No long-term contracts or lengthy payment terms
  • Ring is easy to install and has easy to follow instructions
  • The camera built into the Kuna security light is capable of seeing the entire porch area, if not blocked
  • Kuna's light must be hardwired into the electrical system
  • Ring's devices can be paired with other security systems and smart home devices.

Similarities: Kuna vs Ring

Ring and Kuna are very easy to use and the simplistic nature of their equipment allows both of them to offer effective home security without a hefty price tag. Both systems offer motion detection and will send alerts to the app you have downloaded to your smartphone.

  • Apps that allow for remote access
  • Two-way voice communication that allows you to interact with the person in the view of your camera
  • Wireless devices that do no require a landline
  • Both offer 720p cameras
  • Systems are effective for self-monitoring

Differences: Kuna vs Ring

Here are some differences between Kuna and Ring:

  • Kuna offers a camouflaged look with the camera hidden directly under the security light
  • The cost of the Kuna camera ranges from $150 to $199 depending on where you purchase it, while Ring products can be much more
  • Ring offers a full home security system, while Kuna primarily offers cameras


Ring's features include infrared night vision, an app for remote access, 100% wireless devices, entry sensors, and motion detectors. Ring also includes the video doorbell viewer. Its two-way voice communication feature allows you to communicate with whoever is on your front porch.

Kuna's security camera/light offers a 720p lens, a motion sensor that triggers the video camera to turn on, and a microphone that allows you to have a conversation with whoever is at your door. The mobile app allows you to be connected at all times.


Neither company requires a contract.


The Ring home security starter kit costs $199. If you want to include the Protect Basic plan that allows for one camera, the cost is $3 a month or $30 for the year. The Protect Plus plan covers unlimited cameras for $10 a month or $100 per year. Other devices can be added a la carte as you desire.

The Kuna security camera/light costs between $150 and $199 depending on where you do your shopping.


The Ring home security system has several different devices to choose from. They include video cameras, the video doorbell viewer, entry sensors, a base unit, and motion detectors.

Kuna offers multiple cameras and security lights, but no actual actual alarm system.


The Ring home security system includes easy to follow instructions and can be installed by either a homeowner or renter.

The Kuna camera/security light is easy to install. The only thing that requires a little “know how” is wiring the light into your home's electrical system.

Emergency Connections

Ring has the capability to be monitored by a professional monitoring system or it can be self-monitored. Alerts are sent whenever the system is triggered and it is up to you to call the authorities.

Kuna is a self-monitored system. You will receive push notifications when alerts are triggered and you must, in turn, call the police.

Summary: Ring vs Kuna

Ring is a great system for both renters and homeowners who want an affordable system that offers a wide range of devices.

Kuna is a simple camera/light security system for those who don't want all the bells and whistles.

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