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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Ring.

SecureScore™: 9.2/10

The Ring Elite and Ring Pro are two of the top offerings from Ring home security systems. The primary features for each are basically the same but each one has slight differences that make it unique.

Both are easy to install and can be set up within a few minutes time. Each video doorbell viewer offers a horizontal view of 160 degrees. The Pro's vertical view is wider, however. No matter which one you choose, you have the power of the Ring name and its advanced technology to back it up.

Overview: Ring Elite vs Ring Pro

Ring is one of the most popular brand names in the home security industry in terms of do-it-yourself systems and quality devices. The Ring Elite and Ring Pro video doorbell viewers allow homeowners to see who is outside their home without ever going near the door. You can see and speak with the person whether you are at home or across the country using their convenient mobile app. The cameras for both offer high-quality video and sound so you can easily identify who or what is near your door.

  • Ring Pro's vertical field of view is wider
  • Professional monitoring is available
  • No contracts are required
  • One of the most popular brands in terms of DIY home security

Similarities: Ring Pro vs Ring Elite

The Ring Elite and Ring Pro are very similar. Both are capable of two-way voice communication and can be accessed using a mobile app. This allows you to view your home and communicate with anyone who is in range of the camera. Both doorbells can be purchased from a variety of retailers so shopping around will help you find the best possible price. All Ring devices are designed to be monitored by the homeowner.

  • Neither unit uses batteries
  • Both offer customizable zones for motion detection
  • Horizontal field of view for both is 160 degrees
  • Live view is available
  • Both have 1080p HD cameras

Differences: Ring Pro vs Ring Elite

One of the most prominent differences between the Elite and Pro models is the size. The Elite is larger than the Pro model so before you buy your doorbell, you may want to measure the area you have available. The Pro model has a wider vertical field of view of 100 degrees, while the Elite only offers a 90-degree vertical field of view. When it comes to power, the Elite is powered by an Ethernet cord. The Pro doorbell is hardwired into your existing doorbell wiring.

  • The Pro is somewhat smaller than the Elite
  • The Elite uses an Ethernet cord for power
  • The Pro can be used to replace older doorbells
  • The Elite is more expensive and requires professional installation
  • The Pro model can be installed by a homeowner with basic skills


The Ring Elite comes with a 1080p HD camera and built-in motion sensor. With its 160-degree horizontal field of view, you are able to see a large portion of the area in front of the doorbell. Two-way voice communication is standard and has excellent audio quality.

The Ring Pro also has a 1080p HD camera with a built-in motion sensor. It also offers a horizontal field of view of 160 degrees. Two-way voice communication is also a standard feature with the Pro model.


There are no long-term contracts with either the Ring Pro or the Elite models.


The price for the Ring Elite will vary depending on where you purchase it. Buying from the company can cost you as much as $499 while buying the same model on eBay may lower the price to $275. The Elite does come with a professional installation charge if that option is chosen.

The price for the Ring Pro can be as low as $122. If you go to a major retailer, on the other hand, I can cost you as much as $185.


Both the Pro and the Elite video doorbell viewer include a camera and a motion detector. Both also offer a convenient mobile app that allows the homeowner remote access from almost any location.


Both the Pro and the Elite models can be installed by the homeowner but with the Elite, a few extra skills may be required. The Elite also comes with the option for professional installation.

Emergency Connections

Because both the Pro and the Elite are self-monitored through the mobile app, it is up to the homeowner to notify the authorities if an alert is triggered.

Summary: Ring Elite vs Ring Pro

The Ring Elite is a good choice for the homeowner who prefers professional installation and doesn't mind paying a little extra.

The Ring Pro is perfect for the homeowner who wants to install and manage their system. It is easy to install and can be quite effective when paired with the mobile app.