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Whether you live in an apartment or own your home, a security system is a smart investment for your house. There are so many options on the market that it can be hard to find the right one for your needs. Some have 24/7 monitoring, others have state-of-the-art video recording capabilities.

To help you get peace of mind, we evaluated the options. Here is the latest in our home security comparisons.

Overview: Xfinity vs Protect America

Protect America and Xfinity both combine home security with smart home control and automation. Here is a closer look at both systems.

  1. Protect America offers strong home security and protection. The system can monitor for intrusion, motion and more. It allows you to conduct video surveillance of your home.
  2. Xfinity combines robust home security and smart home control. You can control your system from your couch using the Xfinity remote control.
  3. Xfinity’s system is highly customizable. You can add on smoke and fire monitoring, live video monitoring, thermostat control and much more.
  4. Both Xfinity and Protect America allow you to control the system with an app. They feature remote system arming and control and more.
  5. Protect America and Xfinity offers 24/7 professional monitoring. Both systems can notify emergency services when an alarm is triggered.

Similarities: Protect America vs Xfinity

Protect America and Xfinity have quite a few similarities. Here are some of the most notable similarities between the two systems.

  • Both companies offer complete home security protection. The equipment includes a wireless keypad/control panel, motion sensor, door and window sensors.
  • Both Protect America and Xfinity home security systems are customizable. You can add on a variety of features, such as video monitoring and remote access.
  • Protect America and Xfinity allow integration with a range of smart home products like Nest, Amazon Alexa, Ring Doorbell and more.
  • Both systems can be controlled via a smartphone app. You can view live video from the app and receive instant notifications when an alarm is triggered.
  • Both companies require a monitoring contract.

Differences: Protect America vs Xfinity

If you are having a difficult time choosing between Protect America and Xfinity home security, knowing the differences between the two systems might help you more easily make a choice. Here are some differences that you should know about.

  • Xfinity upfront costs range from $199 to $499 depending on the specials available in your area. Protect America's upfront cost are $0. Xfinity’s monthly monitoring plans are $29.99 and up. Protect America's plans start at $19.99 and up.
  • With Xfinity, you must have the system professionally installed by a technician. Protect America offers DIY installation.
  • Xfinity requires you to maintain a broadband connection to operate its system. Protect America does not use a broadband-based system. It’s system is cellular-based.
  • Comcast (Xfinity) has an A+ rating with the BBB while Protect America has a C- rating.
  • Xfinity’s home security system is integrated with the company’s other services. You can control your system using the same remote control that you use for your TV.


Home security and safety – Protect America and Xfinity alarm systems offer everything that you need to protect your home — motion sensors, door and window locks, entry sensors and more. You can also add features to help keep your home safe like smoke and water detection.

Smart home equipment and control – With Xfinity and Protect America, you can integrate third-party equipment to control your garage door, lighting, thermostats and more. You can automate certain tasks. For example, you can set up your thermostat to automatically adjust to the different seasons.


Both Protect America and Xfinity required monthly monitoring contracts. With Protect America, you must sign a 36-month monitoring contract. After that period, the monitoring becomes month-to-month.

Xfinity requires a two-year contract with most of its plans. The company offers specials and so the contract length and terms can vary from market to market.


Protect America does not have any upfront costs. You won’t have to pay for equipment or installation. Protect America has five different monthly monitoring plans.The price of monthly monitoring ranges from $19.99 a month to $54.99 a month. The Copper plan, which is the cheapest at $19.99 features landline monitoring, a control panel, motion sensor and three door and window sensors. At the expensive end is the Platinum plan with cellular monitoring. This plan features everything that the Copper Plan has, plus it adds cellular monitoring and 14 door and window sensors.

Xfinity offers various promotions on its home security plans so the price can vary widely. It is cheaper if you have television, internet and phone service through Comcast. Xfinity currently has a plan that runs $29.99 a month for the first 12 months and then $39.99 a month for months 13-24. This plan requires a two-year agreement.


Protect America and Xfinity are compatible with a variety of Z-Wave smart home devices and sensors. You can add Nest products, Ring Doorbell and Amazon Echo and more. Z-Wave devices are compatible with many other monitoring companies.


Protect America features easy DIY installation. The equipment ships ready to install. Comcast Xfinity does not offer a DIY option when it comes to installation. You must have a Comcast technician install the system.

Emergency Connections

Protect America and Xfinity both feature backup battery protection. So, if your power goes out because of an electrical problem or extreme weather, your alarm system will still work. Both systems offer backup cellular protection available with select monitoring plans.

Summary: Xfinity vs Protect America

Protect America and Xfinity offer customized home security and smart home automation and control. Both systems are compatible with a range of popular third-party devices like the Ring Doorbell and Amazon Echo Dot.

Protect America is ideal for someone who wants robust home security without spending a lot of money up front. With Protect America there are no upfront costs for equipment or installation. Xfinity is perfect for existing or new Comcast customers who want to bundle home security, television and internet services.

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