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Between these two security systems, our favorite is SimpliSafe.

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When it comes to home security systems, do it yourself installation is one of the more popular features. Systems like SimpliSafe and Protect America are popular with people who prefer to install their products on their own, but still offer things like home automation and 24/7 off-site monitoring.

Overview: SimpliSafe vs Protect America

SimpliSafe and Protect America home security systems are similar in terms of technology, but differ when it comes to camera features and contract requirements. Both are affordable for the level of technology they provide, but customers may get caught up in contract disputes when working with Protect America.

  • Both SimpliSafe and Protect America offer environmental monitoring
  • Protect America only offers indoor cameras and surveillance, while SimpliSafe offers both indoor and outdoor camera options
  • Both systems can be linked to a mobile app and controlled by a smartphone or tablet
  • Protect America requires a 3-year contract
  • SimpliSafe systems are purchased by the homeowner, while Protect America customers lease their equipment

Similarities: Protect America vs SimpliSafe

Both SimpliSafe and Protect America offer technologically advanced systems with effective 24/7 offsite monitoring. Each system is able to use a cellular network to connect to a mobile app on your smartphone but Protect America charges extra for this service.

  • Environmental protection for flood, freeze, CO, smoke, and fire
  • Indoor camera viewing
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Home automation
  • Mobile app for control when you aren't at home
  • DIY installation
  • Both offer wireless and cellular service

Differences: Protect America vs SimpliSafe

Both Protect America and SimpliSafe offer similar features and their pricing is somewhat competitive. The big difference is that Protect America does not offer outdoor cameras, but costs more in the long run. SimpliSafe offers indoor/outdoor cameras and maintains a lower bottom line. Part of this is because SimpliSafe manufacturers all of its equipment and passes the savings on to the customer.

  • Only SimpliSafe offers outdoor cameras
  • Protect America requires a 3-year contract with start-up fees
  • 14 – day trial period
  • Protect America offers landline connectivity
  • Protect America leases equipment to its customers and is responsible for necessary repairs and replacement of device components


SimpliSafe offers indoor/outdoor cameras and 24/7 monitoring on both. Protect America only offers indoor cameras with 24/7 monitoring. Both companies offer home automation and environmental monitoring.

Each company offers a mobile app for remote connectivity, but Protect America charges an extra fee for using cellular service.


SimpliSafe does not require a contract and offers two packages when it comes to 24/7 monitoring. The basic monitoring service starts at $14.99 while the premium package starts at $24.99.

Protect America requires a 3-year contract and leases their equipment to the consumer. There is a $99 startup fee as well as additional charges for cellular service.


Protect America charges $99 to start their service, plus the lease fee. There are five different 24/7 monitoring packages starting at $19.99 and going up to $52.99.

The SimpliSafe basic equipment package starts at $230. Their most expensive package tops out at $540. They have a wide variety of devices that can be added to the package or simply purchased separately. There are no lease requirements or start-up fees.


SimpliSafe customers purchase their equipment as a package deal with the option to add more pieces as they go. All of the products that bear the SimpliSafe logo are manufactured by the company.

Protect America offers a low-cost guarantee, but they do not sell their equipment. Customers lease the equipment that is used in their homes. If something is damaged or broken, Protect America will repair it or replace it at their cost if the homeowner is under a lease agreement.


Protect America offers both DIY and professional installation, while SimpliSafe is installed by the homeowner. The SimpliSafe system is easy to install and the process can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Protect America offers a landline connection that may require professional assistance, especially if the homeowner wants it hardwired into the electrical system.

Emergency Connections

Both SimpliSafe and Protect America offer emergency connectivity with local authorities as well as sending email and text alerts to the homeowner.

Each system provides environmental monitoring through texts and emails when the condition arises or an alert is triggered through the system.

Summary: SimpliSafe vs Protect America

While both SimpliSafe and Protect America home security systems are extremely capable of protecting your home, it's important to decide whether or not you want to be locked into a lengthy contract. If you don't mind the contract and various fees associated with your plan, Protect America is a good choice. If you would prefer to be more hands-on and own your own equipment, then SimpliSafe might be the best option for you.

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