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Protect America and Protection One are well-known home security companies. Both offer state of the art equipment and 24/7 monitoring packages that include home automation and indoor/outdoor video cameras as well as many other popular features. Both companies offer several packages, with Protection One being the higher priced of the two.

Overview: Protection One vs Protect America

While Protection One doesn't have the best track record when it comes to devices or customer service, there is hope that its merger with ADT will improve their service. Protect America is highly rated as one of the most popular home security systems due to their affordable packages and reliable, state of the art equipment.

  1. Protect America offers a low price guarantee
  2. Protection One offers both professional and DIY Installation
  3. Protect America customers must lease their equipment
  4. Protection One offers services to both residential customers and businesses
  5. Protection Once is available for renters and homeowners

Similarities: Protect America vs Protection One

Protect America and Protection One offer state of the art technology with all of their devices. They both offer home automation, two-way voice communication, and environmental disaster protection. Each company offers several different packages to accommodate a wide range of customer needs. Both are capable of protecting home and businesses.

  • Both companies require contracts
  • Both companies offer DIY installation, although Protection One does offer professional installation as well
  • Both companies offer cellular service coverage
  • Each company uses wireless equipment
  • Both companies offer home automation and text message alerts with a mobile app

Differences: Protect America vs Protection One

Protection One has higher prices per package than Protect America. With Protect America's lower prices, also comes fewer complaints when it comes to contracts and problems with defective devices. Because Protect America's customers only lease their equipment, there are never any repair fees. Equipment is replaced as needed. Protect America also offers a 14-day trial.

  • Protection One and ADT merged in 2016
  • Protect America offers lower prices for the same level of service and packages
  • Protection One only offers cellular service
  • Protect America offers landline and Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to their cellular service option
  • Protection One uses a variety of equipment brands including GE and Honeywell


Protect America offers a touchscreen control panel that is capable of controlling as many as 40 devices. This level of connectivity allows for home automation and the ability to control many of the devices through a mobile app that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. Text notifications can be sent if a breach occurs or an environmental sensor is triggered.

Protection One also offers full home automation as well as two-way voice communication. Environmental sensors detect all of the major elemental hazards including CO, smoke, fire, freeze, heat, and water. The system also offers cellular communication and text message alerts. The system can be controlled over the internet or through cellular service.


Protect America requires a 3-year contract that includes the leasing of their equipment. Since they don't offer ownership of their equipment, each piece has a lifetime warranty and is replaced or repaired as needed. The company's customer service has a fairly decent track recorded.

Protection One also requires a 3-contract for service to be initiated. The majority of complaints against the company with the Better Business Bureau have to do with contract disputes or customers who are attempting to cancel their contracts. Customer service isn't highly rated.


Protect America charges an initial startup fee of $99. The company offers five different packages ranging from copper to platinum. The price for copper is $19.99 and includes coverage for 3 sensors. Platinum is $42.99 and covers 14 sensors. Customers are not charged for repairs or replacement devices if a piece of equipment stops working.

The plans offered by Protection One range in price from $35 to $55 a month. Their Smart Control Plan is the most popular and costs $50 a month. The only thing not included in the Smart Control plan is the video surveillance feature. The installation fees for Protection One range in price from $99 to $149.99.


Protection One offers equipment ownership once the original contract is completed. This includes a variety of entry sensors, cameras, environmental sensors, key fobs, and many other devices. Only the basic package's warranty expires at the end of the contract. The company offers equipment from Honeywell, GE, and many other brand names.

Protect America doesn't allow for ownership of their equipment, but does guarantee free repair or replacement on any device that breaks down or stops working. They offer a touchscreen control panel that is capable of interacting with smart thermostats and other devices that allow for full home automation.


Protect America offers do it yourself installation that can be completed in less than an hour. This includes setting up the cellular service. Installation is simple and doesn't require drilling or the use of tools. It can be installed in rental units without damage to walls or flooring.

Protection One now offers do it yourself installation. They still offer professional installation for customers who choose it. Because Protection One is popular with business owners, professional installation is often chosen for the added level of security. The do it yourself option is extremely popular with homeowners and renters.

Emergency Connections

Protect America offers landline, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity ensuring full connectivity when communicating with Emergency Management Services. The system offers text notifications in addition to the alarms and messages sent to local authorities if a breach occurs.

Protection One allows for all sensors, including environmental hazard detectors to be monitored. If a breach occurs or any type of hazard is detected, notifications are sent to both the homeowner and the local authorities for almost immediate response time.

Summary: Protection One vs Protect America

Protect America is an excellent option for a homeowner or renter who prefers the do-it-yourself options. The company offers different monitoring packages that are affordable while still offering many of the most popular features customers are looking for. It's a good choice for both renters and homeowners.

Protection One offers state of the art equipment and a variety of packages. It's a good choice for customers who don't mind paying a little more for basic features. For homeowners and renters who like ADT, the companies were set to merge in 2016 and will be working together to offer affordable package options.

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