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Protect America and Link Interactive both provide DIY installation and different monitoring packages that are competitively priced for the features they offer. They offer a comprehensive list of features that include advanced home automation and environmental hazard detection. Both have upfront costs and require contracts, but also offer the security that comes with many years of experience.

Overview: Link Interactive vs Protect America

Protect American and Link Interactive offer affordable plans for fully wireless home security. Both systems use cellular service for monitoring and emergency connectivity. Each system is designed for ease of use and can be installed by the homeowner or renter in less than an hour's time. Contracts are required, but Link Interactive offers options between one and three year agreements.

  1. Affordable rates on all packages
  2. Start-up costs
  3. Contracts are required by both, but the length varies
  4. DIY installation
  5. Ideal for both homeowners and renters

Similarities: Protect America vs Link Interactive

Both Protect America and Link Interactive home security systems are technologically advanced and offer affordable package options. They both offer environmental disaster protection and a comprehensive list of devices, detectors, and sensors that can be added to existing packages. Neither company offers professional installation which allows the homeowner and renter to maintain their privacy.

  • Neither company requires a landline or hardwire hook up
  • DIY installation
  • Environmental hazard detection
  • Home automation
  • Affordable rates for multiple packages

Differences: Protect America vs Link Interactive

Protect America offers landline and Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to cellular service. Link Interactive customers own their equipment, while Protect America customers must lease their equipment. Protect America offers a lifetime warranty on their equipment. Link Interactive warranties only last for a year, maybe two depending on the package.

  • Protect America only offers indoor video cameras
  • Link Interactive offers both indoor and outdoor camera options
  • Protect America offers a 14-day trial period
  • Protect America replaces equipment as needed
  • Link Interactive customers own their equipment and have limited warranties


Link Interactive offers hands-free voice assistance in case of a possible breach. The LI motion detectors are also pet-friendly and won't be set off by your pets regular activity. Link Interactive offers home automation, environmental disaster detection, and indoor/outdoor video monitoring. They also offer a panic pendant for medical emergencies.

Protect America only offers indoor camera and video surveillance. It also offers the SMART Control mobile app and text notifications in case an alarm is triggered or an environmental detector goes off. The Simon control panel offered by Protect America is capable of monitoring as many as 40 devices.


Link Interactive customers have a choice between one and three-year contract choices. Three-year contracts offer the most affordable pricing options. Customers own their equipment, but the warranties only remain in effect while the customer is under contract. Most warranties are for one year but last longer if three-year contracts are signed.

Protect America contracts are for three-year terms. Unless the customer notifies the company within 2 months of the contract's expiration date, it will automatically renew for an additional three years. If proper notification is given, the customer can opt for month to month service after their original contract expires.


Link Interactive requires a $99 start-up fee. They offer three monitoring packages that range in price from $31 to $40 per month, Because the customer owns the equipment, they are responsible for any repairs after the warranty expires. Monthly rates with Link Interactive are comparable to most other home security systems for the features that are offered.

Protect America also requires a start-up fee of $99. It has five monitoring packages to choose from. Prices start at $20 per month (3 sensors) and go up to $43 per month for the Platinum package (14 sensors). There is no charge to replace defective or faulty equipment. Equipment is leased by the customer and replaced as needed.


Protect America only offers indoor video camera options. Two control panels offered, touchscreen or keypad. They also offer a remote control alarm that includes a panic button. Door/window entry sensors environmental disaster detectors, and glass break sensors are also offered. There are also devices that allow for home automation and interaction with a downloadable mobile app.

Link Interactive only offers one type of control panel. They offer both indoor and outdoor video cameras, a keychain remote, environmental sensors, and infrared motion detector. There are several other devices that can be added to the system, including a panic button and a mobile app.


Link Interactive does not offer professional installation and is designed to be set up quickly. In most cases, the system can be set up within 30 minutes to an hour. The system is 100% wireless with no additional wiring.

Protect America offers do it yourself installation. It can be easily installed in less than an hour. This includes setting up the connection, whether it be through a landline, Wi-Fi or cellular service.

Emergency Connections

Monitoring connections include landline, cellular service, and Wi-Fi for Protect America customers. They offer text notifications and can connect with emergency management services almost immediately upon receiving notification of a breach in the system.

Link Interactive only offers cellular service. It provides immediate notification to EMS and live-voice assist to inform customers when a possible breach has occurred. Notifications will be received through the mobile app as well.

Summary: Link Interactive vs Protect America

Protect America is a great choice for homeowners and renters who want long-term, home security options with the convenience of a fully wireless system. The company isn't as easy to work with as some of the others, but if you plan on keeping your contract for several years, you shouldn't have a problem.

Link America is designed for the do-it-yourself homeowner. They like the independence of being in complete control of their system, but want the convenience of 24/7 monitoring. Contracts run from one to three years making it a perfect choice for those who aren't sure if they want to commit to a long-term service agreement.

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