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If you're looking for a home security system and/or home automation, there's no better place to start than studying online reviews and product comparisons. This will help you narrow down your choices and find the best security system possible for your home. So let's take a look at some product comparisons— Protect America vs LifeShield.

Overview: LifeShield vs Protect America

Both Protect America and LifeShield offer wireless DIY home security systems. However, each company is a little bit different when it comes to what they offer as far as options and available features.

  1. Both companies offer wireless DIY systems. However, only LifeShield offers a professional installation option as well. Additionally, Protect America's equipment is a lease only option, but with LifeShield you purchase the equipment package that best suits your needs. Or, you can opt for free equipment if you sign a 36- or 60-month service contract. However, this option is only available for their DIY packages.
  2. Neither company offers outdoor video cameras; however, they both have a monthly subscription monitoring service available for their indoor cameras.
  3. With Protect America the equipment is leased and they will replace or repair your equipment as needed. However, LifeShield has a limited warranty on all their products and an optional extended warranty you can purchase separately.
  4. Protect America has five different security packages with a wide variety of features, as well as monitoring. And LifeShield has two different equipment packages; however, the included equipment options are very limited, but, they do offer monthly monitoring services.
  5. Contracts are always a stickler when it comes to home security systems so you have to read the fine print…all of it! Protect America and LifeShield both offer 36-month contracts, but LifeShield also has a five-year contract option and a no-contract option as well. Additionally, Protect America has a low price guarantee and LifeShield has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Similarities: Protect America vs LifeShield

Protect America and LifeShield both offer similar basic features; however, when it comes to equipment options and policy requirements they are very different. So let's first take a look at their similarities.

  • Both offer remote access via a mobile app.
  • Both offer 24/7 home security monitoring subscriptions.
  • Both offer indoor cameras, but not outdoor cameras.
  • Both are wireless DIY installations; however, LifeShield also offers professional installation if you so choose.
  • Both offer 36-month contracts.
  • Both offer environmental monitoring.
  • Both have cellular, landline, and Wi-Fi monitoring available.

Differences: Protect America vs LifeShield

There are more differences than similarities when it comes to these two companies, especially regarding the equipment you get, contract policies, and a few other intricacies. Here are the most prevalent differences.

  • Protect America has five different equipment plans full of features and options.
  • Protect America has home automation features.
  • Protect America will repair or replace your equipment as needed.
  • Protect America offers a 14-day trial and a price match guarantee.
  • LifeShield offers a no-contract option.
  • LifeShield has a professional installation option in addition to their DIY installations.
  • LifeShield does not offer any home automation features.
  • LifeShield requires a credit check before becoming a customer. Most top security companies don't have this requirement.
  • LifeShield has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Protect America offers wireless home security and home automation features with a low price guarantee and a wide variety of features and options. They also offer cellular, landline, and Wi-Fi monitoring options with a monthly monitoring subscription. In addition, they also offer indoor cameras, remote app access, and environmental sensors and monitoring.

LifeShield offers wireless home security systems with a 30-day money-back guarantee. They also offer a no-contract option, monthly monitoring subscriptions, remote app access, cellular, landline, and Wi-Fi monitoring, and free equipment with a monitoring contract.


Protect America has a three-year contract and a price match guarantee. In addition, their cancellation policy requires you to provide the company with a 60-day written notice of cancellation should you choose to cancel your service. If you don't, your contract will renew automatically. However, they do allow you to cancel your contract within 30 days of signing up. There is some fine print for that though.

LifeShield has a no-contract option, along with a three year and five-year monthly monitoring subscription option. They also offer a 15-day free trial period so you can cancel without penalty within that time. Another contract policy LifeShield has that most other top security companies don't is the requirement to pass a thorough credit check before being approved for their services.


Protect America offers five different security packages with varying degrees of included equipment and monitoring services. Their packages start at $19.99 a month and they offer a price match guarantee.

LifeShield offers two different security packages; one that's $199.99 and another that's $299.99 plus monthly monitoring services which start at $20.99 a month. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Protect America offers five different equipment packages which include some or all of the following: control panel, panic buttons, window and door sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, environmental sensors, garage door sensors, security cameras, home automation features, and more.

LifeShield offers two different equipment packages one with a wireless security tablet, one motion sensor, two entry sensors, enhanced fire sensors, and a keychain remote. And the other one comes with a wireless security tablet, one motion sensor, four entry sensors, enhanced fire sensors, a keychain remote, one indoor camera with 30 days of free storage and two additional free cameras. The package you'll need will depend on the size of your home. Additionally, they offer a monthly monitoring subscription as well and the cost for that is on top of your equipment purchase.


Protect America is a wireless DIY installation with no option for professional installation available.

LifeShield is a wireless DIY installation; however, they do offer a professional installation option if you don't want to do the install yourself.

Emergency Connections

Protect America does have some remote panic button options in addition to their security cameras with two-way voice capabilities.

LifeShield does not offer any type of emergency connection or voice command features.

Summary: LifeShield vs Protect America

Protect America and LifeShield are both great companies; however, they are very different in their offerings and contract requirements. Protect America offers a wide variety of equipment and home automation options, whereas LifeShield's offerings are basic and limited; however, they do have a professional installation option if you're not the DIY type or simply don't have the time.

So if you're looking for options when it comes to equipment plans, ones that include a lot of features for your money, or, if you want home automation features, then Protect America is the way to go. However, be prepared to sign a long-term contract.

However, if you just want a basic wireless security system and don't want to sign a contract, then LifeShield might be the better option for you. Just remember, if you want to subscribe to their monitoring services, LifeShield requires a thorough credit check before they will approve you as a customer.

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