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Protect America and Guardian home security systems that rank at the top when it comes to technology. Although there are differences in pricing, they both offer discounts or price guarantees to offset the cost of some of their more expensive services.

Overview: Guardian Protection vs Protect America

Protect America and Guardian have highly advanced home security systems when it comes to technology, emergency connectivity, and image/video quality. While Guardian is more expensive than most systems, they have decades of experience and offer an in-depth level of security. Protect America offers a quality system with several advantages over some of its competitors.

  1. Guardian is not available in all areas
  2. Guardian requires professional installation
  3. Protect America offers DIY installation
  4. Both companies offer pricing, either price matching or low-price, guarantees
  5. Both companies offer wireless, cellular technology with remote, mobile apps

Similarities: Protect America vs Guardian Protection

Both Protect America and Guardian offer environmental hazard sensors, indoor cameras, and glass break sensors. Each company offers several packages when it comes to 24/7 monitoring that can be used to meet the needs of almost any homeowner. They each have wireless systems that operate on cellular signal and reduce the risk of service interruption.

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Long-term contracts are required
  • A free mobile app that allows for arming and disarming from a distance
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Home automation (Protect America offers the wider selection of devices)

Differences: Protect America vs Guardian Protection

Protect America offers a price match guarantee for consumers who choose one of their plans, while Guardian offers a “low-price” guarantee. Protect America offers landline, broadband and 4G cell service, while Guardian relies solely on a cellular signal for connectivity and monitoring.

  • Guardian only provides service to homeowners
  • Guardian has limited service areas
  • Protect America offers do-it-yourself installation
  • Protect American doesn't offer outdoor camera options
  • Protect America requires a 3-year contract; Guardian requires 5-years
  • Guardian charges hefty repair fees while Protect American replaces equipment for free


Protect America offers an indoor camera, access via a mobile app, environmental monitoring and home automation are all included in Protect America packages. Equipment is wireless and can be installed by the homeowner or renter in less than an hour's time. The option for Smartphone Control is also offered.

A few of Guardian's most prominent features include weather alerts, text message notification, various sensors/detectors, a free mobile app with remote arming/disarming capabilities, and reliable cellular service. The color, touchscreen keypad is state of the art and is easy to use. The system also offers two-way communication and is expanding the number home automation devices it offers.


Protect America requires a 3-year contract with an equipment lease. The customer does not own the equipment and is not responsible for replacement costs or repairs. If a piece of equipment is defective or malfunctions, Protect America will replace the equipment immediately.

Guardian home security systems require a 3/5-year contract with a rate fix. There are heavy fines and cancellation fees if you try and break your contract or move before the 5 years is up. You can purchase additional pieces of equipment and add them to your contract for an additional charge.


Equipment fees for both Protect America and Guardian start at $99 for the basic package. Guardian's two higher priced packages start at $299 and $499. The price for monthly service starts at $45.99, while the Edge Control and Edge Premium packages cost $49.99 and $59.99 respectively. Additional pieces of equipment can be purchased separately and if a device breaks, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of repairs.

Protect America charges the initial $99 and then offers 5 monitoring plans to choose from. The Copper or Basic plan includes 3 sensors and starts at $19.99. The most expensive plan, the Platinum, includes 14 sensors and is $42.99 a month. Because the equipment is leased and not financed, Protect America does not charge for repairs or the replacement of defective equipment.


Protect America offers quality equipment that is technologically advanced and capable of providing full home automation. Customers have a choice of the two control panels, sensors, environmental detectors, alarms, video cameras (indoor only), and “smart” features that make home automation possible.

The standard package from Guardian includes a touchscreen panel, 3 window/door sensors, 1 motion sensor, and signage. Controls for home automation include lights, garage door alarm, door locks and a “smart” thermostat. Additional pieces of equipment are available at an additional cost. This includes cameras, video doorbell, and other home automation equipment.


Guardian requires professional installation in order for services to be started. The home security system they offer is one of the most expensive in the industry. There is also a lifetime warranty on all units professionally installed by professional Guardian technicians. The basic package only offers a 90-day guarantee.

Protect America offers do-it-yourself installation. The installation process is simple and easy to understand. The entire system can be installed and functioning efficiently in less than an hour. This includes setting up the mobile app and remote features.

Emergency Connections

Guardian monitoring packages are supported by a 4G cellular network that is 100% wireless. There are no wires that can be damaged and the system isn't disarmed even if the power is cut. If for any reason, the cellular service is disrupted at any time, a signal is sent to the monitoring center and an alarm is triggered.

Protect America offers multiple forms of connectivity including landline, Wi-Fi, and cellular service. The system is equipped with battery backup so the system remains operational even if the power is out. Both companies offer text and message alerts if an alarm or sensor/detector is tripped.

Summary: Guardian Protection vs Protect America

Guardian is one of the most well-respected of the home security companies. If you live in an area it services and want the latest technology available, this system is just what you're looking for. A little on the pricey side, the cost is worth the level of protection the company offers.

Protect America offers more affordable rates for a moderately sophisticated system. Homeowners who want to have access to 24/7 monitoring and state of the art equipment at an affordable rate will be able to find a package they can work with if they choose Protect America.

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