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Protect America and CPI Security are equally effective in terms of features and services. While both companies offer professional monitoring services, CPI Security only serves states in the southeastern portion of the country. Protect America offers nationwide service and has no upfront costs.

Overview: Protect America vs CPI Security

Both Protect America and CPI Security offer features and services that are designed to prevent home intrusion. Through the use of video surveillance, motion detectors, and other devices, each system provides adequate protection on many different levels.

  • Long-term contracts
  • CPI Security offers a Smart Flex financing option for its equipment
  • Protect America's system is installed by the customer
  • Protect America offers landline, cellular, or Wi-Fi options
  • CPI has a limited service area

Similarities: CPI Security vs Protect America

Protect America and CPI Security both require long-term contracts but for different lengths of time. Both systems are wireless and can be operated off of a cellular network. Each company offers trusted 24/7 monitoring and will notify you as well as local authorities if an alarm is triggered.

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Home automation
  • Mobile app
  • Multiple packages and payment options
  • 24/7 monitoring by professional staff who have received extensive training

Differences: CPI Security vs Protect America

While their features and the type of protection they offer are similar, there are many differences that set Protect America and CPI Security apart. One is CPI's upfront fee ($99 for homeowners/$299 for renters) and the overall cost of the equipment that must be purchased. They do offer a payment plan for those who qualify and can pass the credit check.

  • CPI's contract term is 60-months or 5 years
  • Protect America does not include outdoor video surveillance
  • CPI Security requires an upfront fee
  • Protect America offers a low price guarantee
  • CPI Security requires professional installation


Protect America is one of the few companies to offer a low price guarantee. They offer home automation, environmental hazard protection, text/email notifications, and the SMART Control App that gives you access to your system when you aren't at home.

CPI Security offers intrusion protection, a remote control option, environmental protection, and home automation features. The system can be hardwired or run off of cellular service and Wi-Fi. The system is professionally installed and monitored by highly trained staff members.


Protect America requires a three-year contract.

CPI Security requires a 60-month or 5-year contract. This goes along well with the Smart Flex payment plan options that can be applied for to help pay for the system.


At Protect America, basic equipment packages start as low as $99. There are no installation fees or startup costs. The Copper plan starts at $19.99 a month. The Silver plan begins at $37.99 and the Platinum plan at $42.99 per month.

CPI Security is a little more expensive. A renter's upfront cost can be as high as $299, while a homeowner will only be charged $99. If you choose to finance the $500 for the equipment, you will be charged approximately $9 per month in addition to the monthly fees. The Basic Security plan starts at $29.99 per month, while the inTouch Security + Smart Home plan tops out at $39.99. The inTouch Security + Smart Home + Video is the premium package and starts at $49.99.


Protect America offers a state of the art control panel, numerous entry sensors, video cameras, motion detectors, environmental hazard detectors, and many other devices that can be included in the packages that are offered.

CPI Security also offers multiple pieces of equipment including environmental hazard sensors, motion sensors, and entry sensors. They also include a state of the art control panel as well as the inTouch app and video cameras.


Protection America is easy to install and you can have your system set up and functioning in less than an hour.

CPI Security is a professionally installed system.

Emergency Connections

Protect America allows for Wi-Fi, cellular or landline connectivity. If an alert is triggered, you and local EMS will be alerted. Numbers on your contact list will also receive the notification.

CPI Security offers cellular or landline connections allowing for an almost immediate response if an alert is triggered. You and those on your contact list will be sent a text or email. Local law enforcement or EMS will also be dispatched.

Summary: Protect America vs CPI Security

Protect America is a good choice if you want a shorter contract term and a wide variety of features for a competitive price.

If you live in the southeastern portion of the country and want professional service on every level at an affordable price, CPI Security is a good choice for you.

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