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It's hard trying to determine which wireless alarm system to purchase when there are so many options. We try to do the work for you by comparing the top home security companies. We compared the installation methods, features, prices, and contracts provided for two big home security brands, Protect America and ADT.

Overview: ADT vs Protect America

There are a number of similarities and differences between these two security companies. The following is a summary of these similarities and differences.

  1. ADT offers indoor and outdoor security cameras that give you a wide range of viewing, but Protect America offers only indoor security cameras, which limit what you can view.
  2. Both systems require a contract and include the option of getting out of those contracts. For ADT, you have 6 months to cancel your contract, but the only way to ensure a full refund is if there is a technical or service issue that cannot be resolved. Protect America, however, provides a full refund, so long as it is within 2 weeks.
  3. Overall, Protect America offers cheaper plans, but you may get a little more for your money if you go with ADT.
  4. With ADT, you get professional installation, but the labor cost will be in addition to the home security system. With Protect America, you don't have to worry about labor fees, but you will have to worry about installing it properly on your own.

Similarities: Protect America vs ADT

Protect America and ADT have quite a bit in common. In fact, a majority of their similarities are found within the features of their systems.

  • Wireless security systems
  • 24/7 Monitoring available
  • Mobile app available
  • Basic equipment
  • Home automation
  • Contract required

Both Protect America and ADT have quite a few similarities. We compared features, contracts, pricing and installation of these brands to see how they were similar. Along the way, we found the following differences as well.

Differences: Protect America vs ADT

ADT is a trusted household brand name in the home security sector. It benefits from being the oldest and possibly the most popular brand. Although it is one of the most recognizable home security brands, it has garnered some competition from SimpliSafe, Frontpoint, Vivint, and of course, Protect America.

  • Installation: ADT is Pro; Protect America is DIY
  • Customer Service: ADT is 24/7; Protect America is Mon-Fri
  • Lowest Monthly Price: ADT is $28.99; Protect America is $19.99
  • Security Cameras: Protect America offers indoor use only
  • Warranty: Protect America offers lifetime warranty

The primary differences between Protect American and ADT are found in some of their features, their contracts, pricing and installation.


Features refer to the capabilities of the system. These two companies offer many of the same features. The primary difference is security camera capabilities. ADT provides indoor and outdoor security cameras while Protect America offers only indoor use. Also, Protect America only offers a maximum of two security camera streams. Due to this limitation with Protect America, ADT has the upper hand in this area.


Both Protect America and ADT require a contract and both offer a return policy. The return policies are limited by both companies and have significant differences. ADT has a 6 month money back guarantee, but this can only be invoked if there was a technical or service issue that couldn't be resolved. Thus, Protect America has the more favorable contract.


ADT starts it's pricing at $28.99 per month and it increases according to any additional equipment and features added. Plans typically max out at around $58.99 per month. Some of these extras you can add include cellular monitoring, fire detection, smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection and flood monitoring. Protect America, starts its monthly basic service at $19.99 and maxes out at around $41.99 per month. The extra options you can include for Protect America are similar to the ones offered by ADT, just at a less expensive price point. Lets take a look at their least expensive packages below.

Protect America


+ $50 application fee Upfront Costs*+ $125 Upfront Costs*
View PackageView Package
24/7 Professional Monitoring24/7 Professional Monitoring
100% Wireless & CellularCellular Connection
Disaster ProtectionQSP Warranty
 6 Mos. Money Back Guarantee
 Fire, Carbon Monoxide & Flood Monitoring
Simon XT Control PanelWireless Keypad
3 Door/Window Sensors4 Door/Window Sensors
Motion Detector 
HD Video Service (Optional)Remote Secure Video
Smoke & Fire Monitoring (Optional)Home Automation
Smart Door Lock Control (Optional)Remote Web & Mobile Access
Garage Door Control (Optional)Email & Text Notification
Smart Lighting (Optional) 


ADT offers professional installation of equipment while Protect America requires you to install it yourself. Both options have obvious advantages and disadvantages. With ADT, you will have an additional cost associated with the installation labor. With Protect America, you do not incur that same cost, but it will require some time to initially setup.

Summary: ADT vs Protect America

With ADT and Protect America, you see two home security systems that offer comparable features and comparable pricing. ADT does have the advantage of its brand name and extensive presence in the market. Protect America has the advantage of a slightly cheaper home security system that provides similar benefits. If you want a trusted home security system that comes with a long standing name, then ADT is the option for you. If you are willing to sacrifice some customer service and additional features for a reduction in home security costs, then try out Protect America.

If neither of these systems sound right to you, then take a look at some of our other home security system reviews. We offer reviews on some of the top brands, including Frontpoint, Vivint and SimpliSafe.

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