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MobileHelp and Bay Alarm Medical provide basic medical alert solutions for individuals who want reliable and effective devices without having to worry about contracts, professional installation, or having a landline. Both companies use GPS-technology to provide the highest quality service coverage possible.

Overview: MobileHelp vs Bay Alarm Medical

MobileHelp and Bay Alarm Medical alert systems are designed to use the most advanced technology to allow seniors and individuals with disabilities an opportunity to be as independent as possible for as long as they can. Both systems provide coverage for customers while they are at home as well as when they are away.

  • MobileHelp manufactures all of the devices and equipment associated with their service
  • Bay Alarm Medical only offers a waterproof pendant
  • MobileHelp offers reminders for medications and doctor appointments
  • Self-installation with easy to follow instructions
  • No contracts are required for either system

Similarities: Bay Alarm Medical vs MobileHelp

Both MobileHelp and Bay Alarm use GPS-technology to identify a customer's location when an alarm is triggered. Both systems offer cellular-driven service, to provide maximum coverage for customers both at home and away. Both offer fall detection as an optional feature with certain packages.

  • Nationwide, cellular coverage using the AT&T network
  • 24-hour emergency support from reputable call centers
  • Both systems offer battery back-up if the power goes out
  • Two-way communication through base units
  • Payment plans offer monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual options

Differences: Bay Alarm Medical vs MobileHelp

The main difference between MobileHelp and Bay Alarm medical has to do with the devices that are offered by both companies. Bay Alarm only offers a waterproof pendant and mobile Help button while MobileHelp offers several different devices that support a wide range of healthcare features. MobileHelp also manufactures all of the devices it offers to its customers.

  • Bay Alarm Medical offers a landline option
  • MobileHelp manufactures all of its own devices
  • Bay Alarm uses AT&T or T-Mobile cellular service
  • MobileHelp is completely wireless
  • Bay Alarm offers discounts to members who belong to USAA, AARP, and AAA


MobileHelp offers a Samsung SmartWatch and pendants in addition to a variety of other healthcare related features that monitor blood pressure and offer medication reminders. The devices offer protection for up to 1000 feet away from the base monitor and 600 feet when the customer is outside of the home.

Bay Alarm offers a waterproof pendant and a mobile Help button that allows for coverage at home and when the subscriber is away. Fall protection is offered by Bay Alarm with their home packages but not for the on the go packages.


MobileHelp requires customers to sign a service agreement but no long-term contracts

Bay Alarm Medical does not require a contract or service agreement. Equipment comes with a lifetime warranty. There are no refunds on prepaid subscriptions.


MobileHelp offers the Classic/At-Home package for $20 per month, the Solo/On-the-Go for approximately $38 per month, and the Duo/Complete package starting at $41 per month. The SmartWatch wearable costs approximately $25 a month. They also offer quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payment options.

Bay Alarm Medical charges a one-time $49.95 to start service. After the initial fee, they charge $20/month, $60/quarter, and $120/semi-annually for the In-Home Medical Alert plan. For the Mobile GPS Help Button, they charge $30/month, $90/quarterly, and $180/semi-annually. There is no charge for the Bay Alarm equipment and an extended service plan is offered to cover any damage to the devices if it occurs. If fall protection is needed, it costs an additional $10 per month.


MobileHelp devices include a Samsung SmartWatch, waterproof pendants and wristbands, a home base unit and a mobile base unit. All of the devices offer two-way communication.

The main pieces of equipment offered by Bay Alert Medical include a base unit, a waterproof, durable pendant, and a mobile Help button. The pendant offers up to 1000 feet of coverage from the base unit.


Both companies offer easy to read instructions and allow their systems to be installed by the subscriber. There is no need to make an appointment for a professional technician to visit the home.

Emergency Connections

While Bay Alarm offers the landline option, both Bay and MobileHelp offer cellular service from AT&T for emergency connectivity. Both companies are known for their quick response times. As soon as an alert is received at either company's call centers, emergency teams are immediately dispatched and family members are notified.

Summary: MobileHelp vs Bay Alarm Medical

MobileHelp offers the ideal solution for individuals who want smart technology. The SmartWatch by Samsung offers reliable activity with the ability to double as a watch. The services are affordable and extremely reliable.

Bay Alarm is a popular choice for individuals who want a no-frills medical alert system that is reliable and effective. It's an excellent choice for individuals who live in an assisted living facility and only need minimal support.

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