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Medical Guardian and GreatCall are each unique in the products and services they offer. They both have established positive reputations for themselves through state of the art technology and products and services that have proven to be extremely reliable.

Overview: Medical Guardian vs GreatCall

Medical Guardian and GreatCall offer multiple packages and a well-rounded selection of devices that allow for almost immediate connection to a United States-based monitoring center. Both companies are noted for their fast response times and an advanced level of technology.

  • Medical Guardian has no equipment, activation or shipping fees
  • GreatCall allows you to buy devices upfront at affordable prices
  • Fall detection is offered with more advanced packages
  • GreatCall offers the Jitterbug phone as one of its devices
  • Both companies offer at home and on the go coverage

Similarities: GreatCall vs Medical Guardian

Both Medical Guardian and GreatCall use cellular service to track their devices. This enables them to offer almost unlimited range in terms of distance from home. Neither company requires a lengthy contact. There are no cancellation fees for either company.

  • Wearable devices are waterproof
  • Two – way communication is also available with wearable devices
  • Fall detection is available, but only with select package options
  • Systems support multiple languages (Medical Guardian – 200 and GreatCall over 100)
  • Units are designed to be installed by the customer

Differences: GreatCall vs Medical Guardian

The main difference between the two companies is that GreatCall is a fully cellular-driven system that is powered by Verizon. Medical Guardian works mostly with emergency response services, but GreatCall offers the caregiver app that allows the user to stay in direct contact with family members at all times.

  • GreatCall's Lively device is too large to be worn on the wrist
  • GreatCall offers multiple apps including a caregiver app and urgent care app
  • Medical Guardian system can be set up to use a landline within the home
  • Medical Guardian does not charge an activation fee
  • GreatCall offers the Jitterbug phone with larger than normal numbers


Medical Guardian offers several features designed to protect you during an emergency. Fall protection, in-home coverage, away from home GPS-tracking, three different devices that are waterproof and offer two-way voice communication. You can also opt for a lockbox and medical history card.

GreatCall offers both at home and away protection via a GPS-enabled system that has an unlimited range as long as the devices are within Verizon's coverage area. GreatCall also offers apps for caregivers and urgent care providers. Devices are waterproof and offer two-way communication.


Neither company requires a lengthy contract, but Medical Guardian does ask customers to sign a 90-day service agreement.


In addition to Medical Guardian's Family Plan that costs just less than $80 per month, they also offer four other packages. They include the Classic/$30 per month, the Home/$35 per month, the Active/$50, and the Mobile/$40 per month.

The Lively Mobile device costs $50 upfront. The basic service plan that includes 24/7 emergency response is $25 per month. The next plan includes the Urgent Care service and costs just under $30 per month. The advanced plan includes everything from the other plans and also includes fall detection and a device replacement discount. This allows lost, stolen or damaged devices to be replaced for a small $15 charge.


Medical Guardian offers the in-home base unit, the pendant, clip-on, and bracelet. It also offers a mobile device that extends the system's overall range. Fall detection can also be included in the more advanced packages.

GreatCall offers four main devices. The Jitterbug Smart2 and the Jitterbug Flip are actual phones that allow for maximum connectivity. Lively Mobile and the Lively Wearable are more along the lines of conventional medical alert devices. Both are waterproof and offer two-way communication.


Both systems are set up and shipped to the customer and are ready to be installed. No professional installation is required.

Emergency Connections

Medical Guardian offers emergency connectivity through a landline as well as through cellular service. GPS-tracking allows for almost immediate response by emergency personnel. Call centers will send texts or make phone calls to individuals listed on the customer's contact list.

GreatCall is a cellular-driven service powered by Verizon. The phones, apps, and devices are all designed to provide immediate connectivity with emergency personnel. Call center staff will also get in touch with contact numbers on the list provided by the customer.

Summary: Medical Guardian vs GreatCall

Medical Guardian is for the individual who wants to be secure and protected while they are both at home and away. It's a quality service for the price and beneficial for anyone who chooses it. They offer three types of devices for maximum convenience.

GreatCall is the best choice for individuals who want access to medical professionals through the urgent care app and access to family members through the caregiver app. GreatCall also offers the Jitterbug phone which is a great device for someone who travels a lot.

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