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LiveWatch and Vivint systems offer several different home security packages that include similar features. The main differences between the two systems include the prices, warranties, and installation. Both offer sophisticated systems that are in direct comparison to the cost and quality of the equipment.

Overview: Vivint vs LiveWatch

For the similarities that both systems have, both LiveWatch and Vivint are vastly different in many areas. While both offer effective monitoring and east of use, LiveWatch is more geared toward the do-it-yourself homeowner. Vivint is designed for a more high-end customer base.

  1. Vivint offers a lifetime warranty
  2. LiveWatch is programmed at the factory so the homeowner can easily install the system on their own
  3. Vivint requires professional installation
  4. Vivint requires a four or five-year contract, depending on the package
  5. LiveWatch subscribers own their equipment after the first year

Similarities: LiveWatch vs Vivint

Both LiveWatch and Vivint offer features that use the latest technology to provide accurate and reliable home security. They also provide home automation and a variety of devices that can be included in your home security plan. They both offer multiple packages designed to meet the home security needs. Each system is rated as easy to use and highly efficient for its individual level of sophistication.

  • Both offer remote access through the use of mobile apps
  • Both have activation fees
  • Both systems offer panic buttons and keyfobs
  • Both systems offer protection from environmental hazards
  • Both offer wireless equipment
  • Both offer two different control panels depending on the package chosen
  • Each offers at least partial home automation

Differences: LiveWatch vs Vivint

Prices between the LiveWatch and Vivint systems are competitive based on their level of sophistication and the degree of professional handling required for each system. For a DIY system, LiveWatch offers comparable programs to other DIY systems. Vivint, on the other hand, is more costly because of the higher degree of professionalism involved with the system.

  • Vivint requires a long-term contract
  • Vivint offers a video doorbell that includes two-way communication
  • The LiveWatch warranty only lasts for two years
  • LiveWatch carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Vivint requires professional installation
  • Vivint requires at least a 4- to 5-year contract depending on the package


Vivint offers the video doorbell and full home automation with voice-activation. LiveWatch offers voice-activated features as well, including door locking mechanisms. Both systems offer convenient and easy to use mobile apps that include voice commands.

System alerts are sent in real time through the Vivint system, while LiveWatch offers the ASAPer or As Soon As Possible Emergency Response. This means that in most cases, you will be notified prior to the local authorities being notified.


LiveWatch customers sign a contract for their first year of service. After that, it goes to a month to month basis with no cancellation fees if they choose to discontinue the service. LiveWatch is active with the BBB and carries an A+ rating.

Vivint requires a four- to 5-year contract depending on the package they choose. Vivint is not a member of the Better Business Bureau, so contract disputes must be handled internally. Trial periods are also relatively short by comparison to other companies.


Vivint offers two packages, the basic being $29.99 a month and the Smart Home Service plan for $39.99 per month. Equipment can be financed using the FlexPay option as long as you have a credit score of 600 or above. An activation fee is charged to set the system up and get it working.

LiveWatch offers three monitoring packages. Mobile Pro is $35 per month. Total Home is $40 and Total Home and Video is $50 per month. The main difference between the last two packages is that Total Home only offers still photographs, while Total Home and Video offers a video option.


Vivint offers a 7” touchscreen control panel, while LiveWatch's control panel is the traditional keypad. Vivint system also interacts with the Nest thermostat which offers full, voice-activated automation. The Vivint system includes a keyfob, panic button/pendant, as well as sensors for environmental hazards.

LiveWatch offers the keyfob and many of the same environmental sensors as Vivint. Their system also includes a panic button, Crash and Smash glass sensors and cameras with night vision capabilities. Much of the equipment offered by LiveWatch is similar to that of Vivint, the main difference being the capabilities and services provided by the monitoring service.


Vivint requires that their equipment be professionally installed. The Vivint system can be connected to a landline or a cellular radio network, or both if you want optimum efficiency. This allows for faster emergency connectivity and quicker response times by local authorities.

The LiveWatch system is programmed by the manufacturer while it is still at the factory. Each system is customized to the exact specifications of the customer so that it can be immediately installed and put into effect as soon as it is received. Installation takes less than an hour to complete and once it is turned on, the system is active with no additional set up.

Emergency Connections

LiveWatch offers the ASAPer (As Soon As Possible Emergency Response). This can result in a 30-second delay in contacting local authorities. During that time, however, the customer will have been contacted.

Due to Vivint's system being connected to a landline or cell network, connection with emergency teams is almost immediate. While there may be local laws that require a short delay, the system responds immediately, notifying both the homeowner and the authorities.

Summary: Vivint vs LiveWatch

Vivint is designed for those who want a more sophisticated system and are willing to pay for the added convenience. It offers high-quality equipment and requires a lengthy contract, but both are worth the convenience and professional service offered by the company.

LiveWatch offers a great deal of sophistication and technology for a do-it-yourself system. The system is already programmed when it arrives, so installation is both quick and easy. It is competitively priced for the level of protection it offers and is ideal for homeowners and renters who want maximum control over the home security.

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