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LiveWatch and Protect America offer affordable home security packages that include home automation and 24/7 monitoring services. Each system offers do-it-yourself installation in addition to environmental hazard detection. While the prices are competitive, Protect America's 3-year contract isn't for everyone.

Overview: Protect America vs LiveWatch

For do-it-yourself systems, LiveWatch and Protect America have a lot to offer their customers. Both systems offer indoor camera and video, but LiveWatch is the only one to offer an outdoor camera setup. Protect America also offers a choice between landline, cellular and Wi-Fi service when it comes to monitoring and emergency connectivity.

  1. Protect America requires a 3-year contract
  2. With LiveWatch, poor credit can elevate costs
  3. LiveWatch home security systems come pre-programmed from the manufacturer
  4. Customers lease their equipment from Protect America
  5. Both systems offer do-it-yourself installation

Similarities: LiveWatch vs Protect America

LiveWatch and Protect America offer mid-level home security. Each company offers many of the same features, although their response times may be slightly different due to the type of connection the homeowner chooses for their monitoring service. Both systems offer multiple packages that are affordable and comprehensive providing similar levels of service.

  • Both are do-it-yourself
  • Both are competitively priced for the features and services offered
  • Both offer packages that include 24/7 monitoring
  • both offer full home automation
  • Both have devices and sensors for environmental hazard detections

Differences: LiveWatch vs Protect America

Protect America requires a 3-year contract and works well for homeowners who want to stay committed to one home security system. Because their equipment is only leased and not owned by the homeowner, Protect America will replace any device that breaks or malfunctions.

While LiveWatch does not require a long contract, their sales team is rather aggressive when compared to other companies. Because there is no contract with LiveWatch, customers can cancel their service at any time. LiveWatch offers both indoor and outdoor camera/video options, where Protect America only offers indoor camera and video.

  • LiveWatch equipment comes pre-programmed when shipped to the homeowner
  • Protect America only offers indoor camera and video
  • Protect America offers a 14-day trial
  • LiveWatch offers live voice assist when it comes to responding to emergencies
  • Protect America offers connectivity through 4G cellular service, landline, and Wi-Fi


Each system offers two control panels that can be used with any of the packages offered. The Smart Connect feature from Protect America offers text notifications that are sent to the mobile app. If you have multiple “smart” devices in your home, the Protect America system allows you to fully automate your home.

LiveWatch also offers full home automation in addition to both live-voice assist for emergencies and ASAPer, or “as soon as possible” emergency response. LiveWatch offers a wide variety of devices and sensors that allow you to protect your home from both environmental hazards as well as intruders. The LiveWatch system also offers remote control via a mobile app.


LiveWatch does not require a lengthy contract and homeowners who choose to purchase a monitoring package can cancel at any time. A one-year contract is required to start service, but the customer is under no obligation to keep it and can cancel without fear of paying high termination fees.

Protect America plans are designed for long-term service and require a 3-year contract. Although the system offers do-it-yourself installation, there is an activation fee that must be paid to turn the service on. The contract also includes the lease agreement for all of the equipment the homeowner chooses to include in the plan of their choice.


LiveWatch customers pay $99 up front to use the security equipment and have several package options. The Mobile Pro package starts at $35, Total Home at $40, and Total Home + Video at $50. The main difference between the last two packages is simply the addition of video monitoring.

Protect America offers five different packages ranging from Copper to Platinum. The Copper package includes 3 entry sensors and starts at $20 per month. The Platinum package includes 14 sensors and is $43 a month. Either control panel works for all plans, with the price increasing as you add more sensors.


LiveWatch offers both touchscreen and push-button control panels and a variety of sensors and detectors. They include a Crash and Smash sensor that notifies you if someone attempts to damage or disarm the control panel. The system also includes all of the latest environmental sensors. LiveWatch does sell security equipment to customers if they choose to buy.

Protect America also offers two different control panels for customers to choose from. It also offers the Crash and Smash sensor, environmental hazard detectors, and home automation features that allow you to control your appliances, light, and thermostat from anywhere using the mobile app. Although Protect America does not include outdoor camera surveillance as an option, it does offer video for indoor cameras. Customers don't have the option to purchase their equipment.


Neither Protect America or LiveWatch require professional installation. Each system takes less than an hour to install and is easy to set up and use. The LiveWatch system is programmed by the manufacturer before it is shipped. Once it has been installed, the only thing left to do is turn it on.

Emergency Connections

LiveWatch offers live voice assist as well as ASAPer that notifies every person on the contact list within 30 seconds of an alarm or sensor being triggered. With 24/7 monitoring, local authorities are also notified when an alarm or sensor is triggered.

Each of Protect America's monitoring packages offers text message notifications as well as immediate emergency connectivity with local authorities in the event of a breach in the system. Because it offers a landline option, there are fewer false alarms and disruptions in service.

Summary: Protect America vs LiveWatch

LiveWatch is preferable for homeowners who don't want to lock themselves into a long-term commitment. It offers do-it-yourself installation, but can be canceled at any time with no questions asked. LiveWatch is competitively priced when it comes to the various packages.

Protect America is best suited for homeowners who plan on keeping their home security system in place for several years. Customers receive all of the benefits associated with leasing their equipment, including device replacement and a low-price guarantee.

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