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LiveWatch and Link Interactive are two of the most popular DIY home security systems on the market. When comparing DIY home security systems, it may be difficult to make a decision, since there are quite a few similarities. We have put together a comprehensive review of the two systems to assist you with your home security selection. See how the two systems matched up when we put them head-to-head.

Overview: Link Interactive vs LiveWatch

It can be hard to select the right home security and automation system for your needs. There are a variety of different plans and equipment to choose from.  Here is a quick list of the similarities and differences between Link Interactive and LiveWatch.

  1. Link Interactive and LiveWatch both offer comparable home security equipment and monitoring. Both companies also have home automation available.
  2. LiveWatch and Link Interactive both feature DIY installation. With LiveWatch's Plug & Protect® installation, you simply unbox and connect your system to set it up.
  3. You have a large selection of home automation and home security equipment to choose from with either company. LiveWatch and Link Interactive both allow you to configure your system to meet your needs. You can choose from keychain remotes, wireless motion detectors, door and window sensors, video cameras and more.
  4. LiveWatch's equipment packages start at $49. The monitoring plans start at $19.99 a month and up. Both companies allow you to choose which components you want to add to your system. The final cost of the system just depends on what items you select. Link Interactive's plans start at $30.99 and go up to $40.99 per month.
  5. Both LiveWatch and Link Interactive offer online and phone support and customer service.

Similarities: LiveWatch vs Link Interactive

Link Interactive and LiveWatch are similar in many ways. Both companies offer home security, home automation, and professional monitoring. You get DIY installation no matter which service you choose. Here's a quick list of their similarities:

  • Bluetooth and mobile apps available.
  • Burglary, environmental and fire monitoring.
  • Professional security monitoring and video surveillance.
  • Smart home automation.
  • DIY self-installation.

Still have more questions? Here is a more in-depth list we put together to help you see what they have in common.

  1. What type of security and burglar protection does LiveWatch and Link Interactive provide?  Both companies offer motion sensors, video cameras, door and window sensors, doorbells, glass shatter sensors and more.
  2. Does Link Interactive or LiveWatch allow you to monitor for environmental threats? LiveWatch and Link Interactive offer equipment to help alert you in the case of smoke, fire or carbon monoxide threat. Link Interactive offers a “Home Disaster Sensor” which monitors for frozen and broken pipes. Link can notify you in the case of flooding or HVAC system failures.
  3. Can I get home automation? Smart home control is available as an option for both LiveWatch and Link Interactive. Both companies offer the ability to allow you to control your thermostats, locks, lights and more from your smartphone.
  4. Which is more reliable? LiveWatch and Link Interactive are both very reliable thanks to cellular wireless security. You won't have to worry about alarm failures because of an internet or power outage.
  5. What contracts are required? LiveWatch does not require a contract. You can cancel your monthly monitoring service at any time. Link Interactive customers must sign a monitoring contract. With Link Interactive, you can choose from three different contracts — one, two or three years long.

Differences: Link Interactive vs LiveWatch

LiveWatch and Link Interactive vary on the cost of their monitoring and terms. Link Interactive requires a minimum of one year contract. LiveWatch does not require a contract. LiveWatch offers monthly monitoring plans starting at just $19.99 whereas Link Interactive's plans begin at $30.99 per month. Link Interactive typically responds within one minute. LiveWatch says that they respond up to 10 times faster compared to other alarm companies.

  • Installation
  • Monitoring cost
  • Trial periods and contracts
  • Service transfer and equipment
  • Customer service


Both Link Interactive and LiveWatch offer DIY installation, but the degree of installation difficulties vary.

LiveWatch features Plug & Protect DIY installation. The system arrives to your home already configured. You simply unbox, plug in and activate it.

Link Interactive also features DIY installation. You choose your components. The system is then shipped to you with instructions. Link offers a variety of resources in its online knowledge center to help you troubleshoot problems.

Prices for Monitoring

Both companies offer professional 24/7 cellular-based wireless home monitoring, but monitoring costs vary. LiveWatch's basic plan is bare bones. It includes 24/7 home security monitoring only.  Link Interactive has three types of monthly monitoring plans.

  • Cheapest Plans: The basic plan from LiveWatch runs $19.95 a month. This plan includes professional 24/7 home security monitoring. The Standard Plan from Link Interactive is priced at $30.99 per month. This Standard Plan includes more features than LiveWatch. It has burglar, fire and environmental monitoring.
  • Top Plans: Link Interactive's priciest plan is their Elite plan. It runs $40.99 a month. This plan features HD video monitoring, home automation, environmental protection and home security.
  • Total Home +: The Total Home + Video plan is LiveWatch's most expensive plan. This plan comes with everything that Link Interactive's Elite Plan has. At $49.95, this plan is a bit more expensive than Link Interactive's highest-tier plan.

LiveWatch offers a lower-priced basic plan but it includes professional security monitoring only. Link Interactive's top-level plan includes the same features as the Total Home + Video plan from LiveWatch. However, Link Interactive's top-tier plan is cheaper than the comparable plan from LiveWatch. For a visual comparison, here is the least expensive package for both.


Link Interactive

Mobile ProStandard
+ $120 Upfront Costs*+ $180 Upfront Costs*
View PackageView Package
24/7 Monitoring24/7 Professional Monitoring
ASAPerLife Safety
Remote Arm & Disarm 
Crash&Smash Protection 
LiveVoice Assist 
Wireless Keypad100% Cellular
4 door/window sensorsCentral Station Monitoring
 Intrusion Alarm
 Fire Alarm
 Crash and Smash
Flood sensorUp to 43 Sensors
Garage door sensor 
Glass break sensor 
Panic pendant 

Trial Periods and Contracts

Trial periods and contracts are very important when it comes to home security. You must choose wisely to ensure that your system and monitoring will meet your needs now and in the future.

There is no contract required with LiveWatch. You can cancel at any time with no questions asked. Link Interactive requires a contract. Their contracts do offer some flexibility though. You can choose from three different monthly plans.

With LiveWatch, you can get Plug & Protect completely risk-free. Simply return your equipment for a complete refund within the first year. Link Interactive has a 30-day trial period. You can return your equipment within the first 30 days for your money back.

Service Transfer and Equipment

If you want to switch to another alarm monitoring service later, then you must have compatible equipment in order to do so.

  • Equipment: Link Interactive features highly-rated GE equipment. LiveWatch equipment is Z-Wave compatible, which means that you can add any Z-Wave component to your system as your needs change.
  • Service Transfer: With both LiveWatch and Link Interactive, you can transfer your equipment to another alarm monitoring company in the future if you want to. Both Z-Wave and GE equipment tend to be supported by many companies.

Customer Service

Both LiveWatch and Link Interactive both offer online and telephone customer service. Both companies offer resources and information on their websites. The information can help you learn about your system and troubleshoot any problems that might occur.

Summary: LiveWatch vs Link Interactive

Both alarm companies offer similar equipment and professional 24/7 cellular monitoring. Link interactive requires a monthly monitoring contract while LiveWatch does not require a contract. So, if you prefer pay-as-you-go, then LiveWatch is the choice for you. However, you will pay more for LiveWatch's highest-tier plan than you would with Link Interactive. If you want a complete home security system with home automation, then Link Interactive might be the company for you.

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