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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Abode.

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You have a variety of options when it comes to home security, which is great because it means that you will surely find the perfect system for your needs. However, it can also be a challenge as security systems today cover everything from basic, DIY systems to sophisticated systems that have features like live camera streaming and automatic door locks. Fortunately, we are here to compare your options so you don’t have to mess with the research and can easily choose the best home security package for your needs.

Overview: Abode vs LiveWatch

The two systems that we are comparing in this review are Abode and LiveWatch. Check out the following overview of the installation, features and use of these two systems.

  1. LiveWatch offers two security systems: the Plug&Protect Basic and Plug&Protect Complete. The Plug&Protect Basic has everything that you need to protect your home, including a control panel, wireless door sensors, motion sensor and a keychain remote. The Complete package adds hands-free disarming, hacker protection and more.
  2. Abode has three different kits: the Basic, Connect and Secure. The Basic includes a gateway, motion sensor, key fob and self-monitoring. The Connect adds on cellular backup.
  3. LiveWatch has extensive smart home capabilities. You can automate your thermostats, lights, door locks and more remotely with LiveWatch. You must purchase a monitoring plan that includes home automation.
  4. Abode’s gateway can be used to connect smart home devices to your system. The hub is compatible with many Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. These can be used to control lights, thermostats and garage door openers.
  5. LiveWatch’s systems start at $49. Abode’s systems are $279 and up.

Similarities: LiveWatch vs Abode

Although the features vary from system to system, both LiveWatch and Abode do have many similarities. Both of these companies offer reliable home security systems. Here is a closer look at the things that both Abode and LiveWatch have in common.

  • LiveWatch and Abode offer comparable home security equipment. The basic systems include a motion sensor, door and window sensors and more. You can add a range of optional security and safety equipment to either system. Options include video cameras, flood sensors and glass break detectors.
  • Both systems can support a variety of third-party smart home devices, including smart home thermostats, door locks and lighting systems.
  • LiveWatch and Abode both offer extensive home automation control. iPhone and Android apps are available for either system. These apps allow you to automate your security and smart home devices from anywhere in the world. You can remotely lock and unlock doors, turn on and off lights and more.
  • Both LiveWatch and Abode are self-installed systems. Everything comes pre-configured for your home. It takes very little time to get either system up and running.
  • Professional, reliable monitoring is available for both systems.

Differences: LiveWatch vs Abode

LiveWatch and Abode do have their differences especially when it comes to monitoring and pricing.  Here is a more detailed look at the differences between the two systems.

  • Abode allows you to self-monitor your system while LiveWatch does not offer this option.
  • Abode offers more flexible monitoring plans than LiveWatch. With LiveWatch, you must choose 24/7 monitoring. Abode allows you to choose three or seven-day professional monitoring.
  • LiveWatch’s systems start at just $49. However, you must purchase a Mobile Pro or above monitoring plan to get the $49 rate. Abode’s equipment starts at $279. However, you are not required to purchase a monitoring plan. The $279 package includes free self-monitoring.
  • LiveWatch offers a 365-day money-back guarantee. You can receive a full refund of the purchase of your equipment for a full year. Abode only allows you to return the equipment for the first 30 days.
  • Abode does not require a monitoring contract. LiveWatch has a 12-month minimum contract.


Customizable – LiveWatch and Abode are both customizable systems. You start with a basic home security package and add-on components as your needs change. LiveWatch Plug&Protect system can handle up to 40 devices while Abode supports up to 155 devices.

Compatible – Abode is compatible with Nest thermostats, cameras and smoke detectors. It is also compatible with Amazon Echo, Hue Philips and First Alert’s smart home safety equipment. Almost any Zigbee or Z-Wave device will work with Abode. LiveWatch will support Z-Wave devices and sensors.

Dependable – There is a limited lifetime warranty on LiveWatch equipment. Abode offers a one-year limited warranty on their equipment.

Convenience – Both LiveWatch and Abode offer remote monitoring and control of the system when you purchase a compatible monthly service plan.


LiveWatch requires a 12-month contract. After the 12 months are over, the agreement becomes month-to-month and you can cancel at any time without a penalty. Abode has no long-term contracts or required monthly monitoring fees. You can choose to self-monitor your alarm system if you’d like.


LiveWatch’s systems start at $49. You must purchase a Mobile Pro or higher plan, which starts at $34.95 a month. The Mobile Pro plan includes 24/7 monitoring, remote arm and disarm, crash & smash protection and LiveVoice assist. LiveWatch offers a Basic monitoring plan, which includes 24/7 professional monitoring. It is $19.95 a month. With this plan, you’ll pay $149 for the equipment.

Abode’s systems are priced a little higher than LiveWatch. The least expensive equipment package is $279. However, the advantage is that you do not need to agree to a monitoring plan with Abode. The basic $279 plan package comes with the Essentials Starter Kit, which includes everything that you need for basic home security. It includes self-monitoring and app access. If you want professional monitoring, you can purchase it as an add-on. It costs $8 for three days of monitoring or $15 for seven days. Or, you can choose the $359 Secure package, which comes with 12 months of professional monitoring.


LiveWatch is compatible with most Z-Wave smart home products. Z-Wave accessories include a variety of smart lighting, locks, thermostats, voice control devices and more.

Abode works with a variety of Zigbee and Z-Wave devices. It is compatible with Ecobee thermostats, LIFX Lighting, Nest products, Google voice control, Hue by Philips, First Alert smoke and CO detectors and Linear garage door openers. This means that you can control your lighting, temperature, garage door and monitor your home for safety hazards like CO with Abode’s devices.

Abode and LiveWatch equipment is easily compatible with other monitoring services.


Abode’s systems come already configured for your home. You can get up and running in just minutes. You simply plug in the gateway, download the Abode app and then follow the easy setup guide. If you do get stuck along the way, Abode offers help and advice via its online Support Center.

Plug & Protect installation from LiveWatch makes it easy to install your alarm. You just plug in the system, set up the sensors around your home and then activate the system. The LiveWatch Help Center offers helpful articles and tips to help you install and use your alarm.

Emergency Connections

LiveWatch includes a backup power supply to keep your system operational during power outages. For extra protection, you can purchase a backup that will last an entire 24 hours with no power. In the event of a natural disaster or larger outage, LiveWatch operates three monitoring stations nationwide, which provides very strong backup and ensures 24/7 monitoring.

Abode keeps your home secure with several emergency backups. Optional cellular and battery backup both keep your home secure during power and internet outages. Abode connects the devices in your home to the cloud for additional security.

Summary: Abode vs LiveWatch

LiveWatch and Abode are both solid home security systems. They offer a range of equipment and add-ons to keep your home safe and secure. These are both flexible systems, which means that you can customize both the equipment and monitoring to fit your needs. Both offer comprehensive smart home control and automation.

LiveWatch does require professional monitoring for a minimum of one year, so the system is best for customers who want professional monitoring.

Abode offers exceptionally easy DIY installation, which makes this system perfect for apartment dwellers and new homeowners who are beginner DIYers. If you prefer to monitor your own home security rather than have professional monitoring, Abode would work out well since self-monitoring is an option.

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