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Are you looking to protect your home and your family with a security system? There are many different options when it comes to home security. This can make it hard to choose the right system. Here we compare two popular systems — Link Interactive vs. Frontpoint. See how they stack up below.

Overview: Frontpoint vs Link Interactive

Both Link Interactive and Frontpoint offer a range of home security, home automation and monitoring services. To make it easy to select the right system for your needs, we have compared the equipment, costs, contract lengths and customer service for both companies below. Let us first help you with some of the basic questions you may be asking.

  1. Frontpoint and Link Interactive both offer professionally-monitored 24/7 security for your home. Both companies offer home automation, which allows you to monitor multiple systems within your home from afar.
  2. Both Link Interactive and Frontpoint offer easy, DIY instruction and online step-by-step guidance to help you set up your system.
  3. A variety of home security equipment is available from both companies. Video cameras, panic buttons, glass shatter sensors, keychain remotes and more are just of few of the options that both Frontpoint and Link Interactive offer.
  4. Both require monthly monitoring plans that range from $30.99 to $49.99 a month depending upon the extent of monitoring needed.
  5. Link Interactive and Frontpoint have online support and a large variety of resources on the internet to help you setup your alarm system.

Similarities: Link Interactive vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint and Link Interactive have quite a few similarities. They both offer home automation and security and are professionally monitored 24/7. Both systems are easy-to-install. No matter which service you choose, you'll have to sign a monitoring contract. Here is an easy-to-read list:

  • Home security, automation and fire protection
  • 24/7 cellular monitoring
  • Self-installation
  • Mobile apps available
  • A monitoring contract is required

Differences: Link Interactive vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint and Link Interactive have quite a few similarities. They both offer home automation and security and are professionally monitored 24/7. Both systems are easy-to-install. No matter which service you choose, you'll have to sign a monitoring contract.

  • Response time
  • Contract length
  • Prices
  • Installation


Both Link Interactive and Frontpoint offer convenient DIY installation. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Frontpoint ships their systems right away so that you can get it in as little as a day. You won't have to worry about configuring your system. It already comes configured based on your preferences and is ready to install.

The installation process for Link Interactive involves a few more steps than Frontpoint. However, if you do get stuck, Link Interactive does have tons of resources available on its website to help with installation.

Prices for Monitoring

Both companies offer three different monitoring plans. The basic plans cover home security and environmental protection. The top plans add video surveillance.

  • Cheapest Plans – Link Interactive's Standard Plan is the cheapest at $30.99 a month. The standard plan from Link Interactive includes burglar, fire and crash monitoring. It also includes basic environmental monitoring. Frontpoint's cheapest plan is $34.99 a month. The cheapest plan from Frontpoint includes home security only.
  • Top Plans – The most expensive plan with Link Interactive is the Elite plan. It is $40.99 a month. This plan includes HD video monitoring. The Ultimate plan is Frontpoint's top-tier plan. It is $49.99 a month and comes with live video streaming and night-vision video capability.

Frontpoint's prices are a little higher than Link Interactive and their basic plan does not include as many features as Link Interactive. To get the same features as Link Interactive's basic plan, you would have to choose the mid-level plan, which is $44.99 a month.

Lets have a visual look at both Frontpoint and Link Interactive's cheapest plan:

Link Interactive


StandardProtection Plan
+ $180 Upfront Costs* 
View PackageView Package
24/7 Professional Monitoring100% Wireless & Cellular
Life SafetyIntrusion Protection
 Fire Protection
 Environmental Protection
 Life Safety
 24/7 Professional Monitoring
100% CellularTouch Screen Control Panel
Central Station MonitoringDoor/Window Sensors
Intrusion Alarm 
Fire Alarm 
Crash and Smash 
Up to 43 SensorsFlood Sensor
 Garage Door Sensor
 Glass Break Sensor
 Panic Pendant

Contracts and Trial Periods

It is important to understand what kind of contracts and trial periods are offered when you choose a home security or home monitoring company.

Link Interactive offers a bit more variety with their contracts. They offer a choice of three different monitoring plans to choose from. Link Interactive customers can choose between one, two or three year contracts. Frontpoint only has one and three-year contracts.

Frontpoint offers a 30-day, risk-free trial. They also offer free shipping and a three-year warranty. Link Interactive has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Equipment and Service Transfer

The type of equipment that you have determines whether or not your service can be transferred if you want to go with another alarm company later.

  • Equipment – Both Frontpoint and Link Interactive uses GE Security equipment, which is some of the highest-rated alarm equipment.
  • Service Transfer –  With Link Interactive and Frontpoint, you can transfer your equipment to another service provider if the components are compatible with the new company's service.

Customer Service

Frontpoint and Link Interactive both have A+ rankings with the BBB. Both offer telephone and online customer service and have an extensive library of resources available online to help you learn about your alarm system.

Summary: Frontpoint vs Link Interactive

So, which system is best? That really depends on your needs. They both offer similar services and equipment.

Link Interactive is for you if you prefer the long-term home security options and the extra features. The system is more expensive than most, but affordable if you consider all of the benefits you get with the system.

If you want more options when it comes to pricing and packages, Frontpoint is an excellent choice. In addition to the DIY installation, you get text alerts, indoor/outdoor cameras, and environmental disaster protection.

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