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Between these two security systems, our favorite is LifeLock.

SecureScore™: 9.2/10

LifeLock and Reliashield provide their customers with the tools they need to protect their identity and maintain control of their financial future. Both offer a comprehensive listing of restoration and recovery services to help you get back on your feet after an event has occurred. Each company offers plans to meet most budgets and provide the insurance coverage and personal security you need.

Overview: LifeLock vs Reliashield

Continuous dark web scans and credit monitoring are just two features that LifeLock and Reliashield have in common. Both specialize in the prevention of identity theft and the restoration and recovery of your identity if it is compromised in any way. With multiple plans and a wide variety of resources, each company can provide customers the level of protection they desire at an affordable monthly cost.

  • $1 million of insurance
  • Dark web scans
  • Real-time notifications when an alert is triggered
  • Free credit reports
  • Data breach notifications

Similarities: Reliashield vs LifeLock

LifeLock and Reliashield are similar in the fact that each one has a wide variety of tools and resources that their customers can use to protect themselves from identity theft. Each company also has financial means to help their customers recover their identity and restore their financial standing after the unthinkable happens. The technology they use allows them to go into the dark web and remove your information from suspicious or fraudulent websites.

  • Sends real-time alerts and notifications
  • Offers 24-hour monitoring of all your accounts
  • Removes personal information from the dark web and suspicious/fraudulent accounts
  • Notifies you if your personal information appears in court documents
  • $1 million worth of insurance for stolen funds

Differences: Reliashield vs LifeLock

While both LifeLock and Reliashield both offer comprehensive coverage in terms of identity theft and credit monitoring, each has unique features that make them worthy of a second look. LifeLock offers Norton Anti-Virus to customers. Reliashield, on the other hand, offers a 100% Recovery Success Rate when customers sign up for the appropriate package.

  • LifeLock customers receive Norton Anti-Virus
  • Reliashield doesn't cover pre-existing events
  • LifeLock only covers individuals
  • Reliashield covers children in the household at no additional cost
  • LifeLock's Restoration Service department can only be reached during normal business hours

Identity Monitoring

LifeLock's identity monitoring features include scanning the dark web 24/7 to locate your personal information. Once it's found, they can remove it. They also look for your information in court records, mailing lists, and any other location that proves to be suspicious or fraudulent in nature.

Reliashield also scans the dark web and a variety of other locations to locate any unauthorized use of your personal information. They also look for your name and address in areas where they are associated with other people who are applying for credit. With their resources, they can ensure that your name and other personal information is kept out of the hands of imposters.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

LifeLock monitors all types of financial accounts, including 401k, loans, and bank accounts. They continually monitor your credit as well as and will provide you with immediate access to all three of your credit reports if you have the right LifeLock package.

Reliashield closely monitors all of your financial accounts, reporting any changes to your accounts. You are also notified if there are any changes to your credit report or new lines of credit have been opened.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

LifeLock offers its customer valuable resources in terms of identity restoration and insurance. They offer $25,000 to $1 million each in reimbursement for stolen funds and compensation for personal expenses. All three packages offer up to $1 million in insurance coverage to pay for lawyers and financial experts that may need to be hired.

Reliashield offers $1 million to cover personal expenses and stolen funds reimbursement. They also offer a 100% recovery success rate that guarantees your identity will be recovered and your financial standing will be restored.

Pricing & Plans

LifeLock Select starts at $10 a month but will increase to $15 a month after the first year. The Advantage Plan starts at $20 a month, increasing to $25 after the first year. The Ultimate Plus Plan starts at $30 a month and increases to $35 after the first year.

With Reliashield you can pay by the month or the year. The Essential plan starts at $7.99 a month or $87.99 a year. The Reliashield Prime is the next level up, costing $14.99 a month or $164.99 a year. The top plan is the Reliashield Elite starting at $23.99 a month or $263.99.

Summary: LifeLock vs Reliashield

LifeLock is a good choice for individuals who want the strength of a long-standing brand and the additional Norton Anti-Virus protection.

Reliashield works well for anyone who is looking for the peace of mind associated with a 100% recovery success rate.