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Between these two security systems, our favorite is LifeLock.

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LifeLock and Geico are both quite well-known in their respective industries. When it comes to identity theft protection, both LifeLock and Geico offer well-rated identity theft and credit monitoring features. The main differences, however, come into play concerning price and restoration/recovery features. While both are diligent in securing your identity, making it less vulnerable to thieves and individuals who are involved in fraudulent activity, LifeLock comes out ahead with their restoration and recovery resources.

Overview: LifeLock vs Geico Identity Theft Protection

LifeLock and Geico include dark web scans in an attempt to locate your personal information on websites that are known for fraudulent or otherwise suspicious activity. Both offer resolution resources to help guide you in the right direction if the unthinkable happens. LifeLock, however, is the only one that offers $1 million in reimbursement. Geico only offers a $500 quick cash settlement to help in an emergency.

  • LifeLock has three plans all with $1 million to pay for attorney fees
  • Geico offers little in the way of insurance for recovery purposes
  • Both offers stolen wallet protection
  • Both offer anti-virus protection
  • Geico offers translation services

Similarities: LifeLock vs Geico Identity Theft Protection

LifeLock and Geico are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need assistance. Each company offers credit monitoring services and reports back to you if your lines of credit have been tampered with or if there has been a breach involving your information. Both companies offer multiple plans, but are set up slightly different in terms of payment and what they cover.

  • Highly rated customer service
  • Credit monitoring for all three bureaus
  • Stolen wallet protection
  • Monitors social security and other personal information
  • Affordable for the type of services offered

Differences: LifeLock vs Geico Identity Theft Protection

The primary differences between the services offered by LifeLock and those offered by Geico are considerable if you take into account that there is no actual restoration insurance coverage offered in the Geico packages. Geico does offer, however, protection for medical information and translation services. Geico also has the ability to encrypt your information, making it harder to tamper with.

  • LifeLock offers $1 million is set aside to pay for attorney fees and to hire experts
  • Geico offers $500 in emergency cash
  • LifeLock's packages offer more features with increased costs, while Geico only offers one package but for individuals, couples, and family
  • Geico is much cheaper
  • LifeLock offers financial monitoring for all of your accounts

Identity Monitoring

LifeLock's technology allows for dark web scanning and monitoring the internet for anywhere that your information might show up, including court records, spam mailing lists, and data breach listings. They keep a close eye on all of your personal information including your social security number, address, birth date, and other types of information.

Geico monitors the internet to find your personal information and can promptly remove it from wherever it doesn't belong. They closely track your social security number, address, and medical information to ensure that it doesn't get into the hands of the wrong people.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

LifeLock offers both financial monitoring of all your financial accounts and other holdings. They also monitor all three credit bureaus and provide immediate access to credit scores. You are immediately notified of large purchases or if new lines of credit have been opened with your information.

Geico offers more in the way of credit monitoring and less in financial monitoring. Although they do keep an eye on your financial accounts, most of this is accomplished through their credit monitoring features. They send notifications immediately if your credit report changes or new activity has been detected.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

LifeLock has a comprehensive list of features and resources dedicated to restoring your identity and covering your financial losses. Each of their three packages includes $1 million that can be spent on attorney’s fees and to hire experts. When it comes to stolen funds reimbursement and personal expense compensation, their coverage ranges from $25,000 to $1 million depending on which package you choose.

Geico does not offer any type of insurance coverage but will provide $500 in emergency cash and help you get in touch with the right resources to start the recovery and restoration processes.

Pricing & Plans

With three plans to choose from, LifeLock offers the best coverage for each price point. The Standard costs $10 a month or $110 per year. The Advantage is next at $20 a month or $220 a year. The most expensive option is the Ultimate Plus for $30 a month or $330 a year. The cost goes up an additional $5 a month after the first-year ends.

Geico offers three plans as well. They each offer the same coverage but provide services to more people. The Individual plan costs $8 a month or $80 per year. The plan for couples starts at $9 a month or $90 a year. They also have a family plan that covers 2 adults and their dependents for $10 a month or $100 a year.

Summary: LifeLock vs Geico Identity Theft Protection

LifeLock is extremely cost-effective for all of the features and services they offer. It's a good choice for anyone who wants all of the bells and whistles for a reasonable price.

Geico is a good choice if you are only interested in monitoring your credit and protecting your information. The service is affordable whether you have Geico for your insurance company or not.